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  1. My daughter loves looking for bargains at the stores with me. We stash them and use them to pack backpacks for our sponsored children in Honduras (Manna 4 Lempira -- ) allows us to send a backpack once a year for our kids -- we send them/get them picked up in September/October. They get shipped by container boat to Honduras. And they are delivered in Honduras in February at the beginning of their school year. (So we just got the pictures from this.) Items that do not fit in backpacks can also be used for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. So I only have to worry about storing the items until time to pack.
  2. ANd here's a list of those type players that are supported:
  3. It appears you can run Audible books on SanDisk mp3 players.
  4. 4-6 hours is a LONG time. When DS started middle school there was no more after school care offered, but my husband and I both work. So he started being home alone here and there. (We practiced some the summer before). So when he was 11 years old. He's home alone before school and some time after school before we get home from work. On days there is no school, sometimes he's home alone all day. Sometimes he comes into work with me. When there are longer breaks, he often goes to my parents (Esp in the summer so he's not home alone all day weeks on end). I'm still not comfortable leaving him home alone for lengths of time after dark. He is now 12 and my daughter is now 8 years old. I don't leave them home alone together for more than 15 minutes-30 minutes (Ie if I have to leave for a meeting and my husband is almost home from work). My son is fine on his own and they love each other deeply but they also squabble quite a bit and I don't think they'd be good together left longer than that.
  5. Swimming every summer is one of my fondest memories from childhood, and I am sad I cannot give it to my kids. I did take some summer school in HS -- but it was to be able to take the classes I WANTED to take during the school year.
  6. ETA: And maybe sandpaper of various textures to let them smooth it down before painting.
  7. If you are going to do it at a camp experience, I'd get the car shapes to avoid having to use any tools. Then get paint to paint them (maybe stickers) and weights of some sort. And some way to attach weights to the wood. I think that much could be done at the camp. You'll need a track (Maybe you can borrow one somewhere?) and a scale for weighing the cars. Then you'll need to decide what your rules are.
  8. No sheets at all or no flat sheet? I have fitted sheets on my kids beds, but not a flat sheet. That's how I grew up too.
  9. You don't have to go. IF there aren't two adults to go, the camp gets cancelled. The parents need to learn to step up.
  10. I would be comfortable leaving the 11 year old home alone, but not in care of the younger kids. My kids are 12 and 8. The 12 year old gets left alone. The 8 year old is not ready for it. (She wants to be. But everytime we've tried it, as soon as no adult is home, she is anxious, wondering where we are. Maybe for 10 or 15 minutes overlap if I have to leave before my husband gets home -- and I'm going to be close (our AHG meets just down the street, less than 10 minutes away). Because we have a phone they can call if somehting happens and he doesn't get home.
  11. By 1991, it must not have been a big deal. For my junior year prom (College Station, TX) I worked the prom -- running the electronics board with running messages. But I decided I wanted to attend my senior prom so I asked a junior year guy friend to come be my date and we went together. I don't remember feeling it was all that weird to 1) go with a friend instead of a date or 2) do the asking as a girl. (Since we were not dating or anything) We had "Sadie Hawkins" dances every year where the girl asked the guy at least once by design. So maybe part of that was it. (But evidently I did not want to go to prom by myself without a date at all)
  12. We are spending a week in Washington D.C. and I KNOW we can't do everything. So we're making a list of what we know we want to see and will try to hit those -- even if that means entering a museum to see one exhibit, then leaving to get to the next one. My husband wants to see the Cathedral and my daughter wants to go to National Zoo. So we know there will be things off the mall we see as well. But we're just expecting that we won't see everything. It's impossible. I saw the hint here about the Bureau of Engraving and will be looking at that because I think my kids would enjoy it. I'm also getting books about Washington D.C. to try and let the kids know what is available to choose from.
  13. WE are going to Washington D.C. this summer. You can't request a White House Tour until 3 months in advance. House tours also open up 90 days in advance. I'm not promising either but figure it'd be a nice surprise for my family if we can make it happen.
  14. Yes. Disneyland is quite a bit smaller as I recall. Not multiple parks, right. ETA Is the California Adventure thing newish? I don't remember that when I was there (But that was over 15 years ago,... so) I live in TExas and went to Walt Disney World as a kid (HS Senior) AS a young adult I went to Disneyland -- I think there was a World Science Fiction convention in the vicinity ETA2: Yes. It appears it was 1996 I was there. So my information is way old.
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