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What are you asking for this Christmas?

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I didn't interpret the OP's question as what do you want your husband to get you for Christmas, although that would presumably be included. (ETA: she did mention needing to come up with an idea for her dh, but her original question didn't seem to be exclusively dh-related)


My list at Amazon is for anyone who needs an idea of what to get me. I even use my list when I have money to spend on myself.

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well, now, therein lies a tale.


for dh, i am giving him a decluttered, clean house. i started in earnest yesterday, and am spending at least an hour a day decluttering, tidying, etc. the house is in okay shape (ie. people could come over and we wouldn't be embarrassed), but its beginning to feel, well, "full".


and a photo book of some of our adventures.


what he's giving me, i have no idea, but i suggested that all i wanted was water in the hot tub (which he and dc gave me last year to help with arthritis pain and which has been sitting empty since).


if you don't have a regular date night, i think that would be first on my list: one night a week where the two of you go out together, even if its for a picnic or to serve at a homeless shelter or to see a movie. ie. it doesn't need to cost a lot or even anything. sometimes, we trade childcare with other families, sometimes we pick a time when the dc are all in activities at the same time.....


have fun! (it doesn't need to be stuff ; )


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This Christmas I really want to let others know how much they mean to me. I have nieces who don't know me. I want them to know I care, though we are miles and miles apart.


This Christmas I asked my dh to pay for postage so I could send my relatives gifts in the mail. Most of the gifts are homemade. I just need the postage paid.


I am also hosting a holiday party. I will make lots of food goodies for that and we'll give out our goodie bags to our friends.

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  • long-sleeved cotton T's
  • Lands End Jacket
  • Lands End Cardigan
  • Large Print NIV Bible
  • Fix-it and Forget-it & Fix-It and Enjoy-It cookbooks
  • Corningware casserole dish
  • Lodge cast iron muffin pan & grill pan
  • wind chimes
  • picnic table or patio table with chairs
  • garden tools
  • dinner plate rack
  • folding card table
  • fruit bowls & gusto bowls to go with our Fiesta dinnerware



We aren't much on gifts for the sake of gifts, so everything on my list except the wind chimes are practical items: I need the clothing items, the cookbooks/dishes/cookware items would be very useful for the whole family, the card table & picnic table would be for schooling & also for family meals, games & crafts, and a large-print Bible is becoming a necessity as I'm nearing 50!

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Glad I could give yout the opportunity :lol:!


So I guess that means you've got no suggestions for me ;)?


Well, I can tell you what I'm planning to get in the next few months:


-new yoga pants

-wii fit


-good expensive socks

-framing for an art print I bought last year & still haven't framed

-repair one of my rings (shank was bent by the leash of one of my monster foster dogs)

-I have a pretty long book list too



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I just found a gadget in my Costco coupons that converts film negatives to 5 MP digital images... it just moved to THE top of my list (a Flip had been at the top...).


If you don't already have one, a Kindle or an iPhone with the Kindle app. oh, how I love mine (I have the latter).

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I've asked for a fire pit...and I asked for it early so we could enjoy it during pretty fall weather. I have built small fires with fragrant pinon wood and cuddled under a blanket to watch the stars come out. Or we've laughed around our fire roasting marshmellows. I expect the fire pit to get quite a bit of use over the next year or two.


I've also asked for a small outdoor lamp post and light to put by the front door. Found it at Lowe's and texted my big sons all the necessary info. :D


I'd also like a resistance band for exercising and a pedometer. Those may be January gifts to me.

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Can I include things I've already bought for myself!! Seriously, I have not done this in years. But, my dc and I were out shopping while dh worked the day after Thanksgiving, a few things on my list were 40-60% off, so I bought them! So my list I got with my dc:

2 cds (Kutless and Newsboys) (buy 1 get 1 free)

stick blender (50%off)

Ipod Touch for Dummies (40% off)

Virginia's General (for 2nd semester history)

Life is Good t-shirt (80% off!!!!)


Still on list:

Quilting book

chocolate covered almonds

dark chocolate candy


fat quarters

ipod docking station since the touch won't work with the classic dockings

cozy pjs


Like another poster said, we are in the decluttering phase around here. I would like a china cabinet and maybe another bookshelf, but that is a bit much right now for dh to make with his work schedule. I'm pretty content over all.

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All I'm asking for is Ficcare hair clips - very beautiful, very expensive (for hair clips, anyway). But they work great for putting up my mid-calf length hair without damaging it - and they look so classy!


I do have a big long list of books I want, plus a few other hair-related items (combs, mostly - I broke, then lost, my only comb) - but I just bought a bunch of books, and I'd rather buy another comb myself.

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I don't need anything, but here's my list:


* running bra(s)

* books on running

(see a theme? HA HA!)

* address book -- I want to go old school and keep an address book v. a contact list on my computer

* new Christmas socks


My Dad always loved wearing Christmas socks, and I picked that up from him. I think of him everyday during Advent and Christmas when I put on a pair of socks. :)

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address book -- I want to go old school and keep an address book v. a contact list on my computer

An address book does come in handy. I like to pack it when we're going on a trip. Then, any phone numbers or addresses that I don't know off the top of my head (or stored in my cell phone) are available if I need to contact someone or send a postcard.

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