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  1. We are looking for storytellers to contribute a story to an original one-hour audio production, working with and getting advice and feedback from renowned storyteller and voice actor Jim Weiss (https://www.jimweiss.com/about-jim-weiss.) This project will be published by Well-Trained Mind Press under the title “Jim Weiss Presents.” To hear samples of previous Jim Weiss/Well-Trained Mind Press stories you can go to Jim Weiss’s website (see link above,) Well-Trained Mind Press’s website (www.welltrainedmindpress.com), or find our titles on Audible. To audition, please submit the follo
  2. We are planning an update to Volume 1, but it wouldn't be for at least 2 years. Stay tuned for updates. And yes, we'll be going through it with a fine-toothed comb to correct anything that needs correcting. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, this is a Press Minion seeing if we've fixed the forums issue. So far it's looking good. But it's only been five minutes. Let's see if this repair holds... Happy Mother's Day!
  4. Hi Paradox5, Thanks for asking. When we were deciding what to revise/update, we had to choose where to put our limited resources/money, and we ended up focusing on the booklists, coloring pages, craft templates, board games, paper dolls, review cards, etc, as we felt that the existing ones just weren't up to our 2020 standard. So we put our efforts there. The maps were, we felt, good enough. But you're right that the Volume 1 & 2 maps are superior.
  5. How's everybody doing? It's been a wild couple of weeks. We're fine, though our office staff are mostly working remotely and we're inundated with emails from parents who are suddenly homeschooling. We at The Well-Trained Mind have been serving students and parents for over 20 years. In order to help us learn how we can serve homeschoolers well in these unusual times, we're asking you to take this BRIEF (7-minute) online survey. Completing the survey before April 13th will enter you to win one of five $25 Amazon gift cards (since many of you, like us, are probably doing even more onli
  6. We are working on a revision of Volume 4, but it wouldn't be out for at least another year (Feb/March 2021).
  7. Well-Trained Mind Press is excited to announce that the Revised Editions of The Story of the World, Volume 3 and its Activity Book are now available on our store! Activity Book includes: 45 new coloring pages Brand new, beautiful boards for board games Improved art and easier-to-read directions for craft templates (including new paper dolls) Updated Book Lists that combine the best selections from the Original edition with the best of the books published in the past 10 years about the related topics New review cards for eve
  8. Hi there! We're sorry this isn't working for you. It's working fine for us on Firefox and Chrome. If you can give us some more information, it may help us fix the problem. Which browser are you using? And are you on a phone or a computer? Thank you.
  9. A W.T.M. Press employee here, just chiming in to clarify that this discussion is talking about an unofficial Facebook group called Well-Trained Mind....NOT talking about our company Facebook page (which is facebook.com/welltrainedmind). The moderators of that WTM Facebook group aren't connected with the Press or Susan in any way. We haven't banned anybody from our company Facebook page in a long time, and the ones we did ban were folks who denied the reality or distorted the size of certain historical events that happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. Otherwise, we're fairly wide-open
  10. Oh, I am sorry that is happening! It doesn't seem to be happening to others; I can't replicate it on my end. But we will absolutely make sure that you get only the items you want, and at the sale price. Please email support@welltrainedmind.com with the following info, which will help them help you: What items you were trying to order; What items got added to your cart; whether or not you were "logged in" to the site at the time, and what internet browser you were using. They'll make sure that you get what you need!
  11. Well-Trained Mind Press is having a Cyber Monday sale; today only, we're slashing prices on all downloadable products by 40%. That includes Story of the World student pages and audiobooks, all of Jim Weiss's audio stories, Writing With Ease, First Language Lessons, Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind, math resources from Kate Snow, how-to workshops by Susan Wise Bauer, and many more! Get started here.
  12. Well-Trained Mind Press will be having a Cyber Monday sale. All day Monday, all downloadable products (MP3, PDF) will be discounted by 40%.
  13. This might not be exactly what you're asking about, but Well-Trained Mind Press will be having a Cyber Monday sale. All day Monday, all downloadable products (MP3, PDF) will be discounted by 40%.
  14. Thanks to everyone who emailed us! We've received enough submissions, so we'll be unpinning this thread now.
  15. Hello Hive, Well-Trained Mind Press is in the early stages of revising the book-lists (fiction and non-fiction) in the Activity Book of "The Story of the World, Volume 3." We'll be adding new titles that have come out in the past 15 years (or titles that we missed the first time around!), and deleting some that are so thoroughly out of print that no parent could be expected to find them. We have a plan for doing it that we think will provide a variety of parental viewpoints, and keep any one contributor from getting stuck with too much work. We've divided the book into sections (chap
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