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Has there been a thread about stocking stuffers for dhs?

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If you can see Canada, you obviously live where it is cold!


I am getting dh the Isotoner Fleece gloves that have the tech pads so that he can use his iPhone without taking off his gloves.


Costco has the wonderful Acorn fleece socks in two packs right now.


Desk calendar, Lottery tickets and anything with chocolate/mint are favorites of his.

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Carmex or Burt's Bees chapstick, he always gets chapped lips in the dry winter...

Smartwool socks, amazing invention that allow my toes to never get cold or feet get sweaty.

His own hairbrush, with 3 teens he never can find one and always complains that he can't find one! :)

window scraper since his car can't fit in our garage with all the bikes/canoe in there.

his favorite candy (Crunch bars)

Man soaps, he loved the Nomad brand from crabtree & evelyn or H20 sea salt...he would never admit it, but everytime I buy them he says how much he likes them! :)

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Once I gave DH a stocking on Christmas Eve, when the kids were asleep.


I'll leave the contents to your imagination. He hopes for that every year. NOT happening this year! Je suis way too sick and pregnant.


For g-rated things when he opens his stocking in front of the kids, he gets a toothbrush, deodorant, work gloves, socks, and those Sweets chocolate-covered orange or raspberry sticks. A magazine about Ford Mustangs, too.

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