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  1. I am a retired homeschooler who has gone back to work. My coworker is concerned about her 2nd grade daughter’s reading levels. Specifically, my coworker says her daughter has trouble recognizing different forms of a word. My guess is that the public school is not teaching phonics, which I think would help skills like that. Schools in our state are now closed. With all the turmoil, I’m suggesting to my coworker that an online phonics game might be the most palatable way to improve skills. What say ye, hive mind? Am I on the right track? What are the best online phonics games? I’

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    All of the below listed titles are from Jeff Baldwin's website www.thegreatbooks.com. These roughly 30-page-each stapled booklets are all in new condition from a smoke- and pet-free home. Each title separately is $5.50, shipping included. I will give discounts of $0.50 per title if two to five titles are purchased, and $1.00 per title discounts if six or more titles are purchased. I would be willing to consider further discounts if someone wants all of the titles. NOTE: I am not selling the literary works themselves. The items listed are only the discussion guides. . . . On Christian Liberty by Martin Luther . . . The Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin . . . City of God by Augustine . . . Paradise Lost by John Milton . . . Selected Poems and Prose by John Donne . . . Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington . . . Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe . . . Inferno by Dante . . . The Federalist Papers by James Madison . . . The Federalist Papers, #10 & #51 by James Madison (this has a couple of black lines on the cover, but it came that way when brand new) . . . The Prince by Machieavelli . . . Paradise Lost by John Milton . . . Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford . . . The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis . . . Oedipus Rex by Sophocles . . . Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare . . . Beowulf . . . Sir Gawain and the Green Knight . . . Selected Writings by Thomas Aquinas . . . Odyssey by Homer (this one is longer, about 60 pages)


  3. "View New Content" not working for me : (. Anyone else experiencing this?

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      This should be up again.

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      It's all better now! :)

    4. WTMCassandra


      Thank you so much! I have come to rely on it.


  4. PSA: When you study something intensely, you are "poring" over it, not "pouring" over it. That is all.

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    2. kiana


      my tears are pouring over it

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    4. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      If it is expensive are you pooring over it?


  5. Would you think you would have to remind a 17yo and a 15yo to put PERIODS at the end of their SENTENCES consistently? No, me neither *heavy sigh.*

  6. Looking forward to debate camp next week! Love this way to close out August--ensures that I don't feel guilty waiting until September to start school!


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    Edited to Add: The system keeps messing up my acronyms in the subject line! This item is the IEW SWICC. This is the Continuing Course, which assumes you have completed TWSS and your student has completed the Student Writing Intensive. The level is for grades 4-8. This set includes a big fat notebook, the DVDs, and teacher-created materials (on an included thumb drive) to supplement and flesh out the lesson plans. I prepared these materials to teach the course to a small group of students. The set also includes grading sheets that I prepared for each unit. I am charging shipping via Media Mail since this set is heavy. The purchaser will need to send a money order for $125 to commit, and then after I ship, I will email with the actual shipping cost, and the purchaser will then drop a personal check in the mail to cover the shipping cost. And the purchaser can deduct the cost of the stamp for the second envelope from the total. This is the fairest method I can think of to handle this large sale. If you are interested, please PM me. P.S. If you're wondering why I don't have any feedback listed, it's because I haven't sold anything since we changed to the new boards. I've been on the boards a zillion years, though.


  8. How many times can two young people bicker in one day? Mine seem to be trying for a new record . . . Sigh.

  9. Never dreamed that I would have to constantly remind 16yos and 14yos to end a sentence with a PERIOD!

  10. Fabulous evaluation. I am familiar with many of the curricula, and I agree with many of your conclusions. The only thing you might also consider is Biblical Worldview Rhetoric by Shaunna Howat. I think it is an excellent bridge from LToW to Corbett. I fully agree that Corbett is the gold standard. I even have Horner's, which IMHO is kind of a pale imitation of Corbett. I didn't like it nearly as well as I thought it would. Shawunna Howat also has a Rhetoric II, but I think it is not as valuable/necessary as 1. And her examples are excellent, like pieces from the founding fathers of
  11. I ruined a favorite piece of clothing today. Totally my own fault. But I'm sad about it.

  12. I seem to be the only occupant of my house that has the door/cabinet-closing gene. Sigh.

  13. So many papers to grade! I hate this part of homeschooling high school.

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