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    A ballet school wwyd

    I sent you a PM. ... It really depends on where you are (and how far you're willing to travel). I know more about options within the city, but I can direct you to people outside the city if I know which suburbs are convenient. (You say "45minutes north" which, lol, could mean almost anything! The Atlanta sprawl is mind boggling.) Are you close to the Georgia Ballet? If Atlanta Ballet isn't feasible due to location (and know that as your girls get older, you'll only drive more and more ... and more and more and more and more...), then I would consider Georgia Ballet if it's closer. I know students and instructors who have transferred between the two. And no, I don't think it's *remotely* unreasonable to expect age-appropriate costumes in recitals and reasonably polished performances. Obviously when it comes to children (as opposed to audition-based programs) you'll see a range of skill levels represented, and some kids are always going to look like *kids* and not *dancers* on stage. But with that in mind, you can certainly watch a performance and determine whether or not the kids are getting solid classical instruction.
  2. Oooh! Any word if they'll be coming out with the French ones soon?
  3. JOSH KIRBY, TIME WARRIOR! Lol! We think that's it!!! It looks soooooo bad. :D It must have been available on-demand with our cable or something when he was little...
  4. No, none of these. Geared for elementary kids. More recent than the 80s. Definitely not animated. Ack, lol, this was driving ds crazy, and now it's going to drive *me* crazy too! ;)
  5. DS is asking if I can remember a tv show he used to watch -- I'm going to guess that it was made between 10 and 20 years ago -- about a boy who traveled to different moments in time. It was live action, *not* animated. We think there were others who traveled with the boy, but it was mostly about him. ... Beyond that, he remembers that there was a dinosaur in the theme song. ;) Any ideas at all?!?
  6. Yeah, the awful foam ones are definitely the easiest to find. I can't imagine what they *would* be good for. They don't work as diapers or burp cloths or... anything else that I can think of. But the 100% cotton Gerber prefolds (if you can find them -- Target used to carry them, but I haven't looked in a while) are really pretty good. They're also a nice in-between size -- larger than Chinese newborn-size prefolds, but smaller than the regular size ones (which I found too big for my kids).
  7. The Gerber 100% cotton pre-folds work fine. They're thinner than Chinese, but that means they dry quicker too. ... The Gerber sort with the foam inserts? Worse than useless!
  8. I couldn't even *find* flats when my kids were babies, but I liked using prefolds and pins with wool soakers. And like you, I can't imagine it would be that much harder. The quicker drying time seems like a big plus too. (I used some fitteds and all-in-ones at times too, but I think it's hard to beat the simplicity of simple diapers and pins.)
  9. :) (and thanks on the "lemon water" tip)

  10. abbeyej

    Interest driven education and *real* tea-time

    Just thought I'd mention how much my brother and I enjoyed afternoon tea (yes, *tea*, not some euphemism, lol) when we were young, home schooled students. It was usually just carrot sticks, grapes, graham crackers and peanut butter, or a piece of homemade bread and butter with a cup of tea. But we had it nearly every afternoon in our early school years. We have tea time on occasion here too, but not as regularly as I had it in my childhood. I really should include it more regularly. It's a lovely time... (Popcorn is a frequent teatime snack for us...)
  11. Thank you, I didn't even want to respond.

  12. I miss rep too! ;) I've avoided certain threads of late, 'cause I don't trust myself to participate. I've appreciated your contributions however.

  13. Fantastic advice on how to help teach phonic blends!


    Posts like yours make me miss rep.



  14. Merry Christmas***~

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