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  1. Warner Robins may be somewhere to look at living. It's a little closer to Oglethorpe. I'm also in Georgia and had never heard of it!
  2. The TM is not an answer key. The Language Arts 5 Curriculum book is the lesson plans. There is an answer key but they are in a different book(Language B Answer Key).
  3. I am looking for comparisons between the two. Pros/cons? Which works better for your child/children? I am somewhat familiar with IEW, but have never even visited EIW's website. Also, for those who prefer EIW, is there enough English for the 6th grade level? Thanks for any and all info!
  4. Most of these I would recommend for adults only(possibly older teens) Dirty Dancing Footloose(both the older and updated version are good) Movies based on John Grisham's books Mission Impossible movies
  5. Yes, you will need short sleeved shirts and most likely shorts by May.
  6. Medical for both of my dc. They were impacted, removed by an oral surgeon.
  7. According to drugs.com-- Common Tamiflu side effects may include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach pain. Hope you and your family feel better soon.
  8. The Voice NCIS LA NCIS NCIS New Orleans Survivor Hawaii Five O Blue Bloods Last Man Standing The Mentalist
  9. It gives that message but it does post to classifieds. I just checked and your classified is there. :)
  10. Brookstone has a Bluetooth case/keyboard for the ipad. So far we have had no issues(we have had it for about a year).
  11. 🙈 Why did I look at this!
  12. It is hives from the antibiotic more than likely. However, it could be hives from the strep. We had this very same thing happen with Cefzil when dd had strep. Either way get to doctor and they should give something for the hives.
  13. They have added the Core and ages back on their website(it is listed underneath the grade).
  14. I have had some of the same issues and going gluten free has helped most of my joint pain, swelling, and digestive issues.
  15. I think it will be fine. There are more titles in the advanced set, so yes, they are read faster. The readers don't always line up with the time period you're reading with SL. SL does sell a CD that has some websites you can visit.
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