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  1. My son is in an advanced group and the last week of school they talked about what they knew already about next year 1) They won't be advancing as fast as they have been. THey are slowing down the schedule. Probably partly because they didn't get through everything they expected to in 7th grade and expect 8th to be similar -- the disruption will mean they can not fly through the curriculum as fast as they expect. In addition, I suspect they have been trying to shut down this particular program and shuttle all the advanced kids into advanced classes in their own schools instead of together across the whole district. 2) They may well be in one room for most of next year, yet still studying online, and trying to group the ASCEND students together to get their teaching, whether it ends up being in person (With the teachers moving instead of the students) or online yet in the school building 3) (They didn't cover what would happen with extra classes at all -- like band. OTOH I'm not sure band is going to be able to do much in the fall, at least. We have private lessons and regular practice to keep him from regressing)
  2. ... You get your class schedule before school lets out in June? We don't get them until a couple of days before school starts in August! They may have a prelim plan but they don't release it until then because things continue to change over the summer.
  3. I'm so glad. I hope this takes a lot of stress off at home
  4. I'll have to look into those. WE have those masks too but my kids have problems tying heir own masks so they don't get the same use.
  5. This is why Austin is limiting testing to symptomatic only at the moment.
  6. I expect a lot of families will choose to do it earlier and not wait for the kid's 11th birthday. Both of my kids wear masks when appropriate (age 8 and age 12)
  7. CDC doesn't even recommend a test with 2 weeks quarantine since known exposure without any symptoms And locally they would not give you a test right now in these circumstances.
  8. Did they take her temp again? We tempted today at the vision appintment and my daughter was a little high. They told us to come in to the AC and they'd temp again to make sure it was not the heat here. The second temp was fine (evidently they are seeing a lot of this. Even people that have been sitting in cars for just a couple of minutes, forehead temps rise FAST)
  9. Did you see the news report about the way a picture is taken can make it look more crowded than it actually is? It's made me much more skeptical of pictures like this. Maybe the people in person, look around. See they have adequate spacing between groups. Not realizing there is someone with a camera looking to take a picture that makes it look horrible.
  10. Our church youth has started out meeting (outside, in the parking lot) From what I can see, they don't all social distance. But the "groups" distanced from each other. There is enough space they could have stood around and talked and not even been as close as they did -- but it needed more encouragement, I think. Hopefully there will be more masks now.
  11. When I say it I mean I avoid being alone one on one. IF I go to a lunch with guys -- it's a group. There's never been a need for me to have a one on one lunch with anyone, actually. IF we are working together -- doors are open. It's never private in a room together. It has never been awkward or hard to arrange. Maybe because the guys I worked with had the same values or maybe I just give off an "air" that they don't question me.
  12. My husband's diabetes was discovered when he was in for another reason.
  13. No. We have a routine "check" at the orthodontist that has already been rescheduled once.. and I want to reschedule again now. (The orthodontist is checking as her teeth come in)
  14. Pretty much how our company is handling. Even employees that are negative, with symptoms, are asked to isolate under CDC guidelines. (But yes when I heard how the test is done I was expecting there were going to be issues getting the proper sample)
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