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  1. Whether more effective or less, it was always the case that the cheaper vaccines were going to be the vaccine of choice for much of the world where the cost of Moderna/Pfizer likely meant no vaccine at all.
  2. I got the flyer too. Didn't read it right away and am now trying to decide if I want to join or not. It seems obviously the start of a national vaccine database that could be used for other purposes in the future.
  3. Yes. Friends of mine with 4 kids ended up quarantined for 5 weeks across Christmas due to COVID-19.
  4. Ideally it ought to be equitable. I think its harder to implement. 1) Quality of the Building -- has to do with budget of the district, how the district chooses to spend its money (And how they are forced to spend their money in some cases due to circumstances outside their control) age of the building and how it was designed. They can be retrofitted in the future. But again, that takes money. And it doesn't add capacity even if newer buildings in the district are being built for larger capacities -- or if it does add capacity it is not as "accessible" since it was not designed tha
  5. At our Primary Care Physician's office, they had one doctor you had to see for that evaluation. For our son, he could tell a difference with the very first dose of medicine. It took about a month for the initial side effects to subside and the medicine has had to be tweaked over time.
  6. No. It's a step along the way. It takes time for it to start having any effect. And a second dose to have the most effect. Then time after the second dose. And before it has effect overall we need a lot more people getting vaccinated. Especially because of so many unknowns about the vaccination -- does it prevent you getting the disease or just getting a serious case of it? Does it prevent you passing it along to others? I'll feel much better as others in my vicinity who are at more risk of a serious case of the disease start getting vaccinated since that is really th
  7. When my kids were virtual last SPring, yes they didn't provide much for kids who were ahead. I contacted the teacher and got resources for teaching cursive and we read Diary of Anne Frank together and did some mom-made assignments based on that. I thought it was a good time to show them how much worse lockdown COULD be *wry* (And yes they got to watch more videos than necessary since I was still working.)
  8. This is a very interesting point. "Don't call it the China virus" but no such concern (yet --did I miss something?) about the variants
  9. I've heard the idea floated. However, since they aren't sure whether the vaccine actually prevents you getting the illness, or passing it on -- it is unknown whether it would have the effect intended -- one concern some health care workers have had is that after the vaccine takes effect, they might catch COVID-19 without symptoms and bring it home to their family because they don't even known they are sick.
  10. Personally, I'm hoping all the D3 I've been taking also helps with vaccine reactions.
  11. It depends on how much you read and how much what you want to read is available on Kindle Unlimited. I don't have it because I have enough books to read without paying a monthly fee (And generally I want to buy specific books and then have them available when I want to read -- even if that is months in the future) but I know people that LOVE it and manage to find enough to read they really don't spend other money on books.
  12. I just got called today to make an appointment for my second shot.
  13. This is pretty much where I am. It's not that I trust the vaccine or perceive that the risks of COVID-19 are greater. Taking the vaccine is the only thing I can do at this point to help the governing powers not have a leg to stand on for continuing what I feel is some of the overreach that has happened.
  14. Accreditation was not the issue (University of Washington, Texas State University) This was a County jail position. He ended up with something better so in the long run it was good they immediately rejected him. But when we were struggling for jobs it was crushing.
  15. Is dengue a disease you get over? or one that hides in the body and reinfects? I've got a friend who had it last summer and was MISERABLE.
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