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  1. Pine-Sol!! Oh, wait. That was stinky boy laundry...sorry. 😎
  2. <smacks head> Of course! I must have accidentally uploaded the profile twice. When I checked the Profile section I found my homeschool profile already uploaded. Thank you!
  3. I think I'm psyching myself out. I was reviewing my portion of the Common App before submitting it. I originally uploaded my homeschool profile in the counselor recommendation section. But it just dawned on me that I wrote a counselor letter. So, what goes where? The counselor letter and homeschool profile are slightly different. Sigh. Why do I find this whole process so baffling? I swear, I'm an at least somewhat competent adult. But not, apparently, when it comes to college applications.
  4. brehon


    How...forward thinking of them. Thanks for the info. What a mess!
  5. brehon


    I swear I'm losing whatever might be left of my sanity! DS decided to expand the schools he's applying to and included several public TX schools. So, he's using the ApplyTexas app. I asked about getting an invite as his counselor so I can upload his transcript, etc. He said he didn't see anything like that. How do homeschool parents handle this? Is he missing something?
  6. Thanks for the advice re: how much pine-sol. I’m hoping this does the trick because, man, that’s some nasty stank, especially in the pits. I have a front loader and we’re on a well with quite hard water that goes through a chlorination-dechlorination process and a water softener.
  7. Yup. This was basically my public school year in the two ISDs in Texas I attended: one a major large district and one that was at the time much smaller.
  8. So, on the Pine-Sol addition to the laundry. How much for a full load? 1/4C? I’m already using Oxiclean + vinegar in addition to detergent. It ain’t cutting it. My 14 yo dd wears a lot of those athletic t-shirts made of 100% polyester and I canNOT get the teenage funk out of it. When dd showers she gets very clean ~ she ought to seeing as how she spends a minimum of 40 minutes in the shower. <le sigh> Unfortunately, she doesn’t shower every day. Anywho, how much Pine-Sol to get rid of teen funkage in clothes.
  9. I’ve heard of sausage in various stuffings but not traditional dressings, at least not in Texas.
  10. Lol! There is no debate to be had. It’s cornbread dressing - definitely not stuffing - all the way. 🤣 (My mom’s family is from northeast and east TX from way, way back. Like before the TX Revolution back.)
  11. I tend to agree. It didn’t seem like there was any introspection happening on his part, or at least only very little. I do hope your situation improves, though, whatever that looks like and however it occurs.
  12. We always serve my gg grandmother’s cornbread dressing. There’s not a link to it, obviously, though. Pecan pie for dessert.
  13. Egads! I have to leave my wax tablet and stylus at home?!?! I *just* bought a new stylus from Gaius Andronicus ~ you know him, little shop just off the Forum, best place for writing implements.
  14. I think the other thing you need to realize is that the more you disengage the more he will deliberately try to get you to engage in unhealthy ways.
  15. Ha! My hair has been known to look like this ~ messy and sticking up, not blonde (bleach or otherwise) ~ at the witching hour when I’m on EMS runs. That casually tussled hair that looks great during the day/evening looks less casually great and more oh-my-god-another-call-when-am-i-going-to-sleep, especially when combined with bleary eyes.
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