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  1. I know nothing about TPR hearings, but I do know that in most (any?) legal environment, especially depositions, hearings, trials, etc, only answer the question that was asked. Don’t elaborate unless asked to do so and even then stick to the absolute minimum. A ridiculous example: Lawyer — “Do you know what time it is?” You — “Yes, I do.” Notice that you didn’t actually provide the time because that wasn’t the question that was asked.
  2. Oh, how wonderful! I remember. Congratulations to Baby Boy!!
  3. 6 kids: 1 finishing his freshman year at university; 1 graduating HS in June; 1 rising HS junior; 1 rising HS freshman; 1 rising 6th grader; & 1 rising 2nd-3rd grader. All homeschooled/currently being homeschooled. The 6th grader will be 11 and the 2nd-3rd grader will be 9 when the new school year starts.
  4. It means someone stood in the middle of the kitchen and used a Jedi mind trick to discern that the cupboard was bare, the icebox was empty, and certain starvation was right around the corner.🤨
  5. Absolutely there has been. And like all cultural shifts there have been and will be good and not so good things that accompany that change.
  6. I first read the book in 2001-ish and joined the boards in, oh, 2002 or 2003. The boards still flipped back then. So many good conversations then and now. The tenor of the board has certainly changed since then and overall, I think, for the better.
  7. The TX vaccine rollout has been nothing short of horrid — unorganized and rife with inaccurate information. It’s been hard to get appointments and yet vaccine sites have unused vials. I received my vaccine in late January, I believe. I am a HCW and the process was difficult to maneuver for me and many of my colleagues. Very little has improved since. It’s beyond ridiculous.
  8. I once had a patient who had an accident with a piece of farm equipment. By the time we got to the trauma center I had infused so much saline that the patient was literally bleeding pink. This wasn’t a wound where a tourniquet would have helped and even MAST pants (yes, I just dated myself) were ineffective. People can bleed out fast. Worst bleeders in my experience are knife or similar wounds. Bullets cause their own damage, sometimes horrific, but they usually don’t bleed out like knife wounds.
  9. For me and mine, saving for college would be more important. We fall into that vast chasm of not making enough to pay full freight (or even close to that) and not qualifying for need based aid. With one in college, one graduating high school this year, one a sophomore this year, and one rising freshman, and college costs being what they are, we would opt for saving what we could and encouraging our high schoolers to study hard in the hopes of getting enough merit aid to help defray some costs. (My kids won’t qualify for full rides.)
  10. Unlike Ellie I haven’t known anyone who died from any of the vaccines or even had any severe adverse effects. However, I know multiple people who died from Covid. These were people in all age groups with and without pre-existing conditions. Granted, as a HCW I’ve had much more exposure (heh! in the literal as well as figurative sense) to people with Covid. I also know that over a third of my colleagues have had Covid, many of whom were very sick and a few who needed to be hospitalized. Fortunately, everyone recovered; unfortunately, many of my colleagues are still suffering the effects of long
  11. People moving from California to my state have that much cash and more.
  12. Re the bolded: I have no idea about your state/area of the state; however, my area has had a sustained housing boom for a long time, a very long time. Prices keep going up and there is no end in sight. People who can’t afford the prices are having to buy or even rent 1-2+ hours away from where they work. All that to say, if you like your area and the house and can swing it, it may be best to bite the bullet and buy now while you don’t have to worry about losing out to all cash offers tens of thousands of dollars above an already high listing.
  13. Good heavens!! I hope you are resting. And your docs find out what is causing those numbers. Good grief. I have some funny memes, but they’re mainly EMS related and (a) might not be what you want and (b) are what you think of when you think of EMS memes. 🤣
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