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  1. :) (and thanks on the "lemon water" tip)

  2. Thank you, I didn't even want to respond.

  3. I miss rep too! ;) I've avoided certain threads of late, 'cause I don't trust myself to participate. I've appreciated your contributions however.

  4. Fantastic advice on how to help teach phonic blends!


    Posts like yours make me miss rep.



  5. Merry Christmas***~

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. Thanks for the helpful info on the Shakespeare for Fun. Pretty exciting that you just went to a Lois Burdett workshop! I don't have much experience with drama and your tips sound very doable. Thanks again.

  8. I loved your Christmas traditions post

  9. abbey, i posted about you on the welltrainedmind game post. :seeya:

  10. I agree with Colleen. :+)

  11. I love this profile pic, Abbey. : )

  12. Hi, Ms. Pixel! You need some graffiti here, and I'm happy to oblige. ;)

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