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  1. Words are inadequate. Sending you love & strength to endure this.
  2. If two people are drinking and they both get in the car drunk -- one as a passenger and one as the driver -- and the driver kills someone, the driver is responsible. It's no different. The one doing the penetrating is more responsible because they made the choice to penetrate, just as the person driving is more responsible than the drunk passenger because they made the choice to drive.
  3. I'm working on a panda bear rag quilt. I have all the white pieces cut out and sewn together, and the black pieces marked. I'm hoping to at least get around to quilting the black pieces this weekend.
  4. Because believe it or not, there are idiots out there who don't realize Saige is still in stores and they can buy her for less. There are also people who routinely strip the dolls, sell them for slightly less than you can get them at AG, and post the clothes in a separate auction for $30 or more. That way they end up making more on the doll and clothes than they would if they sold them together. I bought and fixed up a Kaya doll. I ended up selling it for $95 on ebay -- for a used doll that was still in production and very available at AG. She did have her clothes with her, but still -- s
  5. I wasn't part of it when you were part of it. I joined later --around Christmas, I think -- when a friend invited me. I can tell you the FB group is no longer the way you described it. We mostly talk about kids, the good, bad, and ugly in our lives (including problems with spouses -- a topic not allowed here), and homeschooling. As someone else said (Bethany or Kristin?) it moves quickly. It's easy to miss threads. It's possible she doesn't know why the member in question left. I was around when she left and I'm not 100% sure why she decided to leave. I admit that I have an idea, b
  6. You pick things up and put them down....just like on that commercial ;)
  7. I love the idea of a conference, but if something like this comes together I hope there are several around the country. A central location makes sense, but for those of us on the east or west coast, we'd still have to travel halfway across the country to get there, and that's too far for many of us. I also think the idea of more conference cds is a good one for those who are unable to attend, but I can't see cds replacing a conference. Not that I've ever been to a homeschooling conference because the few within doable driving distance are more of the "lifestyle" conferences the OP dislik
  8. We have 2 laptops and the kids use them either at their desks in the school room, at the dining room table, or on the coffee table/couch in the living room. The computers themselves "live" in the living room. We do have a desktop in the basement, but DH is really the only one who ever uses it, and he mostly uses it when he works from home.
  9. This is truly one of the strangest threads I've ever read! I informed my DH he could have breastfed our children. The horrified, disgusted look on his face was priceless!!!!
  10. We use all sorts of k-cups. We don't really have a brand loyalty. A butcher shop near us sells pick-your-own trays of k-cups at a good price, so DH is always trying new things.
  11. OP, I understand what you're saying and agree with most of it. I've been in your shoes. I take homeschooling very seriously -- it is my job and I work myself into a state of exhaustion trying to do it well. I've gone back and forth on the issue of more regulation/less regulation and I'm torn. At a surface level, more regulation makes sense. All kids deserve an adequate education, and parents who just let their kids play Minecraft and go to park days aren't preparing them for higher education. Those kids will be at a loss if they decide to attend college in the future. On the other hand,
  12. Maybe he doesn't realize he's being offensive? I know that's hard to believe, but I think there has been less sensitivity-training in our culture around Native Americans than African Americans. I'd point it out to friend. I'd say, "If my child was Africa American, would you call him Buckwheat? No? Well it's equally offensive when you call him Tonto. Stop it."
  13. Is killing the trainer an option??????? If not, take pictures, document everything (as part of the documentation process, I would have taken the dog to the vet straight from the trainer's place), and this miserable excuse for a "trainer" should never, ever have been paid. I would also start a smear-campaign, bashing her wherever she advertised. I'd use before and after pictures of the dog to do it. Dogs are sensitive anyway, and GSDs are particularly sensitive (we have 2). We left ours with a negligent dog sitter (a FORMER friend, and this is why he's a former friend!) and it took mont
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