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  1. The Paper Butterfly for some beautiful stocking stuffers
  2. My daughter is 8 and gets thinking about what the receiver will like much more than my son did at that age. (He gets the concept now, at 12, but is still unlikely to know what a particular friend likes beyond some shared books they have read)
  3. This is what I assumed because it is how it is in our district.
  4. My son can get a pass from a teacher to go to the library during class. (after schoolwork is completed)
  5. If you play Minecraft on peaceful you won't see ZOmbies.
  6. I'd agree with this. My 8 year old spent her own money this year on a Fortnite llama onesie PJ. She also has fox and frog similar pjs from previous years that still fit and get worn.
  7. We didn't go to anyone else's house for Thanksgiving growing up. Nor did we have turkey. But we did have a special meal and spend the day together. Schools tend to make a big deal about Thanksgiving so ignoring it entirely isn't going to happen.
  8. Last year (at age 11) my son asked that we find him a male doctor and dad take him to his physical. He doesn't mind me taking him to other doctors, but he's more comfortable with a man at that appointment. Before that point my kids went to get physicals together. Their birthdays are a week apart and as long as they didn't mind, it made things easier.
  9. I have a girl in one troop and a boy in a different troop -- then came the day they were BOTH camping on the same weekend. We discovered separate tents were a necessity.
  10. Scout gifts we've asked for/received: Personal tents tarp for under the tent Flashlights Hiking backpacks Other camping gear (mess gear, pots and pans, grill, etc) Rope and a book on how to make useful things out of it Rain ponchos Pads for sleeping on (Or even cots!)
  11. Woah. I didn't know you had to prepare gluten-free before the other. We usually use separate pans for our pancakes. One is for gluten-free and the other regular. Separate spatulas, separate mixing containers. But we have two people making the pancakes, usually side by side. Question: Can you somehow put peanut butter in a squeeze bottle or would it be better to have a Gluten-free only jar that is only used with Gluten Free bread.? It's pretty shelf stable so we could label it and use it throughout the year.
  12. I showed the picture of the rectangle with 1 x on the side and 4 xs along the wide part to my third grader and she immediately caught that the big rectangle was 4 squares. She doesn't have enough multiplication to know 7x7=49 yet but she figured out 5x5 four times was too small and 10x10 four times was too big. (PS I didn't ask her to figure out the perimeter. Just the lengths of the sides)
  13. BTW i do wear dresses but I don't wear heels. Even at my most dressed up I'm wearing flats. They are perfectly dressy
  14. My dad grew up VERY poor and he remembers wondering why his friends enjoyed playing baseball. Baseball to him was having a ball fall out of the sky to smack you in the face. There was no way to see it coming to catch, etc. HE didn't realize the teacher was writing things on the board related to the teaching but thought he had to listen and take notes to figure out what he needed to learn. He finally got checked out and got glasses and discovered a whole new world. Including that the teacher was actually writjng notes/working problems on the board!
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