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  1. I always have to publicly state when I am taking a board break or I will not be true to it and will just end up back here before I know it again! Yes, I have no willpower. So shoot me. Anyways, you hopefully won't see me for a long while (unless you happen to read my blog.) Have a great Summer everyone! :seeya:
  2. Our kids love theirs and we loved ours when we were kids. (Anyone remember the Wet Banana?) :D
  3. I think I don't know enough about the Amish... (I really know very little to be quite honest!) But I'll ask my dumb question anyways... How can it really be Amish if it requires electricity and is sold over the internet? Aren't both of those things "out" in the Amish community? :confused: Okay, all of you Amish loving folks. Tell me how little I know about the Amish now. :lol: I can take it... honest. They do look pretty good and we are planning to get something like this for our basement once it's developed. Thanks for posting it!
  4. Scary stuff! I hate thinking of my Mom and Dad and family all breathing in all of that awful stuff! I know my Dad won't stay inside for anything and he has a history of heart issues... Praying for RAIN!!!
  5. Mine really like the Endless Ocean game. It's completely non-competitive and is very relaxing actually. Strange as it may seem, that is their favorite one so far. I'm sure we would all love Wii Fit but we don't have it yet. Lego Star Wars was a HUGE hit but they played it so much and then frequently left it out lying around :cursing::banghead: that it got so scratched up that it was beyond repair (yes... just since Christmas... Again I say :cursing:)
  6. WHOA! I'm dumbfounded! :blink: I'm so glad everyone is safe!
  7. Ironic that you should mention this. I went into the bathroom after I posted this and what should I discover but that doggy had actually removed said refuse onto the floor and there consumed it. :eek: Umm... I'm a dog person. Yes, I am. I'm a dog person. (Self talk helps right?) :001_huh:
  8. My kids are pretty witty... well, the oldest is very witty... the others are coming along. They think I'm a barrel of laughs (when they are not in trouble that is.)
  9. We also have none. Canada Day is on the first but we never see fireworks because it's not dark enough to do them until almost 11:30... not worth it with little kids! Last year we spent the fourth in the States and it was the first time our kids saw fireworks in their lives! Poor things! LOL
  10. For me it's about the money more than anything. I really do like how it tastes but I am mostly trying to save money on breakfast cereals so homemade yogurt and homemade granola help towards that end. And I like that I know exactly what is being put into it.
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