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  1. Actually, I have just finished Rereading _The Great Influenza_ by John Barry and at the end he concludes the masks did not help contain Spanish flu. The only thing that helped was separation -- not getting close.
  2. She didn't talk about the virus in general. She was talking about how it treated her. I lost a friend to complications from flu. That does not mean that when I was talking about getting the flu that I treat it as dreadful. I'd talk about the symptoms it affected me. You can be aware of the potential for serious complications and still be realistic about how it affected you and your family. I get in a car and drive it everyday without acknowledging the thousands that end up dead in accidents, after all.
  3. Thank you The best thing I've seen today is one of the Hermits posting on Twitter that we should never wish ill on someone sick with Coronavirus. And I happen to be pretty sure he's not a fan of our President at all. But the thing I was the most afraid of today was navigating all of the wish him ill and thankfully I have not seen as much of it as I was afraid of.
  4. The forum made me put in my display name in again or it was going to delete my account. And when I came back half the names on this thread are missing.
  5. A lot of what-ifs are covered in this article: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/02/coronavirus-trump-has-covid-19-heres-what-happens-next.html
  6. I've been guessing the Vice Presidential candidate becomes the Presidential candidate and, once sworn in, would have to go through the process to choose a new Vice President. I'd have to look at the Constitution/amendments to figure out what that process is (Since I know its different than original)
  7. What's more, my husband's work (That is being VERY careful with exposure. Everyone masked all the time, spread the people that have to be in the office out over twice as many rooms) has said that even if my kids are sent home for two weeks quarantine because they were exposed at school, he is not to quarantine unless one of the direct family is symptomatic or positive.
  8. I noticed that yesterday They now have a graph showing positivity rate over time calculated three different ways.
  9. Wal-mart has some cool Dinosaur jackets that my dragon-loving girl loves (I wanted to show a picture but can't figure it out)
  10. Books Experiences -- is there a camp he's going to want to go to in the summer Does he need gear for a hobby? Games
  11. I can't help how other people react. For me, if the thing I am loaning out is going to cause me grief and to think less of a person when an accident happens, then there is sentimental value attached to that item for me and I should not loan it out. Our leader took my daughter's AHG handbook home to sign stuff and a cup got knocked over and it got wet. She offered to replace it. But the book being tea-stained in places did not make it unusable and I valued her more as a leader and a friend than I valued the handbook. It could have as easily been me knocking a cup over.
  12. That's why I was tlaking about sentimental value, not monetary.
  13. Is there an inside space close at hand? If so, I'd see if you could stay there/retreat there if the weather starts getting to you and at least be "on hand" to wish your niece well.
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