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  1. How far are they running and biking? Most kids triathlons are fairly short distances. A mile run and three or so miles on the bike. It doesn't sound like any of the training is too intense. If they keep with triathlons, it does become an issue later on. And it is important that they get enough sleep. Trying to give my son the amount of time needed for sleep has been our biggest challenge in high school.
  2. I personally would not attempt to homeschool a high school student that did not want to be homeschooled. I would be very fearful of how that might jeopardize my future relationship with my child. Though I agree you could try and convince them if you want them back home again. I had one that chose to go to high school for 9th and 10th grade and has now chosen to homeschool for 11th and 12th grade. But that is only because we have the option of dual enrollment here. She would never have come home again to be schooled by me or to take online classes. Due to these choices her grades are not a
  3. She's not applying to any top tier or private schools, just state universities. Honestly, I had to laugh trying to picture my daughter's face if I suggested she apply to 20+ colleges. We would definitely be using the common application! One of my daughter's friends was pushed to apply to eleven colleges last year and her friend group was shocked and showered her with sympathy for such torture. 😂 Most kids here apply to the state flagship (which is local) and one or two other universities. She only wants to apply to two herself, but even state universities are not a guarantee anymore. All
  4. I never did the common application for my first two girls. My third is getting ready to start college applications. She is planning to apply to three universities. If all three accept either the common application or their own application should she just do the common application? I have heard so many negative things about it and we haven't found the state university applications to be too difficult, but it has been a few years and two of the three universities are schools neither of her sisters applied to anyway. Has the common application gotten easier since it was first introduced?
  5. Ours is the same. She could have graduated with her bachelor's in one semester if she wanted an English degree. However, as she had a full tuition scholarship she chose to go into advertising instead. ETA: Actually ours are a little less. Most four and five credit hour DE classes equate to one high school credit, but many of our three credit hour DE classes are only given a half credit of high school credit - nearly all humanities/social studies/history classes are only given a half credit. ACCAgenda02142020-AppB.pdf
  6. Looking at my children, it is the public schools that are padding the transcripts. Lol DD1 - 24.5 high school credits (117 college credits through DE) homeschooled DD2 - 29.5 high school credits (70 college credits through DE) homeschooled DD3 - 36 high school credits (75 college credits through DE) public schooled 9th & 10th, homeschooled 11th & 12th DS1 - 30 high school credits (60 college credits through DE) homeschooled (planned only, as he is entering 10th)
  7. If he had actually taken the class DE or if we had even worked through a college algebra text for 100+ hours at home I would have awarded him a full credit. For myself, I'm not comfortable giving credits for testing out of a subject. The modern states class is a four week review. We will do enough additional study on top of that for me to be comfortable giving him a half credit only because he needs these credits to apply to university. If he didn't I would leave them off. Hopefully he will also test out of College Comp I and II using CLEP simply based on his skills without taking any classes
  8. I was just thinking about this myself. My son is going to be the first of my children to take CLEP exams. I am planning to give him a half credit each for the two math CLEPs because otherwise he will not have the four math credits needed to apply to our state universities. He will do the Modern States prep classes and he will do additional prep at home with me to justify the credits. So his transcript will have a half credit of College Algebra and a half credit of College Mathematics. The other CLEPs I will not give credit for because he will have had a class beforehand - gover
  9. I have nothing really to plan for my senior. She is a full time dual enrollment student. For fall she will finish up her requirements for her AA. DE Statistics DE Microeconomics DE Anatomy & Physiology I w/Lab DE Earth/Space science - not happy about this class, she wanted Chemistry but it will not fit into her schedule In the spring she will take the one semester EMT program at the college. Her goal is to work in the emergency room as an EMT while she completes her bachelor's degree.
  10. My dd is planning on majoring in Physiology & Kinesiology. Though I don't think she has to declare her major until next summer.
  11. I am not listing CLEP scores on my son's transcript. If we use the scores it will be for college credit and no other purpose.
  12. I knew it was too early to respond. 😀 Most of our changes have come due to a potential change in our state college scholarship program. We will not be utilizing the local college or university next year as there is legislation currently being debated that would subtract one year of our four year state funded undergraduate scholarship for each year of dual enrollment. We are not willing to take that risk, so we will be schooling at home next year. Thanks to the discussion currently on this board, we will be taking advantage of the opportunity to CLEP many of his classes. It is someth
  13. My dd has two jobs that fit those qualifications, though I would still consider them rather low paying. 1. She works at a pet rescue. She has almost no interaction with anyone. She works in the building that houses the dogs that are not ready to be put up for adoption. They are either a mom with a new litter of puppies, a newly acquired dog that has not passed the vet's examination yet or a dog with an injury or illness that needs treating before being ready for adoption. She normally works with about eight dogs on a given day. 2. She also works at a pet boarding facility. She is th
  14. I did calls for our Department of Health over the summer. I was considered a contact tracer, but the information I was gathering was pertaining to what symptoms, their duration, their sequence, their severity, whether there were any reoccurrences, how many other family members were exposed and how many of those actually tested positive for COVID, etc. All of the information remained confidential and went into a larger database. It was for medical/ academic purposes - not specifically to notify others of exposure.
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