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  1. Us, too, minus the ash tree on the roof. We had an old oak across the drive. Glad y’all are ok.
  2. Wait. Are you thinking that the exchange student would be a mother’s helper in addition to going to school and experiencing a slice of American life? Or was that just a weird segue? And please listen to others who have experience with exchange students — you have 3 very young children and another on the way and you’re in your first year homeschooling. This isn’t a recipe for success.
  3. You might pop over to the high school board. I think I remember a thread from a few years ago where someone asked basically the same question you did. It might be linked in one of the massive pinned threads @LoriD. kindly put together. I’ll see if I can find it. I think the most important thing to focus on is ensuring your child has the basics of [core subjects] down cold — math facts with conceptual understanding, writing good sentences/paragraphs, reading/comprehending well, learning to outline and take notes. I’ve never regretted slowing down to ensure mastery and true comprehension. I have regretted moving too fast even when a child seemed to understand.
  4. Yes, we just found out they were closed. Ah, well. More time with the family. We’ll try to schedule another tour later this summer.
  5. We drove to Kingwood yesterday for my niece’s birthday weekend. We’re staying in a hotel in Humble and it rained most of the night. We have a college tour scheduled at St Thomas’ later today. I haven’t heard yet if it’s still on and if we can get there and back.
  6. I live in a completely different part of the country than MM2.0 and my professional experiences exactly match hers with regard to people who won’t plan and won’t accept rehab or assisted living situations. It’s very frustrating for everyone involved, including many times the adult children.
  7. Oh, gosh! Blackadder has always been one of my favorite Britcoms.
  8. Oh, she’s gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!🎉🎊 🍾 <— for the Hive!
  9. I saw some pictures this morning from inside. The vault seems to have protected the Cathedral quite well, except for where the spire collapsed: candles standing upright in candelabras, pews upright, the pulpit and the altar still standing (though undoubtedly damaged). I’m waiting to hear about the organ. Apparently, they don’t think it suffered fire damage but probably does have water damage.
  10. Well, it was common knowledge at the time and places my grandmother taught (late ‘30s-60s, Texas and California during part of the war). So much so, that the teachers had post-measles plans for children who were affected. Obviously, this was well before various federal education initiatives. I’m not saying that everyone had this after effect of measles. I don’t know how many suffered this way. It might be an interesting epidemiological study to follow people who’ve had measles recently (say, the last 10 years maybe) and see how their general health was post-measles. I’m not sure how easy it would be to correlate outcomes today with pre-vaccine, quite difficult I would think. Anyway, it’s one of the factors that plays into my thinking. Along with the fact that rubella’s morbidity can be so high, especially for unborn babies & pregnant women.
  11. To me, it’s not the mortality of measles; it’s the morbidity. My grandmother and mom, both of whom had measles at early ages, were school teachers who saw otherwise healthy children suffer devastating effects, not from measles itself but because their immune systems took such a hit that they weren’t healthy for several years after. I don’t know if doctors or researchers know why that happens or if they’re able to predict who might be so affected. Obviously, not everyone suffers this.
  12. Ah. That makes sense. Assuming your pastor isn’t otherwise spiritually abusive, I guess I agree in principle. Most churches run on volunteers. Healthy churches recognize that not everyone can/will serve at all times for all sorts of valid reasons, including “I’m tired/burnt out/don’t feel it/just wanna sip my coffee alone before services”. Maybe he means “hey, if you’re able and willing we really need you to volunteer in various ministries.” Or maybe he’s a jerk. Has he used the term narcissistic? Or were you applying it to yourself? At any rate, I think it’s perfectly fine for you to sit before services and read, pray, whatever feeds your soul. Maybe think of it as letting someone else step up and help in various ways.
  13. (((IB))) I won’t pretend I know the answers to your questions. My church is almost certainly different from yours so I’m sure others will have more relevant thoughts. In my parish parents of kids in CFF (Sunday school), especially if their kids are in a sacrament year, are expected to attend an adult version of the kids’ lessons, sort of like adult Sunday school, I guess. I refuse; I have refused to go for the past however many years this has been in effect. I had 2 kids receive Sacraments last year (FHC & Confirmation) and 1 kid will be confirmed this year. I use the time before Mass to sip my coffee and read a book — alone. Any pastor worth his salt will understand that there are seasons in people’s lives and what spoke to someone in the past (like adult Sunday school) may or may not speak to them now. I am not certainly not qualified to evaluate anyone’s mental state, but I feel fairly confident that you’re not a narcissist unless you’re actively trying to manipulate and use people. I don’t know what your pastor means by “bench warmer”. I translated that in my mind to “Christmas and Easter Catholics”; in other words, people who show up to Mass on Christmas and Easter. Do what works for you. Living your faith is, I think, so much more important than fulfilling someone else’s view of a “good Christian”.
  14. I don’t work 12s; I work 24/48s. Obviously, nothing gets completed on the days I’m on duty. My first day off is usually a wash because I come home exhausted. I just don’t plan to be productive on that first day off. I think you’ll find a routine fairly quickly. However, you may need to lower your standards for what is accomplished on the days you work.
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