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    I have the: Notes for Teachers (used) Lab Sheet Annotations (used) First Grade Diary (new) Orange Book (new) I'm asking $25ppd for the set. Paypal only. I think I have the Red book also somewhere. If I can find it, I'll add it to the set.


  2. Wow. I think I love you. Like Parrothead, you've given me a lot to think on. I think dd can handle an honors course, but I'm not sure she could do the Alg 2 involved with Chang.
  3. That's okay. I'm new to Texas. Haven't been to the beach yet and it's driving me crazy. We could drive 40 minutes to the lowly mountains of Maryland or three hours to the beaches of Maryland. Do you go the beach much? Where would you suggest? We are bummed that the beach tent camping is only in the state parks with NO shower facilities. Thanks for responding the first time.

  4. Hi. Would you happen to live in the Fort Worth area? I'm looking for friendly LDS moms with kids for informal get togethers, field trips, support. I have two other families in my ward who hs. Ginger

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