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  1. Our high schools must be a rarity. They start at 9 am. The district uses the same buses to pick up/drop off elementary, middle, and high school and so has start times staggered to allow that.
  2. TheHomeScientist is still in operation even though Mr. Thompson died? Cool!
  3. This is how our library's overdrive works (using Amazon to send it to my Kindle Paperwhite) (We're also a fairly small town. But they must prioritize online stuff because we have at least FOUR choices for online reading -- Freading, Overdrive, Hoopla, and Tumblebooks. So far I've only used OVerdrive to read on my Kindle
  4. Not Oklahoma, Texas. But we get the same temperatures. Some people wear shorts and T-shirts. When I'm outside, I prefer a floppy hat and a Columbia SPF Sunshirt because I burn very easily. I also mostly wear slacks -- but as lightweight as I can. (When you are of a certain size, walking in shorts causes a lot of skin rubbing in sensitive areas. So pants is better) Sunglasses will be VERY important. And if she's on a ranch she'll likely find herself wanting taller boots to protect her legs from snakes and such.
  5. Yeah I dont really think they want to sell me an extended warranty on a 2009 car. I recently waited to get a actual human on the line about the warranty. They wanted to know which vehicle I wnated a warranty on. "You called me. Which vehicle are you offering a warranty on?" After repeating this three times, they hung up on me. They are just fishing for information.
  6. My parents held onto my childhood Lego. For the most part... I'm ambivalent. It doesn't mean to me now what it did then and my kids, while liking Lego, are not that interested in my childhood Lego
  7. Note that "Large print" varies greatly. When I was looking I started looking at what font size the print was actually. I have found this is one place reading on the Kindle is very nice -- I can make the font size as large as desired without having to carry around an extra large book.
  8. I mentioned it because I thought it was interesting you assumed female and I assumed male. There was no indication given in the OP. Maybe because it reminds me of a pastor of a church I belonged to. I have thankfully not run into enough people that make demands of how other people run their lives to have a statistically significant sample.
  9. See, I figured this person was a male. And that they shouldn't go visit other people if what other people have on their walls is that personally triggering. I find the poem overdone, but it does not make me cringe. Just overused.
  10. My BIL went from policing to detective work. Is that radical enough of a change?
  11. Not teen. But for my 11 year old I'm doing books. Missionary biographies, and some Christian music
  12. Not to troll the neighborhood. But the run the HOA in general, including the checking for infractions. Both HOAs I have been part of have been like this and it is the only kind of HOA I'm interested in volunteering for. With the difficulty getting people to run for the board anyway, I don't want to rely on some volunteer to keep money properly separated from household finances, get the treasury reports done, etc. It seems when individuals in the neighborhood are doing the day to day running you have a much bigger chance of ending up with a strong personality doing anything they want. This association management company also has contacts to help us get bids for work we want done and make sure the work gets done, the companies come back out, etc.
  13. Scams. I don't know what kind can be done from the buying side. I know if I was buying I'd be wary of a seller not wanting a realtor involved. This is the largest purchase I plan to ever make, I'd like to have some experience on my part in what doing due diligence looks like to make sure I'm not buying someone else's money pit. I do not feel capable of doing the research and discovering it all myself. I don't know if there is anyway for a buyer to scam you as seller in this situation. But it feels fishy that they are flying out to look at house that is not even on the market -- like the work of a scammer.
  14. Just be wary. IS your house a lot cheaper than other things there? I'm wary of someone flying in from another state to look at a house not on the market.
  15. They aren't going to do this casually, because its expensive. We just had to go forward on the process to put a lien on a house in our HOA. We didn't want to do it. They are a nice neighbor, keeping their yard clean, etc. But they have multiple years of unpaid HOA dues and have ignored all communication trying to work it out. It's not fair their neighbors have to pay their dues but they don't, and we could not keep operating if more families just started ignoring. So to avoid setting a precedent we have to move forward. ETA (Yes, we know they received communication. after the first communication is ignored, it is sent such that it must be signed for)
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