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  1. Stress can also affect time of month and anticipating the vaccine is definitely causing stress
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-israel-study-idCAKBN2BX0JZ "The study, released on Saturday, compared almost 400 people who had tested positive for COVID-19, 14 days or more after they received one or two doses of the vaccine, against the same number of unvaccinated patients with the disease." "But among patients who had received two doses of the vaccine, the variant’s prevalence rate was eight times higher than those unvaccinated - 5.4% versus 0.7%." Taking these two together -- maybe its MORE prevalent in those vaccinated because the
  3. If there is already only one teacher, then needing to hire only one teacher isn't going to be a cost savings.
  4. one history teacher per district? They think one teacher can handle an entire district's worth of kids? Even online, that isn't going to start to be sufficient. I know our district is really wrestling with this. THey have much worse attendance/assignment turn in issues from the kids online than the ones in person.
  5. We started watching Babylon 5 last Spring with my then 3rd grader. When my husband had to go back to work we stopped consistently watching -- but some of the episodes were fine and some were too dark. I know we ended up skipping at least one after seeing how it was affecting my daughter. (we got into early 2nd season)
  6. Yes. That's why I'm being vague and careful. I want to be positive but not flaunting the wealth per se.
  7. Find organizations that work in other countries and donate to them so they have the money to supply vaccines as well. I'd much rather fund vaccines through organizations I already support (Compassion and Sowers 4 Pastors in Honduras) and know what they do. CoVAX sounds interesting and I'll be looking into them since they focus on vaccines. When I write to my sponsored kids I am being careful to be just positive about vaccines in general, so when their families get access they will have less fear and may even have a role in encouraging parents/church workers/etc that they KNOW
  8. What would more proof look like? Especially because so many vaccines are being acquired at random places that are not necessarily keeping much records.
  9. Our dentist is doing the mouthwash. They are not charging extra for it (we don't use dental insurance). My understanding is it was required of their licensing agency. I'm comfortable with the precautions they are taking. Even with the rooms not totally enclosed. There aren't that many chairs and we are all widely separated. They make sure there are not two people in the hallways at once. They keep people in the room until the previous person has left, etc. AS it was the months I delayed getting a cleaning they saw significant decay and it upgraded the needed work so yes I'm conti
  10. At the last eclipse, our in-laws said they were planning to go to our house for this one. So I guess we'll go to the backyard
  11. Were. When they mixed up ingredients, they kicked out AZ and made it all J&J
  12. Yes. I am a little concerned that neither of my parents had side effects from either of their PFizer shots. (They are both 76) (I hope it is because they have both been taking larger doses of D3 since last summer when I encouraged them to add it to their vitamin regimen -- they thought they were because of what was in their multi-vitamins but I was able to convince them that was not enough because the kids and I were taking separate D3, and more -- 2000 mcg - 5000 mcg
  13. Check into the cost to replace. I may well spend the $2-$3K to fix in today's market. Yes
  14. This. With healthy kids, transferring records really is not the top of hte list. Anything concerning will be found in an exam.
  15. Good luck to your DD. My niece joined last October and coronavirus has significantly impacted her training. She did finally get through basic and is now in Intermediate though.
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