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My kids LOVE games!  


We have...

Race to the Treasure (your 2 year old could play, it is a cooperative game)

Obstacles  - Not a traditional board game but my kids love it and it is great for creative thinking.  

Ticket to Ride - this is my 6 year olds favorite game.  It is rated 8+ though.  Not sure it would be every kid's cup of tea.  My 8 year old only mildly enjoys it. 

Curious George Discovery Beach (another game your 2 year old could play I think)


Monopoly Jr.


CLUE (we have multiple variations on this game)

LEGO games - we have City Alarm, a pirate one and a Chima one.  We enjoy all of them but my boys pull out City Alarm the most often.  


Gah we have tons more and I'm blanking on all of them.  I'm always looking for new ones though so I'm keeping an eye on this post!  


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What about Small World? We have thought of getting it for a couple of Christmases now.


Crazy, but boardgame fanatic didn't love Small World - he resold it but I know it's ranked well.  We adore Ticket to Ride - especially my 11yo and 13yo.  


Here's the thing - if you're starting a new family "thing" where you will slowly acquire AWESOME boardgames, and I can't recommend that as a hobby high enough, then start on the young/mid side rather than shooting for older games she'll use as she gets older... You'll have time to acquire those over time too.  Aim for family friendly, age appropriate ones so she can fall in love with boardgames and then slowly collect more. :)  So sayeth the mama fan.

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My kids are almost 7 and 5 and these are some of the ones they love:

Richard Scarry's Busytown (your 2 yr old could play this)

Hey, That's My Fish

Incan Gold (has some scary looking cards and if your 2 yr old likes to put things in her mouth not w good idea)

Set Junior (your 2 yr old could play the easy version somewhat)

Carcassone (easily adaptable for both even with the regular version)

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Ok Hive, I need suggestions for family board games. There is dh and I and dd1 (soon to be 7) and dd2 (soon to be 2). Right now it will mainly be dh, d1 and I playing while dd2 watches and attempts to play.


Tsuro.  My son played at age 4 with us and so could my daughter.


At age 2y4mo, my son got Haba Orchard and we played together. I know my daughter was playing by age 3. And it was reasonably fun to play too. (it is very similar to Hi-Ho Cherry O. But more fun IMHO.)


Other good games for kids that adults like to play too: (ages 2 or 3)


Richard Scarry's Busytown, eye Found It!

Ravensburger Snail's Pace Race

Gamewright Hiss Card Game

Spot it (though I play this differently with my then-3 year old. Put two cards out and have her find the image that was the same between them. Once she got the hang of it, I played with her and whoever found the match got both.)

Yaghtzee Jr

Haba Animal upon Animal

Picture Dominos

Kids of Carcassonne


For older players, my son is now 8 and played some of these at the latter end of 7 too:

Ticket to Ride



Gamewright's Sushi-Go! Card game







Fluxx he started playing about age 5

Apples to Apples (needs more players)


Pick-a-Dog card game (or Pick-a-Pig)



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We got Blokus when my youngest was just 3. She won our first game! We "smart" adults thought we were using good strategy but her random moves turned out better. So that game proved popular with our family from a very young age and we still play it and love it.


Ticket to Ride is another favorite. I think your 7 year old could learn it.

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Seven is a great age for The Allowance Game.  Lakeshore Learnign sold it.  Possibly other places as well. 


It is set up just like Monopoly/Monopoly Jr.  But it deals with money in amounts they are familiar with.  When you pass go, you get your $2 allowance.  You can make money for a good report card, selling lemonade.  You lose money for things like library fines and ice cream buying.  But the money is penny, nickel, dime, quarter, $1, $2, $5 bills.  


It moves much faster than monopoly and is fun, plus they are learning money as they go. 

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Pretty much any game from Family Pastimes. 


I agree! Although I admit they didn't have quite as much staying power as some of the other games did. My kids LOVED our FP games, but they also mostly outgrew them by 8-9. Our favorites were Secret Door and Caves and Claws :D DD10 and I played a quick game of Secret Door just last week, actually.

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