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  1. Thanks, I'll look there!
  2. How do I get technical help with my WTM account? Not a big problem at all. My own user errors mostly! 😊
  3. I just ordered that one from Amazon. It is a different year (1987), so we might have to replace all the books to match the different date, but we LOVE this book, so it would be worth it.
  4. In the mid-80s, I taught 7th grade math in Austin, Texas, using Mathematics Today by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. I loved the book so much that I used it with all my kiddos and the co-op that I'm in has used it. It is meat-and-potato math reviewing everything from 1st-6th grade. It literally starts with place value and goes through basic math theory to the four operations on whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. There is more. Anyway, our co-op owned a set, but over the summer our storage room flooded and the books were ruined. We need six more copies NOW. Does anyone use this old unheard of book????
  5. Thanks for all the information! We will be deciding soon, but we still desire hearing from anyone with other options or opinions on any of the options listed above. Lisa
  6. A friend told me today that Susan Wise Bauer has a high school version of Story of the World. Has anyone heard that or used it? The volume IV would probably be modern world history.
  7. Very helpful! Thanks! I have read that Story of the World IV is on about a fourth grade reading level. I'm assuming that although it is in the time span we are interested in emphasizing, that it is not normally used on a high school level. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks! That is just the sort of thing I want to know! I am concerned when this crowd has few suggestions. Maybe I should give some detail about why Notgrass was not a fit. It was not that the series was not good. For our purposes, we wanted to begin to focus more on modern world history. Notgrass's series is definitely beginning to end, and that is not wrong. The first of the three books is very detailed Biblical history of the beginning, of which most of our parents felt their students had a good grasp. He also rightly spent a good amount of time in the ancients, medieval, and R&R eras. So, his books helped us realize that we were ready to focus more on the last several centuries, and we really want a book that does that. In history, our students read a text and sometimes support materials at home for four days and then come to class for a lecture and some interactive activities on Fridays. ANY thoughts?
  9. And, if you did love Notgrass, please share your thoughts!
  10. Our co-op did Notgrass last year and did not enjoy it. We have done Streams of Civilizations before and are open to using the second book (see emphasis below). We are considering using Mystery of History Vol. IV. We have decided to briefly review from ancients to about 1500 in the first month or so, but we want to spend most of the year focusing heavily on the happenings of the world for the last 500ish years, especially the last century. We think MOH IV would focus on the right time period. Has anyone used it for high school? Any thoughts on the three books we are considering? Is there an amazing text out there that we should also consider?
  11. Has anyone used Notgrass in a one-day-per-week co-op? If so, any tips? Are there any co-op packages? Best deal on books? What support materials are worthwhile?
  12. Our one-day-per-week co-op has used Put That in Writing I and II for about six years. We've been pleased. We've made one adjustment, and that is doing PTIW II over two years. We have two new teachers co-teaching the first year of PTIW II, and they would like for us to consider changing from PTIW II to a new curriculum. They feel that PTIW II is unnecessarily difficult. We've never had complaints about it being too rigorous, so I'm hesitant to switch. That said, they are the ones teaching, so I want to be open-minded. They were both writing teachers in the public school before children. Below is the curriculum they would like for our group to consider. Do any of you have experience with this curriculum or PTIW II? Any thoughts? http://www.amazon.com/Power-Your-Hands-Writing-Nonfiction/dp/1477459235/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1392180297&sr=1-4&keywords=high+school+writing
  13. Okay, I'm going to narrow my question :). We are using Spanish for Gringos because we decided to go away from formal Spanish classes with an emphasis on grammar and book work and go towards conversational Spanish. We have a lot of Spanish speaking people in our community and need to be able to communicate. Any creative ideas for this goal?
  14. We are going to be using Spanish for Gringos I for our Spanish class at co-op. Does anyone have experience with it?
  15. Okay, I'm changing my query a bit: Tell me about either. I do care that it is not JUST FUN ---- but very educational and does some prep work for Traditional Logic.
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