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  1. You're lucky. Ours flat-out refused, and said it is not medically proven to help. We appealed it and got the same response. Our insurance at the time was Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  2. I'm an E/ISFJ. There's a 1% preference in E over I.
  3. Right now he's saying he wants to be Darth Vader, and DD wants to be Princess Leia, but that could change.
  4. I always use olive oil and have never had a problem.
  5. Thanks for your comments about my dogs :) I'm glad your little one enjoyed the pictures.

  6. My 2yo & I loved seeing Logan & Elsa! :)

  7. Just read your awesome response to the old thread " trouble schooling one of my kids".

    I have one of "those" kids and so I loved your response, very good to see your great ideas!

  8. "Hi" right back at ya! Your new daughter is so precious!

  9. Funny I just read your response to my old "at least you don't have to work" thread. LOL I guess I must have been too busy just taking naps, eating bon bons, etc. LOL Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's cool to finally "see" you. You're very pretty. :) Anyway, just wanted to say "hi."

  10. Hello! Nice to "see" you here!!

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