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  1. Yup. My dad and grandfather served in Vietnam (USMC & USAF, respectively). My grandfather was stationed at the airbase just outside the town where the Tet offensive began. Vietnam vets did not talk about or even own up to (outside family and very close friends or the military community) their service there for decades. And not just because of the horrors they may have seen. I remember my grandfather tearing up when someone thanked him for his service sometimes in the early to mid 80s. That simply didn’t happen at that time.
  2. I don't know the answers to your questions about whether or not you should talk to your dd about varying EO teachings v. what you believe about those teachings. We take the approach of the Church (RC, here) teaches this....other people believe these other things. I think discussing your differing views on EO teachings with your dd would be a good thing. Re: the bolded -- my family has recent experience with what one of WTM's long-time members termed "The Clique of the Pure" -- people with hardline mindsets who have taken 'majoring in the minors' (to borrow an evangelical phrase) to new levels (this is my definition, perhaps not said member's). The particulars of our experience are not important here. What is important is that some people feel, I don't know, better? more pious? when they can castigate others for not being X enough, where X is defined in religious, political, ideological, etc terms. The thing to remember about these cliques, especially religious ones and most especially online versions of religious cliques, is that they're usually small and noisy. The red bolded is a prime example of this. I highly doubt most Catholic men, even traddy ones, truly object to women working outside the home. I personally know several self-described "traddy" Catholics and they are not like that. They certainly do NOT criticize, insult, or cut down other people for holding differing views regardless of their personal opinions, especially on non-doctrinal issues.
  3. VFDs around here use BBQ as their main fundraiser. There are a lot of VFDs where I live and each of them seem to do quite well getting donations for the BBQ dinners from the communities.
  4. No twins. One it is. Thank you.
  5. So sorry! I've read so many threads my head is spinning and my computer is threatening to shut down because I have so many tabs open. So, I registered as my ds' counselor and am filling out "School Profile" information. What do y'all put for graduating class size? 1? It has a little red star so I can't skip it. Thanks.
  6. If you want a sit down “dinner time” and are unable or unwilling to revamp your late afternoon/evening schedule, then consider taking a page from 100 years ago and have your main meal - dinner - be around noon or 1. Have good snacks for just before sports practice and a light supper when you get home. Supper being cold leftovers, cut up fruit/veg, whatever - the point here is easy. And, frankly, if I were using this schedule I’d have everyone fend for themselves AND CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES for supper. I don’t know how old your kids are, but I’d also work on teaching all of them all the parts necessary for preparing their own meals.
  7. Thanks! I'll look into those programs. I have bought so many GCs this year. I swear, they're going to send me a Christmas card. I'll have my dd take a look at it. You're a bad enabler...😂 Unfortunately, that's not an option in my state.
  8. Good morning all! My dd14 is very interested in taking an art class and we don't have any near us that we can sign her up for. She'll be studying AP Art History via Khan this year but also would like to take an actual art class. I think drawing and painting are her preferred mediums, though she also does, um, non-drawing/painting art as well. Anyone know any free (preferably) or cheap options, online or offline? I'll be in and out all day as I'm on duty. Thanks!
  9. brehon

    Feral hogs?

    I agree about copperheads. You have to practically step on them before they’ll bite. Cottonmouths, on the other hand, are in my experience aggressive. I’ve seen a nest of them start across an otherwise placid pond, literally charging people who were on the bank (not swimming). The water looked like whitewater rapids. After one of the hurricanes hit where I grew up my parents forbade my brother and I from going in the backyard. The bayou rose enough to creat our back fence and the backyard was absolutely infested with venomous snakes, especially coral snakes and cottonmouths. Maybe we mean something different by “cottonmouths”? In my area, cottonmouth is synonymous with water moccasin.
  10. Every time I hear/hear about someone using God to badger or bully someone else, I think about that line from Ladyhawke where Phillipe’s character says, “I talk to God all the time and, no offense, but He’s never mentioned you.” After my parents divorced, my mom, brother, and I moved to a small town. One of our neighbors, when he found out Mom was divorced, told her that she needed to start attending his family’s church and get married because she was a Fallen Woman (you could hear the capital letters) and we were all damned to hell. My Mom made him blush with her reply.
  11. So I understand. Unfortunately, Big State U doesn’t offer a lot in the way of scholarships, at least that I’ve found. Eldest girl is busy making her uni list. Dh started a tradition this summer of taking upcoming seniors on a college trip. He took ds18 (!) on a tour of several colleges and is already planning a similar trip with eldest girl next summer.
  12. Does she really? How wonderful! My eldest girl also wants to major in classics.
  13. brehon

    My AFib

    In my world, anything below 90 systolic is concerning, assuming your normal BP is between 100-120 systolic.
  14. Well, it has been worth the effort for my family. However, I'm not sure if I have a lot of encouragement for you. I have 3, almost 4 teenagers, plus 2 younger ones and all of them still dawdle, especially the teens. I guess my advice to you is not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Sure, work on chores, treating each other well, playing nicely and not interrupting momma; just know that your kids are still at an age of needing intense supervision. Perhaps the other encouragement I can offer is that at your kids' ages schoolwork really needn't take more than a couple of hours. Your 7 yo is in, what, 2nd grade? So, maybe 2 hours tops. There were tons of threads several years ago about managing school kids, toddlers, infants, and the daily grind of cleaning and feeding said kids. Many of these had wonderful ideas. But HomeAgain had good advice -- short bursts of focused energy, then rest/play.
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