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  1. My 13yo's psychologist recommended that we apply for SSI benefits. Do I really need to do this? Do I want this? The idea of additional income to pay for his medications is appealing...and maybe to start a new therapy or see a psychologist long term as our insurance doesn't cover much at all. But what are the down sides...if we would even qualify? Any btdt advice would be much appreciated. Jennefer
  2. Two more: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." - Ronald Reagan speaking at the Brandenburg Gate at the Berlin Wall. "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." MLK at the Washington Rally in 1963.
  3. I am trying to come up with 22 quotes from history from the year 1900 to modern day. I am in a co-op and we have 22 students in 1st-8th grade. We are going to have enough quotes so that at the end of the year celebration each child will have one quote to say. Can you help me brainstorm? I want these to be the kind of quotes that tend to be part of the American experience...that a well-read person will come across again and again. And/or ones that shape a life as well....If they can be connected to a specific event in history even better! Here is what I have so far: "All we have to f
  4. We are in a co-op that is very academic with one enrichment period in there as well. There was not one in my area that fit what I was looking for so I helped start one. We started small with just 8 families. We are in our second year with 12 families. We cover non-core subjects - but are all the subjects that makes a well-rounded education and are best learned in a group (in my opinion): History (TOG), Science (currently using ES but switching next year possibly to Noeo), Music, and Art. I knew CC was not for us because of the price and other personal reasons. Yet I wanted to be part and
  5. How much math is required? And since there is no teacher manual would it just work to buy the lecture DVD for the teacher and let her watch that to prep for teaching? I just went to his site and his About section and FAQ are not up yet. Is his material taught from a Christian perspective and if so is he dogmatic about YE? Thank you!
  6. Oh and what about NOEO Physics III? Is this program quality? I bought NOEO once several years ago when DS was in elementary, but sold it to a friend because I realized it wasn't what I needed at the time.
  7. Okay I like the look of Physical Science in Action...where do you buy these? I found Pearson's companion site where they sell books. Will they even sell to individual homeschoolers? I see that Amazon has the student book, but it is almost $100 to buy new. Where do purchase a Teacher Manual. Also, are there weekly experiments included? What level of math is required? And do you need the Reading and Study Notebook they offer? What about Prentice Hall Science Explorer? Does that require math? Would the three books: Sound and Light, Electricity and Magnetism and Motion, Forces and Energy mak
  8. I have read that conceptual physics is physics without math but I have read that Hewitt's does have some math. Can you elaborate? In our co-op class most of the kids will not have taken algebra. My son will be possibly taking it next year but I need to be certain his pre-algebra really takes. ;)
  9. I posted this on the logic board but realized I would possibly get additional help here. So far we have followed a traditional four year cycle (ala WTM) all the way through. Next year we are up to Year 4 - Modern History and Physics. BUT I am not having luck finding physics programs for jr. high students. I am not sure Noeo is meaty enough to really get students prepared for high school science. Thoughts? I have also looked at Hewitt's Conceptual Physics but it seems like that is for high school although I have read very conflicting things.
  10. We used ESA last year and Chemistry this year in our co-op. It has been a great success. I am sad Physics for the Logic Stage won't be out for next year. We have elementary students complete a fill in the blank outline each week that the classroom teacher prepares. About 60-70% of the outline is completed and the students fill in the rest as they read. Middle school students alternate between outlining their reading selections each week and making notecards. They also have quizes over their reading each week to hold them accountable to really knowing the material. Before the co-op st
  11. We have been using Elemental Science for the past few years but Physics for the Logic Stage won't be available next year. So I'm looking into different options...both for eighth grade and for all of high school. We will be using this curriculum in a Christian co-op but most moms are not YE so we want to steer clear of Apologia for that reason. Noeo's website is beautiful but most of the reviews I've seen say it's boring. Have any of you used Physics III? And I love the idea of Hewitt's Conceptual Physics but are any of the books appropriate for jr high students? Other option
  12. Our co-op has been using Elemental Science for almost all levels for the past 2 years. We are a classical co-op so we really enjoyed ES but she will not have Intermediate Physics out in time for us for next year (which is where we will be in the our 4 year cycle). So we are looking for a science program for 8th and beyond. We are a Christian co-op but many of our families are not YE - a Christian perspective is fine though. What programs are proven for excellence in high school given the above information?
  13. This is so helpful. I copied all the tests the College Board requires and fortunately most of those are used by the neuropsych we'll be seeing. Thank you again!
  14. No, I didn't know about any of the EF resources you mentioned. I've read a few books and come up with tons of modifications on my own and ways to help him grow...with limited success. Thank you!!!
  15. Thank you, OhElizabeth. I was hoping you might weigh in. And thank you to both of you for encouraging the psych eval. I've struggled with having him test by another developmental pedi or go with the neuropsychologist. The appointment is set for mid-November. :)
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