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  1. Following as well. I see she is teaching it again this year. Just starting to think ahead to next year. 🙂
  2. I think kids just get better the more they type. All of mine start high school typing between 50-60. My two adult children both type around 90 wpm now. It is amazing what high school/ college students can accomplish when they are pressed for time! 🙂
  3. They take some high school credits in eighth grade, double up on a subject in ninth and tenth grade and/or take classes over the summer. Whichever works best for each subject.
  4. I tend to let my kids decide by that point. Is your dd wanting to do a great books study? I have one that earned a theatre degree thorugh DE and another currently in DE that will earn her EMT certification. However, I also require that their high school transcript contain 4 English, 4 math, 3 science, 3 social science/history and 3 foreign language classes. They may not be at the level of a great books study, but those high school requirements don't change no matter what program my kids choose to pursue.
  5. What we do - When birthday person wakes up in the morning everyone in the house comes running and we all sing happy birthday. Birthday person picks breakfast, dinner and dessert for the day. Anyone who is available sings happy birthday on the minute of their birth. If they are not home we call on that minute and sing happy birthday- even if it is to a voicemail box.
  6. My daughter moved back to the dorms last Sunday. Her classes started Monday. She has two in person and two online - one with zoom lectures and one straight online. Her in person classes are in large lecture hall classrooms, but with only about 20 students, all well spaced. She went to the bookstore to buy her books and they didn't have any. It didn't make sense to them to order any as it was so unclear whether or not there would even be anyone on campus. I wish they would have thought to send out an email to that effect! She ordered all of her books on Amazon. They should all arrive sometime t
  7. I have one daughter in college. She is returning to her dorm in two weeks. Only one of her four classes is in person; the other three have been converted to online. I have one daughter that is dual enrolled for four classes. Only one is in person and she will go to that class. She is also taking one class at the local high school. She will go to that too. One daughter and my son are both in high school fall sports. They will participate if sports are not cancelled. No final decisions have been made by any of the schools so it is hard to make any real plans for fall semester.
  8. We follow the CDC guidelines. Also, watch the wording - people are using coronavirus and COVID-19 interchangeably. COVID-19 is the actual disease. Coronavirus, more specifically, SARS-COV-2 is the virus. Similarly, HIV versus AIDS.
  9. I haven't heard this. But, you are on the phone, so I'm not sure what kind of threat could be made? The person you contact on the phone can always refuse or hang up. Then the name gets passed along the line for someone with more authority to decide whether or not to pursue the matter. I've only had one person refuse information since I began. I passed the information along and have no idea how that was resolved. There was an online training course after I was hired. It was specific to my state, so I assume each state has a similar course. It was maybe four hours.
  10. I am working as a temporary contact tracer while on furlough. But I am working at the local health department and not from home. However, many counties/ states are hiring the position as work-from-home. Sorry, I'm not sure what you are referring to when you ask about safety and threats.
  11. Contact Tracers are really needed right now. It is paying well and you could likely be working next week.
  12. US Government - dual enrollment Inter. Algebra - dual enrollment Human Nutrition - dual enrollment Core Biology I w/Lab - dual enrollment Medical Skills III - local public high school The last two are now up in the air. Biology with lab is too important for her to be taking it online. She does much better with in-person classes. It looks like all college classes near us may be online in the fall. The Medical Skills class is part of a magnet program she has been in for two years already. She really wants the class and will lose all of the benefits of the program
  13. There are also self-paced programs with monthly fees. Time4learning.com is one. I think it is $20 or $30 per month and you can take classes in all subjects. There are others like that as well. I think study.com may be one.
  14. Outschool.com has self-paced courses. Under format you need to select 'flexible schedule.' Their prices vary but many (most?) of the classes are under $400. Buildingbrilliantminds.com has self-paced courses as well. Though she does offer live classes through zoom, any of her classes can be taken as self-paced individual courses. They are pricier, usually around $300-$350 per semester.
  15. We do not put our children on our credit cards. However, checking accounts for minors here have to be linked to a parent account. So in an emergency dd16 could use her debit card and if she overdrew her own account it would withdraw money from my checking account without penalty to either of us. The lease for dd16's car is in my name but she makes the payments. It will be paid off in under a year. She also pays for all gas and maintenance. We are paying for the first year of insurance as we did for her sisters.
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