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  1. Digital Theatre Plus. DD really *loved* the performance of Much Ado About Nothing. We're going to add in some more Shakespeare just to see more *plays* versus the films.
  2. Rural Texas here. We had to get a permit for the septic system and a engineer had to approve the roof (that was more for wind storm insurance though) and that's it. Our lack of permits completely blew a couple of people's minds. When we were building the insurance company couldn't believe we didn't need permits or that there were fire hydrants around. Took about three phone calls before they believed us. Or just gave up. Also when we bought the land there was an older brick home on the property. Our mortgage company wouldn't lend us the money with another home on e property so DH just pulled it down with his tractor. My uncle from Washington couldn't believe that he could just do that. "You just demolished it? Without approval?!?" DH-"it's my land I'll do what I want."
  3. So suppose someone is watching your kids while you're at the doctors. Do you go out to eat after? Or come straight home? Add in an hour drive each way to the total time you're gone as well if that makes a difference.
  4. When ds broke his arm, every single dr asked "monkey bars?" First thing out of their mouths. I'm now rather hesitant about them.
  5. My last three I got sick with milk only. I just switched to rice or soy and was fine.
  6. Still need to talk to the director, but I was told it was a weekly fee. Tshirts, insurance, membership, I'd be fine with. Not so much paying to have my daughter work there.
  7. Does anyone else think this is dumb? Dd is volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club now. She did it a little during the summer, but wanted to continue through the school year. They were ecstatic. I drop her off and they tell me it'll be $20. Um, what? Yeah because she's under 18 she has to pay. I'm waiting to talk to the actual director (who had mentioned trying to arrange the budget to pay dd) to find out more information. How is that not ridiculous? Needless to say, dd is very upset, but no way are we paying for it.
  8. No help to you, but I've always wondered what's the difference between Apple TV and a Roku?
  9. Spanish 4 should be more of a literature class. I don't know about a program, but I would move her towards that direction.
  10. I have an extra 2nd edition student book. Sorry about that. Wish I could help.
  11. both I think. eta: Yup. Amazon Netflix
  12. Our contractor told us to cut the board insulation (versus the roll) and put it in each individual frame of the doors behind the roller equipment. We haven't done it yet, but it should help a lot. I love your room. One of these days I'll get our room set back up.
  13. DS6 broke his right arm 2 months ago. He was right handed, but handled it like a pro. He did pretty well using his left hand, but now that the cast is finally off he still doesn't want to use his right hand. We're in the beginning stages of writing so his left and right hand writing looks the same. Do I push for him to return to his right hand, let him use his left, encourage ambidextrous? Before this he most definitely was right handed, I just remember stories of my grandmother being forced into right handed writing.
  14. I really liked it, but I only have a iPad so I quit using it. It was just too difficult to fill in without a computer. Even using my bluetooth keyboard.
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