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  1. Melissa B

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    Honestly, I think that is just a part of sports. There is no way to make things "fair" for everyone. On the high school teams there is always a five year age difference among kids. I say this as the mother of a 9th grade daughter who is 5'3" and plays on a mixed high school team where a majority of the members are boys and often up to a foot taller than her, not to mention their obvious strength and girth advantages. 🙂
  2. I keep everything in my pockets. I haven't ever lost anything that way. My 15 yo dd and her friends keep small wallets on lanyards around their necks rather than carry purses. They keep keys and phones in their pockets.
  3. I would go but stay in a cheaper hotel. They can't require you to stay in a specific hotel unless you are sending the boys alone and they will be responsible for them.
  4. Melissa B

    Big Girls and Self Defense

    Did you look into RAD classes? We have them offered at several locations - sheriff's office, police department, local colleges, etc. They are only for women and are free (at least in my area.) It is twelve hours of training - usually taught over four days.
  5. I would go in April. It doesn't hurt to have acceptances in hand. His top choice could change after the visits. I would not go cross country with no opportunity to speak with anyone at any of the campuses.
  6. Any suggestions for a high school level, online, secular, one-year World Literature course?
  7. Oh, I have a winner here. This happened two weekends ago. Husband sends an email (not even a phone call) that I see at 8:15 PM. He is out in the woods with his "boys." Hi Honey, Forgot to mention the annual insurance renewal is due tonight at midnight. Here is the link with all of the new information. Oh, and here is my login information. Thanks!! Yes, this would be for all of our health, life, dental, vision, etc. for the year.
  8. My dd is off this entire week for Thanksgiving. Then she gets 17 days for Christmas/New Years. She finishes on Thursday, December 20th and goes back Monday, January 7th. ETA - Both of my college girls get a full month as it is between semesters.
  9. Oak Meadow is offering 15% off curriculum and supplies from November 23rd - 26th. And 20% Media Literacy until November 30th.
  10. BYL discount code - FIGGYPUDDING
  11. Thanks everyone! Build Your Library has 20% off from today through December 2.
  12. I tried searching the boards for last year's deals, but could only find one from several years ago. In particular did any of these providers have sales last year? Or have you heard they are having sales this year? And feel free to post sales you have heard will happen from other providers as well. Thanks! Oak Meadow Life of Fred Build Your Library Memoria Press Gravitas Publications Rainbow Resource
  13. When my dd didn't get the score she wanted for scholarships after the third try (within two years) she switched to the SAT and got the needed score the first time.
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