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  1. HI, My youngest is now a sophomore and all my kids have had different college/conservatory/university journeys but so far only one is in a highly competitive school, but all have attended schools with very strong programs in their fields. May I ask why you are set on a highly competitive school? My best advice is "don't overpay your undergrad" for most fields. While my kids ended up graduating from brick and mortar schools, I knew more than their guidance counsellors did in the end. My eldest, an Aspie (I spent a lot of time on the original boards on the special needs board it isn't even
  2. It depends. My eldest heard fairly early--she went on a full merit waiver to a state school. My middle one, just finishing an Associates, was only invited to apply for a Presidential Scholarship after she was accepted so that was very late. My son didn't hear of his until the spring because of auditions--they tend to take place in January, February and March, plus his isn't academic, it's performance based (he is dyslexic and I learned that by following leads here on WTM)l.
  3. Hi--I am an old timer on WTM forums and the old boards and have just managed to get a password working again. I am chiming in because my youngest is a music major freshman in trumpet performance. YES, auditions are huge and even though I might be a bit late, I'd be happy to answer questions. Which schools is she applying to? Apply to at least 5 or 6 as we learned that students can pass auditions but still not get into the schools, particularly if they are larger names. My son passed almost every audition, but only got into two (the ones he got into offered him audition based scholarships.) We
  4. Please excuse me for not having any replies here. I had everything all set with multiple quotes yesterday when the boards quit working for me for some reason. Today I don't have as much time, so am merely here to say hi, welcome to all the newcomers here & post what I've read so far. Hopefully the next time I come with some time on my hands I can write, finish & post my replies in there with the forum still working :). 1. Half Lives 2. Brother, Brother Clay Carmichael 3. The Road Cormac McCarthy 4. Lighthouse Island Paulette Jiles
  5. Right now I'm reading a Paulette Jiles literary dystopian novel (NOT SciFi, happily as I'm getting tired of the dystopian scifi connection as that is so BTDT & has been since SciFi took off) called Lighthouse Island. I am not choosing any mini challenges yet but am sure I'll pick some up as the year goes on, including a 5/5/5. I started my book around midnight, but that was a few hours earlier since I no longer live on the west coast. We had a house with a sunken living room that was built in 1972. However, it was far more than that--it was designed by a then hippie arc
  6. Here's my list, which is up to 92 books, since I finished a Jeeves book since my last post. Colours have to do with various challenges, and to save you time, I'll say which challenges I actually finished (those with more than one colour could have been for more than one, but I'll keep them to one here). I don't think I finished any of them other than a book a week, as I got stuck on a few places in the Dewey Decimals & ran off on rabbit trails for various shorter challenges. However, if I mix & match from my 2 different 5/5/5 challenges, I made one of them. This year I won't choose mor
  7. Well, I'm going to post my list on a separate thread because I read about 90 books, and am going to see how I did on my other challenges. This year I'm going to do one I didn't do last year, which is to read a book set in each of the 50 states if the US. I think I started to see if I could get it done (I have some states marked), but was doing so many challenges that it fell by the wayside. I also didn't read any books in the Antarctic, so didn't get all of the continents in. I'll plan a 5/5/5 challenge, and may once again be alliterative in my choices. I have to see how I did in last years, t
  8. Aaargh, I want to know why, after following this thread since it was first on the boards, I get the first page as my first unread post? No, that's not some cute witticism from my precocious children as they are all too old to be precocious now.
  9. None of my kids would have been or are interested in studying chemistry this way, but its a cool idea. It's though, though, since most kids have been taught about atoms from the time they are very young. There is a Conceptual Chemistry out there that does teach Chemistry conceptually, just not developing the evidence. Most of us turn to textbooks for Chemistry, particularly in high school, but it will be interesting to see if you get any takers.
  10. I liked that one, too, but at a 4 star level. Exactly. I gave it a number of stars just because I learned so much, but she's not too likable!
  11. Once again, I've been remiss in getting here. I was making multiple trips to dd's college (5 in a week before the 6th to pick her up) to help her cram for her marine bio final. Got her from a C- to a B+ in that class-hooray!!! (between Thksgiving study for test 4 & this for the final.) Then crazy getting ready for the holidays, holiday concerts, etc. So Happy New Year! I've read at least 90 books this year, hooray! The last one was a dismal disappointment (Pure by Julianna Baggott), but my dd & I also read Eve & Once by Anna Carey, for a soled 3.5 & then a 4 (so I liked
  12. Thanks, all. The lemonade from the pile of lemonades is that dd learned a valuable lesson in a relatively safe environment. I have warned her about this before & also that in college, etc some people use "date rape drugs" etc. She told me that before this she thought it could never have thought it could happen to her. I don't think it's a medical condition that caused the breath as it's only happened that one time & it coincided with highly unusually giddy behaviour from her, but it's good to know about that. I thought about the pot spiked brownies later, too! I think we wi
  13. Help, please, if you can. We joined a performance club this year to give my two younger dc (teens) more opportunity to perform, particularly my ds. If you don't know me, or don't remember me must on my picture, or haven't seen me post for a long time because I'm on here much less than before, I have 3 teens now, one in college. We had NO idea my youngest was so musically talented until the past couple of years (NOT an early bloomer) when I started teaching him piano, but then had to hire a teacher because it wasn't working to teach him myself. Long story short, after the last performance,
  14. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I finally finished The Jesus Wars, which I give between 3 & 3.5 stars. Not bad, but too much stuff crammed into a book this size & too much jumping around for someone fairly new to all of the names, etc. I also watched The Wizard of Oz, so reread the first two books for the first time since I was quite young, and was rather disappointed. I have all of them out, but doubt I can read them, so started a y/a my middle dc read called Eve, which is nothing stellar but not terrible either. Another dystopian novel, and while it has some interesting thi
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