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  1. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents, and point out that we're not even dealing with the same environment we were two months ago, or even a month ago, and that is because of the new variants. The UK strain has now been identified in 22 states, which is telling/worrying, because the US does not have a robust variants-tracking system(s) in place, so do we really know all the states where this variant is, or how prevalent it is in those states? I loosely follow Dr John Campbell on YT (he's UK-based and *very* down-to-earth, science-based, *and* not part of the US, which just helps with the neu
  2. I've long been of the opinion that Gwyneth is so 'enlightened' as to be willing to lend her name to anything that provides either cash or publicity or both. And, in today's media-saturated environment, a (supposedly) vagina-scented candle is a certain way to rise about the fray. Said as a member of the usually-crunchy-&-holistic crowd. ************************************** ETA: Made the mistake of starting to read the article. Had to stop after this (2nd paragraph, I think): "Paltrow's debut $75 candle in her collaboration with Heretic sold out within a matter of hours
  3. I’ve found a nice substitute for doomscrolling....watching 80’s country & pop music videos on YT. I just finished a string of Alabama, REM and Huey Lewis hits. The music then was good even if the hair was not!
  4. I just wanna say that I’ve got whiplash from trying to follow the topics on this thread......😁
  5. It's not up to you to determine which threads continue and which do not. No one else on this very lengthy thread has even complained. The rest of your post contains many exaggerations and untruths.
  6. Your second option assumes that departments of public health health might have both the authority & the staffing to investigate those instances. Per the first article I posted above: "The departures accelerate problems that had already weakened the nation’s public health system. AP and KHN reported that per capita spending for state public health departments had dropped by 16%, and for local health departments by 18%, since 2010. At least 38,000 state and local public health jobs have disappeared since the 2008 recession." And those working in the field now have faced death threa
  7. Just found out that my oldest brother, 60 with a few health conditions (he's certainly not high risk, but not completely healthy otherwise, either), is very ill at home with Covid right now. Yeah, I'm worried.
  8. I always have this image in my head whenever really controversial topics come up in a thread....
  9. I don't believe a company can have personal religious beliefs. An owner can have personal religious beliefs, but not a company. However, I admit it is a tangled web of what 'qualifies' as a standard for a business to chose not to do business with others. Most businesses set standards for violent speech or actions due to the immediate risk of escalation of violence. Denying others access to business services when those others are living a non-violent life (I'm assuming you are referring to the whole gay / wedding cake issue) is a more slippery slope, due to the nature of where does the lin
  10. Which would then be government-controlled media. Really, I'm completely confused when champions of the 'free-market' cry victim when the free market does something they don't like.
  11. Well, if it's any comfort, there are a *lot* of public health workers who have experienced much of the same....and many of them are leaving. At least 181 public health leaders nationwide have resigned, retired, or been fired..... Embattled public health workers leaving at 'steady and alarming' rate Modern Healthcare Magazine: Health officials are quitting or getting fired amid outbreak
  12. There are other videos showing the participants using a flag pole to attack the media who were there filming, as well as knocking their tv cameras to the ground and kick equipment around, etc. You can hear "the media is the enemy of the people" being screamed in the background.
  13. And they showed up after 50 - or was it 60? - court cases were thrown out for lack of evidence, somehow still convinced that they *knew* that something illegal had occurred. Yes, the US will seem less stable and trustworthy to other countries now, in addition to our astronomical debt levels, etc. The US dollar is currently the world's reserve currency and we enjoy a financial stability and prosperity (think exchange rates & how the US $ is always worth so much in other currencies) that we otherwise would not have. This event - along with a lot of other crap - absolutely weak
  14. I was doing OK (largely because I've been waiting for an outbreak of violence to happen, so I wasn't surprised), then I read & saw pictures about the two rioters (protestors is too kind a word) who reenacted George Floyd's death on the stairs of a church that had a BLM banner, and read that the one officer who died was beaten with a fire extinguisher. I lost it after that and haven't quite been able to get it back together again. There's just something about those two acts - the sheer nauseating viciousness of them - that has led me to believe that I'm living in a Third World (or
  15. Welcome. Triggering topics can really dig up some hard-to-control person stuff. We'll try to support your stated aims (perhaps, if you stray into a hot topic, we can all respond to you only with a comment about kilts?) :-)
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