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  1. My dh did that, on an older Kindle Keyboard, and it removed the ads but still shows "Turn on wifi to get new ads" at the bottom of the home screen - drives me nuts, but dh doesn't mind. He removed them because we wanted to let it be the kids' kindle, and some of the ads were for racy books. That super annoyed me when I ordered my paperwhite during the black friday sales - artificially limiting the stock of non-ad supported kindles so as to "encourage" people to buy the ad version? Not cool, Amazon. (It must really be a money-maker for them.) Instead, I waited 6 weeks to get ad-free
  2. My oldest appreciated his answer :). That said, beltway *is* a common term for us, in that the (non-DC) big city we go through to get to grandparents has a beltway. I explained it as the road goes around the city like a belt (i.e. makes a complete loop). In our case, we already had a Loop, so I'm guessing the newer and outer one is the Beltway to differentiate it.
  3. Ours is copyrighted 1977 (Pre-Algebra: New Edition), so I don't know how it compares to newer editions, or which edition you are interested in, but I can snap a few pics once my dh is home and I can use his phone. What is it about Dolciani Alg 2 that you don't like? I have a 1965 edition of it, and on the surface the main difference between the two is that there's a bit more white space in the 1977 Pre-Alg. Otherwise it looks similar-ish at a glance. (I've taught the Pre-Alg book, but not the Alg 2.) I did really like the Dolciani Pre-Alg, though - nice, thorough, rigorous review of a
  4. Exactly. We moved back to TX a few years ago, after nearly a decade in IL, and three winter storms, in one week's time - it was *exactly* like being back in IL, only without plows and salt trucks. (Waking up to 0F temps on Tue? I didn't even know that was *possible* here - and it was over 15 degrees less than the already ridiculous low predicted.) We have a hill going out of our subdivision, and it was impassible for anything but 4x4s for a solid week. Up north I look at a hill like that as a liability wrt ice, but it never occurred to me it would matter here. I mean, last month's snow w
  5. Not what quite you're talking about, but my knitted wide scarf/narrow shawl feels just like a blanket you can wear - so very warm and comforting. But it's also easy to put on and take off, and it's stylish enough to wear out. It's about 16" wide by 7-8' long (but the dimensions are flexible, as you can pull it wider or narrower - it easily pulls to 20" wide, which gives good coverage when sitting), made out of bulky yarn (a color-changing muted rainbow yarn, in my case - matches everything), knitted in a garter stitch ,with 2" tassels at the ends. When I'm sitting I can put the ends over ea
  6. I pretty much never get gut feelings about people, but I did have the instant "would not be surprised at all if this person were a serial killer" gut-punch about exactly one person. Weirdest thing. It was at college and we were in the same major, so we had a lot of classes together. Minus the gut feeling, he was a pretty nice guy and we were friendly acquaintances, actually <shifty> - I mean, I'd not have gone anywhere alone with him (seemed like the bare minimum logical reaction given the gut feeling), but we tended to chat before/after class and such, usually with another acquaintan
  7. I think I'm going with something like this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/617478816/elven-dress-lord-of-the-rings-dress?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=galadriel+dress&ref=sr_gallery-1-3&cns=1 Barn, country-casual - that sounds nature-themed to me. And who's more in touch with nature than Tolkien's elves, right? But, of course, white *is* the color for a wedding, so maybe this would be a better choice: https://www.etsy.com/listing/734823103/lady-galadriel-lord-of-the-rings-white?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_ty
  8. He was thinking more a hockey stick magic staff and blasting rod, but I bet it would be even more excellent if he combined the two looks into one.
  9. DH thinks he needs an ankle-length black leather duster for the occasion.
  10. I've been using the DuckDuckGo browser on my tablet, as an alternative to Firefox (because Firefox is a memory/battery hog). I like it well enough, although it appears that keeping multiple tabs open is just inherently a battery hog <sigh>. No search issues, in any case.
  11. I've been using DuckDuckGo for a few years and thankfully haven't had any issues like that. I just tried your " kids sitting positions" search on my DuckDuckGo, and I had no problems - everything on the first page was just fine.
  12. Well, using these links from IXL, Math 1 appears to have five geometry chapters (basics of geometry, reasoning & proofs, parallel & perpendicular lines, transformations, and congruent triangles), Math 2 appears to have six geometry chapters (relationships within triangles; quadrilaterals and other polygons; similarity; right triangles and trigonometry; circles; circumference, area, and volume), and Math 3 appears to have one (geometric modeling). So, assuming the links are accurate and your class did indeed cover all the chapters, it looks like you should have had almost all of geomet
  13. FWIW, my dh took both geometry and alg 2 in the same year (in TX) to get back onto the accelerated track, so that's an option. WRT disadvantages of skipping geometry: I'm assuming the Math 1/2/3 sequence is integrated algebra and geometry. Wouldn't you have had 1/2-2/3 of geometry from taking Math 1&2? If so, then you might as well go into alg 2. Although if you feel shaky in Math 2, it's not a bad thing to move to the normal track and start wtih geometry. It's definitely better to master through Pre-Calc than to be shaky through Calc. Also, geometry would be on SAT/ACT, so that
  14. Looking at his mistakes, they both involve choosing the wrong vowel spelling for sounds which have a *lot* of options. (Plus he forgot to apply the phonics rule associated with hard 'c'/soft 'c' that would have narrowed down his options for the /er/ sound to "er" or "ir".) Is that his usual issue? I mean, he successfully hears all the sounds and picks a phonetically legit spelling for each of them, only he often picks the *wrong* spelling, especially for vowels with a lot of choices for the spelling? And does he tend to misspell words the same way in the same document, or does he have
  15. In the engineering college at my school (Texas A&M), every engineering major had to take two semesters of chemistry (also two semesters of physics). I was glad I wasn't seeing it for the first time in those classes. Might want to check the major requirements at the schools she's interested in.
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