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If you had $100 to spend on your 1yo-18mo...

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what would you buy?


My Grandmother sends my kiddos $$ for Christmas and Birthday (they have Christmas-time birthdays) for me to go shopping in her place. I wrap the gifts and add her card that she sends for them to the gift. She would be offended if I didn't get a gift and just gave the money, so that is not an option.


Well, my older kids know what they want, so it is just a matter of picking from their lists until I spend their money, but I have no ideas of what to get my youngest DS.:confused: He will be turning 1 this Christmas, so I am looking for things to last him this year...so for kids aged 1-2yo. Since he is my third, we have some stuff that has been handed down, I think this is why I am having difficulty coming up with something. :glare:


So help me out here....any awesome things that your lil ones loved at this age? I do like wood toys whenever possible (they usually pass down better) and try to stay away from electronic annoying ones, but if it is really really great, I am not totally opposed to it.

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I'd get some fun books (either board books or something to read aloud when they get older), maybe a classic Disney movie or two for their own collection, some type of fun push toy like a grocery cart or baby doll stroller.

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Savings bonds. OK, I am a stick in the mud, but consider saving at least part of these gifts. You will not regret it when your children approach the college years. (My son has a nice nest egg from investing cash gifts large and small--and he has developed a savings habit. Now that is a gift!)

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a savings bond. Then I'd give the kid a large cardboard box to play in.


Spoken like a truly experienced parent!


My children always enjoy boxes far more than the toys. I like the cardboard box idea, especially for that age child. Hours of endless fun. You could bank the money, do the savings bond thing, or just hang on to the money until your little one needs a new wardrobe.


The zoo pass idea is good too. We've made good use of our zoo pass this year.

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I am getting ds









I was thinking about something fun like...





These are so cute!




My ds has some like these



He likes them. :) He is 16 months, that person also has some other cute stuff.

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If your grandmother would rather see toys, here are a couple of my ideas.


My 18 month old loves these puzzles. Sam's Club has a cool version too.


This looks cute and fun!! We have a wooden version that all of my boys have loved.


How about this?


Might be a little young now, but these Leap Frog Fridge toys are awesome!!


Also, my 18 month old is really into balls and vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

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The zoo pass (or other pass you'd use a lot) is a great idea! You could make a point of taking a zoo trip photo at the beginning and end of the 'pass year' and send it as a 'thanks again for a year of fun'.


In addition you could pick out one small toy and a special book (maybe both zoo related). Since she will be sending a card, could she also send a bookplate so the book could be personalized to your child?

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My DS18mth old and DS5 just love these. They are for ages 1.5-5 but I think they can go higher. They are so great because they take no batteries but when you push them they are self motorized and they make sound. The police car even sounds a little bit like a siren. The people come out. They really are a great product.



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I always recommend "play silks" for this age -- but that's because they have been one of our longest-lived, most versatile, and best-loved toys. I bought our set about 10 years ago, and in that time they've been light baby blankets and loveys, butterfly wings, turbans, fort walls, togas, tunics, dresses, hand-cuffs, capes, ropes, rivers and meadows for Playmobil people, doll slings, and more. Out of the original 7 the kids had (3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors, and a pastel rainbow -- all 45" square scarves), one has gotten torn up and one has gone missing, mysteriously. But still, after all this time, they're still in use. (I think ds played with them regularly for about 6-7 years -- now he only rarely needs them for some project or other, but his sister still uses them.)


Ours were silk scarves from Dharma Trading that another mom dyed. I've seen Sarah's Silks (the brand that some toy stores carry) fall apart with less use, so I prefer the weight of the Dharma scarves. But I've bought from this company http://www.atoygarden.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=68 for gifts for other families, and was happy with the quality.


If you're wanting something just for the next couple of years, this is a wonderful little wagon / push toy:


Great for toddlers just walking and wanting something to push around, or later to cart their toys with them...


Or a little walk / ride-on toy like this:


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