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  1. brehon

    Well I’m old...

    I like the way you think.
  2. brehon


    I agree with the others: find out who is the executer of the will/estate and work with that person. Be sweet as pie but completely uncommunicative with Ms. Busy-Body — meaning give away no information or anything she could possibly use to the detriment of your son.
  3. brehon

    What are your favorite podcasts?

    In Our Time... — BBC History of Philosophy without any Gaps A couple of specific emergency medicine ones.
  4. brehon

    Book a Week 2018 - BW52: Year End Wrap Up

    This is me almost to a tee, including being more than slightly suspicious of Mr Linky. Lots of work related reading plus leading several large projects in addition to my regular shift work. I’m exhausted at the end of the day (or shift). However, I’ve been really enjoying a philosophy podcast which has made me want to dive back into reading. I’d love to join the theological reading group as well.
  5. brehon

    What are you eating over the holidays?

    DH’s birthday is December 24th. He always requests tamales (from HEB, na ja) and all the fixin’s for his birthday-cum-Christmas Eve supper.
  6. brehon

    Specific question about Texas and Israel

    What makes this interesting in my mind is that the Abbots are not evangelical; they’re Catholic. There are a lot of evangelicals in Texas, though.
  7. brehon

    Dr. Hive...weird abdominal pain?

    I agree with Katie, MM. Do you have any rebound tenderness or referred pain?
  8. Those rules would seem to exclude a lot of people based simply on the fact that your work can’t require you to use a smartphone/tablet. Lots of healthcare workers, including me, are automatically disqualified on that basis alone.
  9. brehon

    TKD moms, question about sparring gear

    SKL makes a good point about sizing and use. Most of the gear gets used a number of years before needing a bigger size. The big exception is foot gear which in my experience tends to get worn out quickly. And possibly mouth guards if your kids tend to “chew” them. <sigh - mine do>
  10. brehon

    TKD moms, question about sparring gear

    The master at my kids’ TKD studio requires hand, foot, head, and chest protectors and a mouth guard. He recommends shin gear, especially at the higher levels (red belt and above). The gear is recommended starting at gold or orange belts. (I can’t remember whch one as most of my kids are higher levels.) the gear is required starting at purple belt. I generally buy gear through the studio. The master may make a bit of a commission, but that doesn’t bother me. What’s important to me is safety. I know the gear I buy will protect my kids’ growing bodies. Unfortunately, I don’t know about the specific brand you mentioned. I think you should find out at what belt level the sparring gear is required and go from there.
  11. brehon

    Stressing in the middle of the night

    Right there with ya, sister. Especially the paying part. <sigh>
  12. brehon

    The Saga of the Professional Organizers Part 3

    Wowzers!!! Incredible! I’m so impressed with the results. <and I’m sure it says something about my house that I mentally said, “Huh, looks like my house” when I saw your before photos.> I’d love to be able to hire a professional organizer. Alas and alack, it’s simply not feasible for me.
  13. brehon

    White elephant gift you actually want

    Liquor — to get through the white elephant exchange.
  14. I’m not even sure what to say... I’m not a woman under that definition despite still <sigh> menstrating and birthing six kids. And I’m not a man biologically, though I meet some of the social characteristics. I’m...flummoxed, I guess.
  15. I agree. My kids are evenly split — 3 girls, 3 boys. To the extent I get comments anymore (and I think my mid-40s RBF stops a lot of the more egregious comments), they’re of the “oh, my! How do you handle ALL those kids!” variety. I’ll be honest. Most of the comments I hear now are usually from elderly people who say just the most positive and loving things.
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