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  1. They are comprehension questions relating to the book.
  2. Hewitt Homeschooling has an Elementary level Lightning Literature program that I like.
  3. I think this was us as well. My eldest started at the local university at 14 because there really weren't any solid rules in place. She passed the DE entrance exam without any trouble. She graduated high school with 117 college credit hours. Her senior year of high school the university changed its requirements. Now you have to be a junior and can only take two classes per semester. DE is free here, so I think they may have been unhappy with the amount of free schooling she received. 🙂
  4. You may want to check with your local school board. In our county grades from foreign schools are not accepted as credit. It is a real hassle for public school kids that use the Rotary Scholarships to study abroad for a year. They struggle to get all the credits they need for graduation in three years. As the public schools do not accept the credits, the foreign transcripts are not sent to colleges. The foreign school experience is only documented as an extracurricular activity.
  5. My eldest was 14 - a freshman, but she went to a university not a CC. She started with Latin I and Comp I. My next three were or will be 16 - juniors, and all go to the local CC. My second started with one class the summer before junior year in order to get to know the campus and a feel for college classes, then went full time. That is the plan for the other two as well.
  6. I would follow your local school system. Here, kids in sports are exempt from PE classes. Since my kids are/were all in organized sports I don't give any PE credits on their transcripts.
  7. Thanks, that is so interesting. I love that they can provide an option for speech for students that go to school online.
  8. ASL sounds like it would be a great first class. My daughter's ASL classes always met twice per week (better than the 4-5 times per week most foreign language classes meet.) I wouldn't want to start with a speech class or a three hour block (missing one class is a grade killer) for a first college class. There is a good deal of stress in the days before each speech. And the topics tend to be very mature. If the first speech didn't go well, I would want to be sure my child was mature enough not to take it to heart and to be prepared to get up there again without undo stress. My girls tend to sign up for classes like that with a friend for support. 🙂
  9. Just out of curiosity, what does a speech class online look like? It seems like a hard class to cover online.
  10. I think all of the classes have class times listed. There should be a link on the right side under the tuition price that says 'Click here for class dates and times'.
  11. I tried searching this discussion board but could not find any information on the Groovy Kids online classes. I am especially considering the Fantastic Beasts and Disappearing Spoon classes (for fall semester, though). Thanks!
  12. I would probably suggest to my dd that she look into a semester abroad to London/England for spring term. It would give her a chance to check out the college she is considering, get to know the school and city a bit. There may not be an exchange program for economics specifically, but international business or something would be fine too.
  13. I'l love to know as well. I'm beginning to prepare some interesting high school level co-op classes to teach the next two or three years. A psychology class with weekly movies added sounds great.
  14. Could she take ASL through dual enrollment in 11th or 12th grade? Most colleges will accept ASL as foreign language credit even if they don't offer the language themselves.
  15. A sunroof is a requirement for me. I don't actually open it that often, but I have the visor pulled back so the sun can shine in at all times. I had to get rid of my Honda Pilot with a sunroof earlier this year (240,000+ miles) and bought a Volkswagen Tiguan especially because of the extra large sunroof.
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