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  1. Mrs. T, that’s what I see as well in my area.
  2. We’re in Texas, @Arch at Home. So, unfortunately, she won’t be able to take advantage of what sounds like great opportunities. We’ll have to investigate our local CC. I might suggest she write to the head of the architecture department at the nearest Big State U. (It’s just down the road.) That department is NAAB accredited and they might have some ideas for her, too. I am also hopeful that in the next year shadowing will be possible. Thank you so much for everyone’s info!
  3. I’ve never joined in reading challenges or anything else before. However, I am looking forward to participating in the Dumas read-along. I probably won’t have much to say, though, as I’m not as learned as many here.
  4. Thanks, everyone, for the additional replies! @shelleysboys, I wish she could visit an architectural firm and shadow someone for a day/week. I think that would be very helpful. My area recently went purple/level 5/DEFCON 1; so, I doubt such a thing can be organized. But we’ll check it out. @Farrar, we’ve talked about portfolios. She’s mainly painted/drawn. I advised her to research what is required or recommended for an architect student’s portfolio. @Mrs.W, @East Coast Sue, @Amy in KS, Wow! Nice to read about other architecture students! KU is on dd’s list of potential schools.
  5. Thanks for catching my misspelling of her name. Ugh! I knew it didn’t look right but was too tired to look it up. That quote is spot on. She really did have a way with words and knew how to express profound thoughts in a way everyone could understand.
  6. Re first bolded — Tricky Dick was known as such in the late 1950s and certainly in the Kennedy/Nixon presidential race. Re second bolded — Molly Ivans and others made this point in the 1980s. Although I rarely agreed with her politics, I thought she made a great point about Americans by and large being ignorant and uninterested in the most important politics and policies — the local ones. Secondarily, she was hysterical when describing the TX Lege. Re third bolded — Reminiscent of Fahrenheit 451 in some ways.
  7. Solidarity. This happens all the time in the EMS world, too.
  8. God yes! I canNOT tell you how many codes I’ve run where the family requested medications only. It’s absolutely ludicrous! For those who don’t know—a chemical code {which really isn’t a medical thing} involves starting an IV/IO and only administering medications... ....which then sit in the vein/marrow and don’t circulate because there are no compressions. No compressions = no medicine circulating = no medicine (or anything else like oxygen) getting to the heart. It’s utterly useless. (And, no, we don’t do this. We call the medical director and punt that football to him.)
  9. Thank you all for the info! Lots to chew on. Dd is most interested in a BArch followed by a MArch. Dd has also been looking at engineering to combine with architecture. (Oh, to be young again and have boundless energy!!😂) I think it’s the combination of art and science, @Arch at Home, that dd really loves. Thanks again!
  10. You won’t be abusing having her cell number. She wouldn’t have given it to you if she didn’t want you to use it. Look, any one of your life stressors would be damn near overwhelming. You have multiple stressors happening at once. Please call!!
  11. Call the therapist. That’s what they’re there for. Call!
  12. @Tanaqui, is this similar to the Great Reading Order Debate for the Narnia series? 😂 (Years ago I read a really humorous piece about publication date v. chronological order. I wish I could find it again. I was belly laughing.)
  13. Hi all! Dd16 (10th grade) is interested in an architecture major. Any universities we should look at? Things to think about?She’s looking at a list of NAAB accredited schools and researching the various emphases. She is most interested in historical preservation. Her stats are quite good, though not tippy top, and her grades so far are excellent. She is advanced in math and loves drawing/art in all its mediums. Tips? TIA!
  14. At my church, the parish is divided — most of the people who attend the NO Masses are masked & socially distanced. At the EF Masses, it’s just the opposite, at least according to people who are there. My family attends the NO and my kids still serve at the altar. They, the priest, & deacons are masked.
  15. Oh, ugh! I remember that and was so hurt for you. How about incorporating St Nicholas into the festivities? You can even do it twice: Dec 6th AND Dec 19th (old Julian calendar). Bless you for working through this.
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