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  1. Hi! I need suggestions for a US history spine to use with my 2nd, 4th, and 6th graders this year. I have plenty of fiction and non-fiction as well as supplements. Just need something to keep us on track. Thank you!
  2. Hi! Anyone know if there is a schedule to coordinate Abeka Chemistry and the Microchem lab kit from QSL? I've managed to match up a few labs with chapters but hoping someone else has already done this. Thanks! Christie Eta: found it!
  3. Hi! I'm trying to compile a list of books to purchase for SOTW. Our library usually does not have any of the suggested titles. However I can't afford to buy them all so what were your favorites? Also if you are selling any of the titles, please add a link so I can take a look. Thank you!
  4. I am SO excited that I get to hear Amy from Raising Arrows in person this week at the Teach Them Diligently convention! Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!! Keep them coming!!
  5. Hi all! Our school year did NOT go well. It was my first year with four schoolers (10th, 4th, 2nd, and k) and a baby. The kinder was left to his own a lot and not much fun was had by anyone. We're so behind that we're still trying to finish the school year that I had scheduled to end a month ago. Next year terrifies me! Ha! My high schooler will have his toughest load yet and the kinder will be a 1st grader who needs more time with me. And the baby is now a toddler who is constantly doing toddler things. :) I'm here, looking for some inspiration, tips, honest struggle etc from moms with tods to teens in blog form. Anyone? Thank you!
  6. Does anyone know the difference between the Wordly Wise series? There's the 3000 series, the series that lists book numbers different than grade numbers, and then a series of A, B, and C. Thanks!
  7. I've read that the only difference was the addition of past lesson numbers next to the review problems.
  8. I pulled my oldest out after the 4th grade. He has ADHD and the school's *solution* was to put him in the principal's office to do his work...alone. We had a rough time of it because he wanted to stay in public school, and I eventually agreed to put him back this year (9th). I, like you, was afraid about him missing something. We talked after parent-teacher conferences and both realized what a waste this year has been. Two of his teachers admitted that they are holding him back educationally because their classes are dumbed down to give more students a chance to pass. He's bored and aggravated. He sees now that he would have been better off if he had stayed home. He's going to work hard to play *catch up* (to where he wants to be so he can feel more prepared for college). I'm thrilled that he is coming home but frustrated that the school did NOTHING for his education this year. However if anything, he learned for himself what a waste it was and is determined to homeschool for the duration now. :) The only thing he missed was a year of *real* education.
  9. I'm trying to figure this out. My oldest is coming home next year from a year in public school. He is taking Algebra I right now in public school. Before this year, we used Saxon math. It just seems to be a good fit, especially considering the public school *textbook* style. I'm wondering though which sequence to follow for him: 3rd edition with Advanced Math or 4th with Geometry. He's done very well in Algebra. With only 8 weeks of school left, his test average is 95%. His homework is lower BUT I learned that the students earn a 70% on their homework just for writing their names and problems on the page (which is one reason I'm thrilled he's coming back home). He, along with the rest of his classmates have discovered how to pass with little effort. *sigh* As much as I believe Saxon will *get him through* high school, I wonder if there is something else that would challenge him but still offer that textbook feel. Or maybe, since he asked to do Algebra II and Geometry together next year to get caught back up (where he wants to be for graduation), what about Saxon Algebra II 4th ed and LOF Geometry? Then from that to ?? for the following two years? Thank you!
  10. Thank you for your replies! I'm looking at Saxon and wondering the difference between using the that includes the Geometry book and the sequence that includes the Advanced Math book. Pros/cons of either way? Is one *better* than the other? Thanks!
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