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  1. My son's Webelos den (Two years) had no such thing. Looking at Wikipedia's definition of the title, it does not appear to be a replacement for a leader, but a helper.
  2. Boy Scouts do not teach Cub Scouts in Scouts either. ETA: (At least not in the groups I was part of. or heard of. We actually have more Pioneer and Patriots teaching requirements to the younger girls in AHG than I have seen modelled anywhere else. Though even then the Pi/Pas are not the leaders of the younger groups. They come in to teach what they have prepared, and then leave to have their own meeting.)
  3. Trail Life is all ages -- 5 year old through high school. It gets more boy-led as they get older.
  4. Honestly I'm the Vice-Coordinator of the AHG group that meets at the same time as the Trail Life group my son is in and I think they are FAR more organized than we are! But their leader couple has multiple boys and has been in charge of the group for as long as I've known about it. He did mention (I went to the Open House this year) that Trail Life has a set curriculum to teach. There's a lot less leeway than AHG gives its leaders. And so its less work on the leaders to teach the lesson -- more pickup and go perhaps? I have never volunteered with them -- AHG commitments at the same time. We do not go to all the Trail Life activities. Yes, he won't advance as fast. But he isn't driven and has other things that are higher priority. And our troop is okay with meeting the boys where they are at.
  5. Why would someone abandon a purebred on the side of the road?!
  6. :( Maybe you could make the brownies and share with your neighbors. Then we exclaim how great they are, offer some zucchinis with the recipe to get them started!
  7. Not just the lender but the type of loan. The types of loan that get better interest rates also generally require more documentation.
  8. When you have an equation (Generally something like 4x-6=0) Then you are trying to find values of X that make it equal 0. IF it is 7y+6=4x-6 --> Then again, you are looking for the specific point that the two equations are the same. A function allows you to put multiple values in and get multiple values out: f(x)=4x-6
  9. I would prefer them to respond with something that makes me sure they read my specific ad and are a person intentionally responding, not a accidental button press. (So neither a phone number or a generic "I like your car")
  10. Sometimes. Depends on my relationship with the person, the context in which the advice is given and my frame of mind at the time I receive it.
  11. I don't know if they will last like BEtter Binders. The only Staples in the area is a LONG way away so I rarely go. They are called Exceed binders
  12. We have some ink at work to make sure we stay ahead of the usage. Yes, I still have to check when I get the email. But the email prompts me to check and not wait for people to tell me they only have one left.
  13. This. I would not think it gross to use something on a mess (even to clean up poop) then wash it and use it on my face. But I don't think the grease/oil would come off and it would ruin my nice washcloths!
  14. I was really tempted until I saw the price tag. That's a lot of notebooks.
  15. Wal-mart had some binders similar to this this year that I got one of and have really enjoyed.
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