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  1. At my church, the parish is divided — most of the people who attend the NO Masses are masked & socially distanced. At the EF Masses, it’s just the opposite, at least according to people who are there. My family attends the NO and my kids still serve at the altar. They, the priest, & deacons are masked.
  2. Oh, ugh! I remember that and was so hurt for you. How about incorporating St Nicholas into the festivities? You can even do it twice: Dec 6th AND Dec 19th (old Julian calendar). Bless you for working through this.
  3. Born & raised in Houston; lived in D/FW area for several years; have lived in Central TX for the past 3 decades — I am very familiar with the term and have used it in relevant conversations.
  4. You are correct, @Bootsie. I’m in the same state and what @Janewayhas said is completely incorrect.
  5. Re: math education — I’ll put in a huge plug for Liping Ma’s Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics. This book isn’t a textbook or even an intentional how-to guide for teachers. It’s basically a doctoral dissertation (cleaned up a bit for lay people, I suppose) on the differences between Chinese and American elementary teachers and how they approach elementary math. I learned things I should have learned decades earlier (hello, dividing fractions!). Wonderful book and highly recommended.
  6. We can just save everyone some time and I’ll cede to your greater knowledge and experience. 😂
  7. Waving hi to a fellow GenX-er! Personally I got a lot out of those threads, especially the more philosophical ones. Although there was certainly vehement disagreement and sometimes violent agreement (😎), those threads really made me think in ways I really hadn’t since my uni days. EsterMaria and others made my brain hurt in that “oh, it hurts, but it feels so good” way. And, yes, there were some changes I made because of those threads. I just remembered (as my new best friend — I mean, Amazon delivery guy — drove up) that I had made a, for me, “significant” curriculum change this ye
  8. I’m like other old-timers here. I’m pretty much set in my various choices and truly don’t have a desire to research elementary programs anymore even though my youngest two are 10 and 8. I’m also mostly a confirmed DIYer due to cost. My older kids take some online classes/teachers and I’m grateful those options are there. (I could not, for instance, possibly teach Russian or precalculus.) I’ve never participated in co-ops nor really had the desire to do so. I’ve participated in many an educational philosophy thread (anyone else think fondly of the broad v. deep thread?). I survived the Gr
  9. Any medical/dental setting really needs to provide either properly fitted N95s or KN95s plus eye protection (safety glasses or full face shield). Gloves are a given. The Envo mask is good. Many of my colleagues use it as their “regular mask” (as opposed to a fitted N95 or fitted half-face respirator for suspected or known CV patients). You could even snag a surgical mask and place it over the front of the Envo mask for extra protection and just change it regularly (meaning every day or whenever it became grossly contaminated). (Pro tip: wear a surgical cap with buttons on the sides to loop the
  10. I work in healthcare and have been around CV+ patients too many times to count, including performing multiple AGPs over the past 8 or so months. I don’t now and never have isolated myself from my family, even during the worst of initial peak. Nor have I worn masks in my house. Isolating yourself like that really isn’t necessary; I mean, the dentist you work for will provide PPE, right? Honestly, I think your dh is being unreasonable. You simply can’t quarantine from your husband. That’s not even recommended by the CDC except in cases of exposure. For comparison, my dh is 61 and had a hear
  11. How is your church handling confession right now? If you/your family aren’t comfortable with current practices, would the priest be willing to take some extra precautions for your GFIL? How is Communion handled? I think you can include the other siblings and spouses in get-togethers. It may just look different — masked, outdoors, etc. And it’s completely normal to feel everything you’re feeling and not know how to handle everything. Just know that there is no perfect in these times, muddling through is just fine.
  12. You’re absolutely correct and y’all are going through an incredibly difficult time right now. I don’t think there are any perfect answers in your situation. You can only do the best you can do with the information you have at the time. What that could mean practically is that, as you’ve decided, you make decisions that lower risk — no ice hockey, no in person school, yes to playing outdoors with friends/riding bikes/whatever. Yes to Mass outdoors. Maybe yes to extended family meals, but everyone is spaced further apart or you’re outside. I personally don’t think of the decisions as p
  13. These are very hard times. I work in EMS, as does MM, so have been constantly exposed to various illnesses, including CV, since late February/early March. My area was hit much harder and much earlier than MM’s area and, while there was a lull in the late summer, numbers are creeping back up and people tend to be much sicker now. My parents live in different cities than I do; so, I don’t have the option to easily visit them. Neither of my parents (they are divorced) are at the sanitizing groceries level of cautious, but they are at a mask, social distance, don’t go out unless necessary lev
  14. Are you going to frost Junior’s cupcake? Lovin’ the trips down memory lane.
  15. I was quickly scanning thread titles and read “Paramedic Nightmare Study”. My first thought was ain’t no one got the cajones for that. To answer the actual question, no, I haven’t had an increase in dreams, pandemic related or not.
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