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  1. And this is why the “herd immunity” thing is bunk. We still don’t know why some people (and not a small # of them, either) end up as long-haulers, with their lives severely compromised for months if not years. And they’re not all immune-compromised or old.
  2. Other than (I'm assuming) CA, which states are that (genuinely curious)? Most states that I'm aware of - whether Democratic or Republican - have phases. Many states - including a lot of blue ones - are lifting restrictions. Many red ones have had to impose more. It's not a black-or-white thing. Also, there are *many* people who will *not* participate in a full economy when there is zero assurance about whether they will bring this bug back home of their family while doing so. My dh is at least moderate risk. There's no way in hell I'm going to any sporting events, concerts, indoor re
  3. Just one other side note...let me clarify. If I was young, I wouldn't reproduce, but I would probably still want a family and so would adopt. After all, the earth is adding 200,000+ babies each day (that's a *NET* addition, over and above the people dying each day), and many of those babies face bleak circumstances, so adopting to me would be helping another child as opposed to bringing one into what I view as a very undesirable future. But that's *me*. I don't judge other people for having children.
  4. Just a side note that, even though I am not optimistic for much of humanity (the earth is another matter, in the long term....), I don't worry about it. Well, most of the time I don't, because it's obvious to me that we (speaking as a world culture, not just the US) are really not going to do anything about the most critical issues we face. We're just going to keep running - and throwing more and more people off/under the bus - until external variables force a sea change in our culture(s). Please note that I do *not* consider this to be morally acceptable in any way, shape, or form....but the
  5. Generally, I agree with you. Humanity has painted itself into the mother of all corners in just about every way possible. Debt levels, climate change, overpopulation (no, the earth does not owe humanity unlimited growth, and we're still adding 200,000+ people to this planet each and every day), agricultural methods (let's not even discuss the billions of acres of lawns, one of the most ecologically destructive inventions ever), antibiotic resistance & the spread of diseases, etc....in general, civilizations are extractive economies (however pleasant they may be), and a big contributing fac
  6. I know about a dozen people scattered throughout WI (I graduated high school there many moons ago). Eight of them have been diagnosed with Covid in the last two days (one is a family group of 3). Too early to know if cases will be mild, or not. Apparently, the CDC (or some gov’t entity...I’m too lazy to google it) has said the entire state is basically now a hot spot.
  7. Hmmmm...I would probably go for “Straw Man” as far as the fallacy. As defined by Mark Manson’s excellent summary of logical fallacies*, a straw man fallacy is “Rather than debating a claim based on its merits, we sometimes substitute a distorted, exaggerated, or otherwise ridiculously misrepresented version of the argument to more easily attack it“. (Sorry for type size...I don’t see a way to adjust that using my phone.) * note: there are some f-bombs in article and on the site. As ordinaryshoes noted, I don’t know of a single proponent of mask-wearing who has ever claimed
  8. I'm trying to wrap my head around how this would play out in the workplace. DH works at a site that has thousands of workers from their 30s through their 60s. Will only those under 40 (all of whom will also have to have no complicating conditions) go to work? The grocery store? The doctor? The dentist? How long will those over 40 have to SIP with no outside contact at all? Because if the under 40 crowd is lettin' it rip, it won't be safe for everyone else to even go to the store. Will housing be provided for all the under-40s to move into? Cuz there are a lot of mixed households.
  9. I saw your update on the other thread as well, and just wanted to say I’m really sorry you’ve been hospitalized. I hope it’s a speedy recovery now that they’re throwing the strong stuff at ya! Hugs.
  10. What organization are they referring to? What belief statement? As Pam in CT noted, there is no official organization, so I'm wondering what they are going through.
  11. Cute quote. But, in Skippy's defense, my first response to her (which I tried to edit & only succeeded in posting yet another response) was short & rather over-the-top. I have since eliminated the text of that message.
  12. Whatever. It's obvious you are convinced that a personal anecdote = science. And, no, my last ETA did not prove your point....not quite sure how you got there, actually. My point was - and is - that the scientific method, repeatedly applied (which is the point of the scientific method....to demonstrate, among other things, whether results of experiments/trials can be duplicated & the conclusion(s) drawn justified), weeds out biased & faulty research. Anecdotes? What weeds out their biased & faulty conclusions? Oh, that's right....nothing.
  13. My bad. I posted once & then tried to edit, but instead I posted twice. My first reaction was over the top. I'm a cranky lady these days, because....well, it doesn't matter. Everyone is stressed and it's hard to be on one's best behavior online.
  14. I totally agree re: the performance of NJ. The entire NE, in fact, is a model of what can be accomplished. Not that other states are paying any attention. I don't doubt that there are some restrictions that are overdone. I wonder, though, how much of those restrictions are influenced by the fact that many other states in this country are dumpster fires (several states currently have positivity rates above 20%, with numerous others above 10%; with rising hospitalizations, etc), and since NJ is unable to close her borders, the risk remains. (Note: I'm not arguing that the restrictions shoul
  15. That's a very simplistic spin of what she said. She started with stating she hoped the ill would get well and then went into the desire to lift restrictions, which can be a controversial topic due to the risk involved.
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