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  1. I like the Pampered Chef scrapers.They are all one piece. There are different sizes, too. https://www.pamperedchef.com/shop/Cooking+Tools/Spatulas%2C+Scrapers+%26+Spreaders/Mix+%27N+Scraper/1657
  2. I remembered one that was really funny. Only one person was rude about it. When we first moved here, whoever had our number last must have managed a mobile home park. We would get multiple calls a day asking us to open the gate. I patiently explained and even called the park to tell them to change the number on their kiosk. One elderly man got really upset with me after I explained that we don't live there, I can't open the gate and I don't know the code. He told me I better learn it so I will have an answer when people call!
  3. I won a Peace Hill Press book for being one of the first to sign up here when it changed. :)
  4. I called my dad and step-mom to tell them I was pregnant with my first. First thing my step-mom said was not "Congratulations" but, "I dont want to be called Grandma. That's for my kids' kids."
  5. So far so good. My eyes still look bright and it's almost 9 pm. I haven't seen any creasing yet and I think I even put on too much. I wiped the extra on my nose, lol I used a tiny dot, too. A little does go a long way.
  6. Yes, to whether or not you should use your personal car to make extra money providing taxi services.
  7. From a couple of friends that have them, they say they lasted about 2 years before starting to tear.
  8. I have procured the Bye Bye Undereye. Can't wait to try it tomorrow.
  9. Me, too. That was the earliest I could get. :/ They took forever to check preauthorization and then said we didn't need it. They wasted a lot of time. :/
  10. Well, he ordered one for each knee since they both have the same symptoms. We will see on the 2nd.
  11. DD 17 gets hers out Friday so we'll see. I remember being VERY sad when my narcotics ran out after my surgery.
  12. Like something is catching. She has the other things you describe, as well. Thanks for the link, off to read.
  13. She has had horrible pain in her knees for months and reports that when walking on stairs that it feels like her knees are "switching gears." :/ They get stuck a lot. Soccer is her only reason for living and it looks like it might be over for her. This is causing her to feel very anxious and sad. She also got the idea in her head that she has cancer in her knees. This adds to the anxiety. Our follow-up to the MRI is not scheduled until the 2nd of April but I am going to try to get an earlier appointment. The Dr. mentioned a torn meniscus. Any other ideas?
  14. I missed the diagnosis. I'm sorry. I hope you have a memorable trip with everything you all wish for., ETA: Just saw the update. Hope he has a great time!
  15. Growing up my mom gave house tours and we got them, too. It was just a "thing." I remember the first time we had someone over to this house, DH said, "Come on, I'll give you a tour." I was cringing a little inside. I could tell the people were a little put off and kind of confused. Even growing up with them, I would not offer it. I did recently get a tour of a friend's house and I loved it, though. She moved somewhere really spectacular. I didn't think of it as showing off, though. So I guess the takeaway is I wouldn't offer one but don't mind getting one. :)
  16. Yes. My class is online but I could make use of it. Why do I not think of these things? Thanks!
  17. I don't think so. I was just hoping for a better review. My professor said it was an "awesome first draft." She also said our essays will take several revisions to be worthy of even turning in.lol. I know it's a process. I'm just afraid of failure.
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