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Thanks to everyone who helped me with ideas for the Lego birthday cake! Here it is:

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Great...just great....you post a link to what my eldest dd would LOVE to have as her b-day cake...sigh...thank you so very much.:tongue_smilie:





She'll absolutely flip with excitement. Thanks for the wonderful idea and instructions!

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When my ds was three, he wanted a Lego cake. I washed a bunch of his Legos in the dishwasher, frosted a 13x9 cake, scattered the Legos decoratively on top, and wrote "Happy Birthday Noah" with colored icing. :001_smile:


If my son ever sees your blog, I will definitely be lowered a bit in his eyes.:001_huh: You did an amazing job!



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Very cool:001_cool: My boys would LOVE that! Their birthday is July 8th and since it falls so close to the Fourth of July we typically just do a red, white and blue theme but this is so neat I may have to change it up for this year:)


Thanks for the pics and directions, that will be very helpful!

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You are one dedicated mama! Would you come to my house and be my kids mom? Heck, be my mom too.:D


:seeya: Hi Pam! I don't spend too much time over here but it is great to see you! Thanks for commenting on this thread and for all our encouragement to me over time. You are a great friend!

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Wow! :thumbup1: I'm so impressed! My boys would love a cake like that. I don't suppose you want to make another one and ship it to Ohio???


He-he-he! Someone else asked me if I would consider starting a cake business and I laughed out loud. I am so slow at this stuff that I couldn't charge enough to justify the time I spend on the them. I make three cakes a year, one for each boy's b-day and that's plenty for me!


Now if I lived in Ohio, I would come and make it with you for free if you had a good supply of coffee and dark chocolate! :D

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