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  1. This hair-splitting focus on word usage is creepy.
  2. Ok, that was cute enough to make me smile. But....I'd also say that most people are very aware at this point of your opinions re: the word "creepy". 🙂
  3. Huh? People have different opinions about the actions of JB on a public TV show. Your attempts to split hairs about the particular definition of "creepy" & whether others can subsequently use that word to describe their personal reaction borders on controlling, as well as a little obsessive. Other people find that particular clip creepy. They're allowed to.
  4. Put me in the, “it’s weird, not really appropriate” category. And I’m a lifelong Leftie. Does that mean I need to go put on a petticoat now? ps I wonder how long it will be before MJ baskets are a thing....
  5. Thanks for the kind responses, everyone. It's hard not to feel extremely inadequate with taking him dinner, something like "Well, gee, I'm sorry your entire life is liquefying, now how 'bout a cup of tea?" type of thing. But what else is there to do? This chart is sobering. Thanks to those providing in-depth info as well.
  6. Ugh. A little rattled here. Went outside this morning to take mail out to box and saw my next-door neighbor (who is an immigrant from India) sitting on his porch step with his head in his hands. Although dh and I are not close with him, we are all friendly and talk while gardening in our respective yards, etc, and I was concerned that he might be feeling ill or need help, so I crossed over and just wanted to check in / was he ok / etc. He seemed to be in shock and opened up to me a bit. I won’t share details due to privacy concerns, but suffice it to say most of the rest of hi
  7. Yeah, I have a hard time understanding just what the f**k the problem is these days. I understand LE situations are often nuanced and complex, etc. Yet, here you have SIX cops responding to one unarmed drunk guy. WTF? And anyone who has the authority to restrain another person should know that you NEVER put an obese person on their stomach while in restraints. They kneeled on his back for more than 5 minutes in the video.
  8. I’m so done with stupid machismo (male or female) posturing. Its always the same. Bullying, sneering dismissal, then sheepish admission (of Covid). Then sweep all your behavior under the rug and completely ignore all the other people who got very sick and died because of people like you.
  9. A balanced counselor can help OP see if she is being bashed. The risk, of course, is finding a really screwed up counselor who will pile on. Ya gotta be really careful with counselor selection. And not afraid to switch. OP might want to seek individual counseling at first to try the waters.
  10. It's always extremely difficult (impossible?) to get a sense of a situation from the internet, but I'm glad to see you seek a counselor. One word of advice though (if I may)....a # of counselors can really SUCK - as in, do more harm than good, because they themselves are so screwed up, so make sure you find someone who seems fair to all parties and who actually HELPS, otherwise, find a new counselor....and 3-4 sessions are my max for judging whether a counselor is helping or not (this does not mean things are solved in 3-4 sessions, it means I and others are starting to believe there may be ho
  11. Her title literally was "I need a pep talk", and part of her OP was, "tell me, I'll be fine." What part of "I need a pep talk" or "tell me I'll be fine" indicates "talk me out of it"?
  12. I had a strong reaction (3-ish days where I slept a lot more) to the first shot & almost nothing at all with the 2nd. With the first shot, it really felt like my body was saying, "What the h*ll? What *IS* this?" and then it would go to sleep to try and figure out how to fight it. Like, "whhhhoooooaaaaa, I'm not really even sure what to do here......" Maybe it was all in my head, but I'm really, really glad that I got the shots and that I never got Covid before that. Because if that's the reaction to the non-live version, I really don't want to know how a much stronger live version wou
  13. My local county is now Purple Alert (Level 4 - the highest it can go). "We" may be done with Covid, but Covid is most assuredly not done with us. Good Lord. I was unaware of what was happening in MI and just took a look. It's worse for y'all than it was in Nov/Dec!! ETA: Wathe, you have my empathy. The human race is a notoriously stupid one, whatever our other redeeming qualities may be. I really wonder what it will be like when we hit a pandemic with a 5% death rate (one will arrive at some point). We can't even handle one with a 0.4% rate.
  14. It’s a form of madness. Montana just passed a Bill that now allows students to do permitless open carry almost everywhere on campus, INCLUDING DORMS. Like, what could go wrong with drunken 18-yos partying with weapons? The bill also limits colleges’ abilities to place further restrictions on guns, with a very few exceptions for certain events/venues. DS had MT State on his list and we instantly removed it. It seems like no one has common sense anymore and it definitely isn’t normal. It’s right in line with things like Q, the Woke mob, etc. People are losing their minds.
  15. Why the hell anyone wants to come to this country is beyond me. At this point, are we really that different than any other war zone? You head to the coffee machine on a standard work break, theatre visit, restaurant, what have you, and next thing you know, you’re full of holes and out of your body. Sorry, I’m bitter this morning. And ready to shoot anyone (haha) who offers their “thoughts and prayers”. Keep ‘em. They’re not doing any good whatsoever.
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