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  1. We used to visit a house that had one. It was continually getting stuck behind furniture or under furniture or on the edge of thick rugs. I'm not sure if that's a typical experience or not.
  2. Many universities will have a basic summary of APA rules on their website. If you're a serious academic (or have a lecturer who is) that simply won't suffice. For most questions beyond the basics (and even for some of those) I go to the APA's blog, where they answer questions or deal with specific scenarios. http://blog.apastyle.org A good knowledge of APA is obviously important for double checking, but most of the work is done by a citation tool nowadays. A pleasant surprise when I returned to studies after a decade away from academic writing!
  3. Yes to the above. We went with Casio, although Yamaha also got good reviews. I live the digital piano - in a small house with a mom who likes quiet it's a life-saver. The volume can be set to low, and it has the look of a piano but takes up less space. We purchased second hand - I had done research to narrow down possible options then did additional research based on what was actually available.
  4. I hadn't heard of the site so I searched and came across this interesting article which looks at what aspects of watching movies from this sort of site are and aren't legal, and why it's hard to shut sites down. http://www.businessinsider.com.au/are-streaming-sites-legal-2014-4
  5. Hi Stacia,


    I just saw your message right now! I responded to the "friend request" some time ago, but somehow the message escaped my notice - can you tell I'm a little technologically challenged. I enjoy your posts too, and not just book-related ones. It's a strange place, the forum, intimate and anonymous at the same time - I like looking out for familiar "faces".


    Better to respond late than never, I hope. And now I can't find your original message to figure out how late I am in responding. I am going to admit technological defeat and go and read a book :001_smile:


    Nikki (in Perth, Australia)

  6. Just stopping by to say how much I always enjoy reading your book posts. Your reviews are interesting & provide me w/ some great details on books I might enjoy reading! :001_smile:

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