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  1. Could she take ASL through dual enrollment in 11th or 12th grade? Most colleges will accept ASL as foreign language credit even if they don't offer the language themselves.
  2. A sunroof is a requirement for me. I don't actually open it that often, but I have the visor pulled back so the sun can shine in at all times. I had to get rid of my Honda Pilot with a sunroof earlier this year (240,000+ miles) and bought a Volkswagen Tiguan especially because of the extra large sunroof.
  3. In my opinion, it wouldn't look weird to see a a coxswain on a rowing machine. I've never met a coxswain that can't row. They are required to practice on the rowing machines during practice same as any other rower. They are responsible for the boat and all occupants in case of emergency, should be able to fill in as a rower if needed and sometimes row and cox at the same time depending on the race and boat.
  4. Are you certain final withdrawal has passed and not just withdrawal with reimbursement? Final withdrawal (receive a W but no money refunded) is usually after midterms and closer to the end of the semester for this very reason.
  5. Yvonne, Sorry to jump into your thread, however, could you expand upon your opinion of the CLRC GB class your daughter was in this year. Are you doing GB 4 next year? If not, why? And how did your daughter feel about the weekly discussions? Was there a focus on looking at the GB from a Christian perspective? We are signed up for GB 1 next fall. I have some concerns as we would prefer a more secular or more all-encompassing viewpoint, not a strictly Christian view. We were hoping to do GB1, GB3, GB4 over the next three years. Thanks for any thoughts you have on the CLRC Great Books program!!
  6. Well, I would assume they have my email address because I am registered with the county and probably listed it. I would participate because I feel the school and homeschool communities in our county have a fairly good rapport despite extremists on both sides sometimes trying to stir the pot. I would like to do what I could to strengthen that bond.
  7. My ds charges/keeps his phone in the kitchen during school hours. This way he can check it and respond to texts during snack breaks, bathroom breaks, while switching between subjects or while taking the dog for a walk. I haven't found it disrupting to school time. He has many conversations during the school day and I wouldn't want him to miss them. He has two sisters in college that he chats with. My husband probably texts him the most. Just short conversations, sharing of pictures and thoughts through the day. The swim coaches only communicate through group text and we need to know if the pool is open (Florida weather brings so much rain) or if practice will be delayed or switched to dry-land. He (and his 15 year old sister in high school) make arrangements for rides to practice when I can't take them. They make weekend plans with their friends or chat about the previous weekend. It is good for him being home. He feels a part of things and has no desire himself to actually go to school in order to be with his friends.
  8. I would not consider it common knowledge. But I do think it is the job of the rescue to make it clear that the animal should be returned to the same adoption location rather than to another shelter (or abandonment.) We have signed agreement papers to that effect each time.
  9. Some schools allow students to be given an Incomplete (I) as an end of year grade with permission to finish the work through the summer.
  10. Saxon Algebra I Oak Meadow Environmental Science FLVS Physical Science FLVS US History CLRC Great Books I Steps (Connect the Thoughts) History: Prehistory, Early Civilizations, Greece, & Rome Building Brilliant Architects: Intro to Architecture & Advanced Architecture 1 Co-op: Art Extracurriculars: Cross country, swim, running & triathlon teams
  11. Yes, Florida has no required classes for homeschooled students
  12. Locally, we can register for the fall class once the prerequisite class has been accepted into the system. Sometimes it has to be done through an override, but that is taken care of (generally same-day) with an email.
  13. The Japanese foreign language instructor at WTM Academy is offering a summer course: Japanese Culture through Anime. It would be a chance to see how she teaches before taking a full year course. The anime class is the first class my son has ever actually asked to take. 😃 Unfortunately, we are not home enough over the summers. I am hoping it is a well-received class and will be offered later as a semester course during the school year.
  14. She spent 4-5 hours per week on his class, outside of class time. After Japanese I she then took Chinese I with him as none of the colleges she was considering were offering Japanese. She took several Chinese classes in college the last one last semester, she is not taking it this semester as she has Spanish and ASL (her current major) though she may pick it up again in the future. She enjoyed his teaching and felt well (over?) prepared for the level of instruction in her first couple of college classes.
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