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  1. Well, it is early so things can change. ☺️ Definitely planning on Blue Tent for math and English. BT Algebra II BT H English II American History I want an online class with live meetings each week. I have not found what I am looking for. Hoping something new/different will be offered. Currently learning toward Florida Virtual school for science - though wouldn't mind something else if we can find it. FLVS H Meteorology: Segment II (fall) / FLVS Chemistry: Segment I (spring) Ds is hoping to take two art electives through dual enrollment, but we won't know
  2. I've been very happy with my son's Algebra 1 class this year. It has two live classes per week and office hours on a third day. None of those are required, though I encourage him to get to all three each week. The two live lessons are also recorded and students can watch them on their own, or skip them all together. We had had previous experiences with the English classes as well and plan to do English and math through Blue Tent again next year.
  3. The person who cooks chooses the meal (within reason). I'm not buying shrimp and steak as an everyday meal.
  4. I think the reason you are not hearing back is that it is still registration/drop-add for most colleges. I would wait another week or two and then contact the schools again. Answers to those questions are so college and program specific.
  5. My son has a Garmin Fenix 5 and an I-phone. He says that has never happened to him. It re-pairs automatically without any sort of code needed. He is part of a large city wide running club. Many of the them have Garmin watches and he has never heard anyone say anything like that or seen anyone need to re-pair their phone and watch (and they are always comparing splits, looking at previous times, etc on both their watches and their phones). I would assume some of them have Android phones paired to their watches.
  6. All four of my kids take (or did take) the ACT or SAT each year to meet the Florida homeschool requirement. I've been doing this for ten years with four children and I've never had any issues. ETA: I start them all taking it in the 7th grade.
  7. Red shouldered hawk. I heard it before I saw it. It woke me up yesterday morning so I sat up in bed and saw it out the bedroom window. ☺️
  8. My dd was in a similar situation. She worked as a waitress at an assisted living home. They tend to need people regularly. There is no money exchanging hands and the pace is slower than a restaurant. The pay was pretty good. She enjoyed it and got to know the residents well.
  9. Does anyone know when the Black Friday code expires?
  10. Following as well. I see she is teaching it again this year. Just starting to think ahead to next year. 🙂
  11. I think kids just get better the more they type. All of mine start high school typing between 50-60. My two adult children both type around 90 wpm now. It is amazing what high school/ college students can accomplish when they are pressed for time! 🙂
  12. What we do - When birthday person wakes up in the morning everyone in the house comes running and we all sing happy birthday. Birthday person picks breakfast, dinner and dessert for the day. Anyone who is available sings happy birthday on the minute of their birth. If they are not home we call on that minute and sing happy birthday- even if it is to a voicemail box.
  13. My daughter moved back to the dorms last Sunday. Her classes started Monday. She has two in person and two online - one with zoom lectures and one straight online. Her in person classes are in large lecture hall classrooms, but with only about 20 students, all well spaced. She went to the bookstore to buy her books and they didn't have any. It didn't make sense to them to order any as it was so unclear whether or not there would even be anyone on campus. I wish they would have thought to send out an email to that effect! She ordered all of her books on Amazon. They should all arrive sometime t
  14. I have one daughter in college. She is returning to her dorm in two weeks. Only one of her four classes is in person; the other three have been converted to online. I have one daughter that is dual enrolled for four classes. Only one is in person and she will go to that class. She is also taking one class at the local high school. She will go to that too. One daughter and my son are both in high school fall sports. They will participate if sports are not cancelled. No final decisions have been made by any of the schools so it is hard to make any real plans for fall semester.
  15. We follow the CDC guidelines. Also, watch the wording - people are using coronavirus and COVID-19 interchangeably. COVID-19 is the actual disease. Coronavirus, more specifically, SARS-COV-2 is the virus. Similarly, HIV versus AIDS.
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