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  1. We have always had a $10 per child limit for Halloween costume purchases. The remainder of the costume has to be put together with things we already own or the kids can spend their own money.
  2. This is my thought, too. I feel like there is fine print on most competitions that prizes may be substituted at any time and only the value has to be awarded, not the actual cash. However, my son is also an athlete and maybe it happens more in that field. My son just won first place in a summer long event that required participating in four triathlons. He won a $50 gift certificate and was super excited to use it when we arrived home. He told me he couldn't find the online store and could I help him. He was rather disappointed to find out that the certificate was $50 off next year's races. 🙂 As I'm the one that pays, it really had no value to him. We had a good laugh about that. I would be creative about what he did win. Can he redeem it for birthday gifts for his siblings or something fun like that? Bake a big victory cake with the supplies?
  3. Favorite - Chipped races - 5K / 10K / Triathlons Don't Mind - Christmas Wreath / Winter Holiday Plant and Gift - only the fundraisers where the company sends your orders directly to the addresses you provide
  4. I submitted an ACT score and letters of recommendation from her athletic coaches. I do not think she would have been accepted without them. I also made a transcript that covered seventh and eighth grade. For classes taken at home I just used my best judgement as far as giving grades. However, every situation is different. I would speak to people locally that have had their children accepted into the program. What are their thoughts on acceptance procedures and requirements?
  5. Florida doesn't test homeschool students so that won't be a worry. If your dd is a minor and your (parent) residency remains in another state it is unlikely that you will need to register in FL nor will you receive any of the benefits of Florida homeschoolers. In this county homeschoolers can sign up for the PSAT with their zoned public high school. DE is free to Florida homeschoolers if they are registered with their school district or belong to an umbrella school that has a contract with the local college. I don't have any information about AP exams as none of my children have ever taken them, however, if the ballet school takes out-of-state, homeschooled students regularly they likely have information about how to take the PSAT, AP exams, etc.
  6. Won't your son qualify for Bright Futures? It is a state university. Is the double cost due to room & board? I would definitely tour and meet the actual professors your son would be working with. It seems to be a love/hate university. Almost everyone I know that has gone to New College either absolutely loved it, or transferred out after the first or second year. The professors involved have a lot to do with that. And the fact that there is very little hand holding. The students are expected to be very self motivated and able to work well on their own time schedule. Often times nothing is due until the end of the semester. It makes it easy for students on their own for the first time to suddenly be looking at a major project due and only a week left in the semester. If the student doesn't pass the course it can be discouraging to have to retake it a second time. Most of the people I know that did graduate went on to a master's program in another university without issue. It is liberal arts based, so the people I know went on to advanced degrees in humanities/education areas and all found good jobs without issue. I don't know as much about the math/science degrees. I looked at it myself when I was a teen and didn't connect with the professors in my major. My children have all been there (as we have relatives that have attended) and they all feel/felt it is too small for them. The size does limit the social options as well as the diversity of students on campus.
  7. We officially start the new school year tomorrow, so hopefully this is the final plan.
  8. My two youngest are athletes. My dd 15 spends 20 hours per week in actual practice and another 3-5 hours per week working out on her own. Meets are additional and take up huge chunks of time as well, probably 20+ hours per month. My ds 14 spends 18 hours per week in actual practices. We have been spending the past month trying to figure out how to add another 7-9 hours of practice per week to his schedule this year. His meets add another 20+ hours per month as well. The current intention for both is to participate in sports at the club level in college. We consider physical health to be just as important as academics. We have always encouraged our children in great amounts of outside time and physical activity for their mental, emotional and physical well-being. It is a struggle to balance the academics, but we always tend toward the shifting of the academic choices and not the physical ones. Both of my children are quite good at their sports and this adds to their passion for athletics. I like the lessons they learn in hard-work, endurance, discipline, team play, disappointment, discouragement, long term goals, and respect among many others. Their commitment to their sports is a huge part of who they currently are, whereas, they see academics as more of a requirement for long term goals. They take academics seriously and do well, but if a corner needs to be cut it will be cut in that area.
  9. Have you checked with your state universities? Many in Florida have DE for high school students.
  10. No, I was just reading the Class of 2000 next to the photo.
  11. That transcript is from 20 years ago. I would be disappointed if they are still using photos on their transcripts and if colleges were allowing them to be submitted that way. I agree that it encourages unnecessary personal bias.
  12. My dd 15 has two right now and no other signs. We took her in and they confirmed inflamed lymph nodes. They suggested maybe she was playing with a cat/kitten and got a small scratch that way. Apparently that is a common cause.
  13. pretzels, carrot sticks, cheese cubes
  14. If you are in Florida and your son doesn't get accepted as a freshman, he can choose to have his application resubmitted for Fall 2020 as an AS transfer student. I do know a couple of people that had to do it that way. I do not know how that changes any state scholarships.
  15. It sounds like he's not applying as a transfer, but as a freshman. OP - My dd dropped a chemistry class spring of her senior year. She was put on academic probation for her first semester at the university. She was very insulted, but they did feel that it was a significant change to her senior year to drop a DE chemistry class that she listed as a senior class on her application.
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