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  1. Aaargh, I want to know why, after following this thread since it was first on the boards, I get the first page as my first unread post? No, that's not some cute witticism from my precocious children as they are all too old to be precocious now.
  2. None of my kids would have been or are interested in studying chemistry this way, but its a cool idea. It's though, though, since most kids have been taught about atoms from the time they are very young. There is a Conceptual Chemistry out there that does teach Chemistry conceptually, just not developing the evidence. Most of us turn to textbooks for Chemistry, particularly in high school, but it will be interesting to see if you get any takers.
  3. Exactly, I remember reactions when my eldest, at 5, would see something & point out if it was opaque, transparent or translucent. She learned the terms one day as what seemed a natural extension of a discussion we were having. OTOH, she is now in college & didn't know what her legal address was (we have a street address & a mailing address, & the subject of legal address had never come up before.)
  4. :lol: My kids have made up so many numbers, each one larger than the next, that I can't keep track anymore--far larger than googleplex. However, they were old enough to give values to the numbers.
  5. Hooray! I'm so glad you did this, even though the dd who did this book is now in college, because it's a GREAT idea & I'd have bought it for sure had it been out then. If my ds does this, he'll use this curriculum, but I'm not sure yet what he's going to do for high school history. I LOVE this history series, but not sure if this will work for him the way it did for her (my middle one is going to ps & will be taking AP world history there for her next foray into this, but may well use these as extra resources.)
  6. I'm very late, but given the struggles with math for one, I'd personally recommend Conceptual Chemistry. You can do a lab with this to get the lab credit. My eldest did this before switching to public school & they accepted it; she's heading of to university in a few weeks to major in math (math wasn't why we chose this book--it was because it's so important to understand the concepts before adding the math & originally she was going to do AP Chem, but chose to only do AP Calc BC).
  7. The Listening Program is more than just a classical music programme if followed correctly according to the instructions in the back of the book. You can try the simpler one at home and never go to the office if there isn't one close to you. We have the second choice as there is nothing closer. If done through their office it also uses the mother's voice, and they modify it in a special way. I don't remember the details of that.
  8. I would put Apologia Chemistry as regular Chem despite its mathematical treatment of chemical kinetics and equilibrium. The Biology is defnitely not honours material. Calling a class honours on a homeschooled transcript doesn't necessarily mean a lot to many colleges. However, I wish I'd called my dd's honours-level freshman classes honours as she ended up transferring to ps and they have a weighted transcript. Far more important is the book, lab and what you actually cover or do (eg an indepth project, etc). Some require SAT II tests in certain subjects, to help confirm how well a student weighs in in a subject. Many high schools require extra projects in honours science; ours require kids to do a science fair project, and they get 30 bonus points for their total class grade ETA the 30 extra points are if they enter the science fair; the project itself counts for a significant part of the grade (not a lot, but enough to tip a borderline grade up to the next level). If they have the class in the spring, it's something like that, so I wouldn't go just by what a textbook covers.
  9. This is just in time. My baby is going to be in gr 8 this September. He's going to be part time homechooling because he wants to do band at the public high school. He's going to do math there as well so he can stay half a school day (4 classes a day, & both are 2 semesters.) Yes, he'll be wasting time doing a semester of test prep math, but he's been pushing to go full time, so this is our compromise. Full time public school would be a poor decision for him as he plays two instruments, swims nearly year round & does cross fit. I keep telling him how much he'll hate honours history in public school, or even academic, how we can tailor his education to suit him (eg keep writing to English only as he hates, hates, hates writing and never, ever writes anything for fun, not even lists). He has exactly one reason for wanting to go, and that is for social, even though he gets quite a bit already, and he has decided that homeschoolers aren't who he wants to be with (I'm hoping this will pass soon.) And, yes, his behaviour, etc, fit in with Nan's post. I have this in a file from when it was first posted, and will have to go pull it out. This is now my third time going through this.
  10. This is great! I taught those terms to my eldest, although she was 4, not 3, and they stuck, but I can't recall any cute stories as I was pregnant and am happy to remember teaching them to her at all as I was so spacey during my pregnancies :).
  11. Love this. May I quote it in an email to my sister, a doctor in family practice who had gifted dc herself? In Canada, your family doctor sees your kids unless they need a specialist.
  12. I've never had a piano student say that--that's priceless!
  13. Guess who? No, I don't want a answer posted :).

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