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  1. Is it really tolerance if you are only tolerant of people you agree with? How we treat our enemies says a lot more about us and our character than how we treat our friends.

    1. Rivka


      The problem with that argument is that if you & I agree to disagree & kindly tolerate each other's opinions, when we walk away from each other you and your husband still enjoy all kinds of legal privileges that my friends and their families do not. "Let's all tolerate each other" doesn't work when one side has made laws that disadvantage the other.

    2. Avila


      But when the whole thing devolves to namecalling and nastiness, who changes their mind? I still have a right to my opinion. I should still be able to express it. I should be able to listen to yours civilly without calling you names. No matter what the argument.

    3. Avila


      I just wonder when it became ok here to make personal attacks instead of attacking the argument. People can disagree respectfully.

  2. Pope Francis from Argentina

    1. RootAnn


      Habemus Papam! Viva il papa!

  3. You can choose Fear or Love. But if you choose Fear, the anger will eat you alive.

  4. The Arlington Bookfair has decided to invite speakers whose whole workshops are based on attacking classical ed and its proponents. Won't be attending that this year.

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    2. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      I used Quines World Views program in the past 10 years and found it a wonderful way to approach a Great Books education. There was no answer key which was great because we weren't spoon fed to reach a certain conclusion. I'm certain we reached some that would not have been Quine's ideal :). At it's roots, I think much of the criticism is not so much due to a fear for our children's education as it is an attack on a competitor. Couching the criticism as a fear for our c...

    3. Miss Marple

      Miss Marple

      Hmmm...last sentence was cut off. Couching the criticism as a fear for our children's souls is a much more effective and acceptable way to criticize a competitor especially in certain circles (those who live in religiously induced fear).

    4. Mrs Mungo

      Mrs Mungo

      Wow, has he seen Jefferson's library??

  5. Wow! Take one afternoon off and bam!

  6. All hail chocolate, coffee, and/or alcohol. Whatever gets you through the first day after a break.

    1. dharmacat


      Amen. Chemically-derived motivation is still motivation!

    2. sarahj


      Coffee in the AM and ice cream in the PM.

    3. elegantlion
  7. And we are back ... School has started for 2013.

  8. Doctor Who Christmas :)

    1. GailV


      Just watched it here, too.

  9. White Christmas is Texas!

  10. Bacon. Now we all know what side I am on. The crunchy one.

  11. Finished two pairs of legwarmers. And had to turn on the AC. Ahh, Texas. :)

  12. Hmm. Do I read brain candy, Kreeft or Don Quixote? Books are a good thing.

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    2. Murphy101


      Ack, how dare you compare Don to Moby!! :p

      Moby Dick is awful.

    3. GWOB


      Brain candy is necessary to keep a homeschooling momma sane! DQ=acceptable. Moby Dick=you need Vodka.

    4. LG Gone Wild

      LG Gone Wild

      Well, I cheated. I got a dramatized audiobook version of MD and it intrigued me enough to consider it.

  13. Busy but blessed few weeks ahead. :)

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