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We don't watch a lot of movies and we tend to stick with what's available at redbox, but I am increasingly disappointed by what's available there. I know that over the years we've probably missed a lot of good ones, especially ones from "before our time." With movies available on Netflix and Amazon and other places, we should branch out more. So.... what are some really fantastic movies that are worth tracking down?

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I was going to add more specifics, but didn't want to limit peoples' answers. I tend to enjoy film-festival type movies that might get overlooked by the general public, but tell great stories. For DH and I, we don't watch R-rates movies, but we've made a few exceptions that were well worth it. (12 Years a Slave, for example)


I'd like suggestions for family movies too.

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For everyone: Second Hand Lions. Overlooked movie that's really sweet w/ Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osmond (when he was younger). Have seen it twice. Really good.


We also love Big Hero Six that just came up but is on DVD now.


For parents -- as stupid as this sounds -- I loved Private Benjamin w/ Goldie Hawn as a teen. Not a kid movie.




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I'll second - second hand lions.


in no order - some are pure comedy, some are musicals, some are family, some are history too, westerns,


1776 (musical - my boys enjoyed it even as young teens)

my fair lady

free willy

homeward bound

fivial - an American tail

Apollo 13

imax movies (many are now on blu-ray)

a big hand for the little lady (you HAVE to watch it all the way through to the end - there is a big twist)

support your local sheriff

dr. zhivago


the Philadelphia story (cary grant, Katharine Hepburn, jimmy stewart.



just look for almost anything with cary grant or jimmy stewart.   dd did all fred Astaire movies (his dancing intimidated Rudolf Nureyev) which led her to gene Kelly . . .


kiss me kate

to catch a thief

the court jester

oh - must - see.  the quiet man


gentlemen prefer blondes (Marilyn Monroe - she had great comedic timing)

how to marry a millionaire (  "    "    "    "    " )


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Fried Green Tomatoes

Steel Magnolias

Lots of old classics, not sure where to start...

Gone with the Wind

The Friendly Persuasion

Sergeant York

Life with Father

A Patch of Blue

It's a Wonderful Life

On the Waterfront

West Side Story

The King and I

The Sound of Music




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I finally remembered:


the great race.  - includes world record pie fight. and a fabulous cast with lots of cameos





Lawrence of Arabia

gone with the wind

the princess bride







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an obscure one which was recently brought back to my attention.

the assassination bureau.


bringing up baby.  (baby is a jaguar.)


the lion in winter  (peter o'toole played Henry ii twice.  also in becket)


operation petticoat (it's about a submarine)


if you have a girl interested in horses:

national velvet with Elizabeth taylor is a must see.


boys night out



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PS I Love You




Captain America Winter Soldier


Princess Bride




Gross Pointe Blank


Better Off Dead


One Crazy Summer




The Mission Impossible series, but especially MI2


10 Things I Hate About You


Good Morning Vietnam





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Adding my kudos to Secondhand Lions


Also, a movie we all enjoyed that we recently "discovered" is The Scarlet & the Black.


Chicken Run is fun for the whole family and we liked Jumangi as an adventure.


When it comes to redbox, McFarland USA is superb - again - for the whole family.

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The princess bride

Ever after

Arsenic and Old Lace

Bringing up Baby

North by northwest

Rear window

Gone with the wind

Finding Nemo

To catch a Thief

A majority of one

Auntie Mame (Rosiland Russel, not Lucille Ball)

The avengers

Captain America

Any James Bond movie

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These are a few unusual movies that I really enjoyed over the past couple of years. Some are older movies, but all from the past decade, I think:


Walking on Water (Israeli)


Once (Irish)

The Visitor

Heartbreaker (French)

The Guard (Irish)


Noodle (Israeli)

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Enchanted April


Secret of Roan Innish

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson one)

Secrets and Lies


Cloud Atlas

Out of Africa

Temple Grandin

Get Low

Mountains of the Moon

Adventures of Baron Muchausen


Jean deFlorette & Manon of the Spring

The Lives of Others




okay, that's probably more than enough

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Has "While You Were Sleeping" been mentioned? So sweet and romantic, great one for mom to watch with teen daughters. Along those lines, "Whisper of the Heart," a Japanese animated film, is possibly my favorite movie, G-rated which is rare.


"Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" is also a favorite, although not family-friendly.

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