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  1. I do, usually when I'm running errands and just want to go through the drive thru so I don't have to stop and take more time out of my day. It's plenty of food for me and the price is good too! :)
  2. I saw this just now and was hoping that by the time I got to the end of the thread your ordeal would have been over. May our Lord bring the truth to light for your good and His Glory.
  3. Dh and I are both committed to never (say never:) enrolling our boys in the government school system. This is what we have decided is best for OUR family. Our two oldest sons graduated from public school and we really don't wish to revisit those experiences again.
  4. I was a "little" older than you, 40 when my first grandson was born. BUT, I had 13 month old twins so it felt like since I was still bearing children my children shouldn't be:) I really didn't feel "ready" to be "mimi" but when that baby came I just fell in love all over again. Congratulations!
  5. It sounds like you have everything you need. We recently had 36 youth (and parents) from church at our home and they played volleyball, some card/board games but mostly "hung out" and ate. Kids this age are actually pretty easy to host.
  6. As well you should be! Give that girl an extra hug today:grouphug:
  7. Today was our first day back and other than math, it went well. One child can't seem to remember that he DID learn his timestables last year ( and even worked with them a bit over the summer) so we are starting back with the two times tables for now.
  8. "We homeschool" is my standard answer and now the kids just echo this too.
  9. I'm so sorry. What a legacy she leaves behind, and yes, you WILL see her again! Praise the Lord!
  10. Emmy, I think you are amazing! Getting school accomplished with 6 children, 10 and under, including twin babies is awesome, art or no art:001_smile:
  11. My boys write their names on their papers. Their work is usually identical and I wouldn't know who it belongs to without the name. They recognize their own work though because sometimes I have to ask, "who did this?" and they can tell me. :)
  12. We have a Shih Tzu who just turned a year old and from the day we brought her home (13 weeks) she has slept in her bed, gated in our mudroom.
  13. My twins were in them long past 10 months, because I needed to keep them contained and happy. We used the Baby Mozart type videos along with them too. It allowed me to at least get dinner on the table some nights.
  14. We went on a family cruise to the Bahama's last summer. It was THE BEST vacation we've ever had. As someone else mentioned, no worries, no stress, just relaxing. It was wonderful. I hope and pray that you have the same experience.
  15. Tonight is small group so a quickie dinner: Sloppy Joes, bbq chips and strawberries. And I made Grape Salad to take to small group, it was a hit! Although, dh says it shoud have a better name:tongue_smilie:
  16. ((Lisa)) I'm so sorry. We've had situations like that earlier in our marriage and it is indeed very stressful. Praying for you that a solution will come through for you.
  17. Or, as mine answered last year when asked what grade they were in, "second slash third":lol: I told them this year we are officially third!
  18. It's lovely! I would love a home on the water! I hope everything works out for you and your family.
  19. Oh good, I"m so glad that things are working out for your dd.
  20. I just received an issue in the mail this week, I believe it's quarterly.
  21. If only my kids would eat kalamta olives and grilled egglplant. :tongue_smilie:Yeah, right. Any picky kids dinner menus out there?
  22. My mother just phoned and wants to take the boys for the afternoon so I guess I need to "just do it" ;)
  23. I don't have much scheduling advice to give you but I can certainly empathize! Twins are exhausting! At least mine were. And I used those exersaucers long after it was probably safe to do so, but I needed them to be contained and happy! I really didn't start to feel "normal" until they were about a year old. If I had to do it all over again, I would call on every single one of those people who said they would help but never did because I never asked.
  24. I have no idea of the legal ramifacations of all of this but I know how stressed I would be living under the conditions that your family has had to endure. The cabin could at least be a break from it, if nothing else, while you check into all the bank/legal issues. Your family has been in my thoughts ever since you posted about the car vandelism. Praying for an answer for you.
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