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  1. Unfortunately there are many many cases where foster/adopt children are not treated the same as biological children or treated well at all. This isn't outside the realm of possibility and first and foremost the child's welfare has to come first and IF the tip is found credible and there is evidence that the child is in immediate danger, they will be removed immediately. The child is believed first and foremost and that is how it should be. However investigations take time, and a child's life could be in danger if they are with an abusive parent while an investigation goes on. People complain that they are taken too early when it turns out to be something else not abuse-related, but then they complain if little action is taken in the beginning when it turns out to be abusive. What is the lesser of two evils?
  2. Yo. I do not enjoy my long shifts even though it is only part of the week. I would rather work part-time but right now it isn't happening. I have no choice on whether I work or not right now. I feel no matter what, as long as homeschooling works for my kids, I will do it and whatever job will have to fit around it, even if it is 8-5 M-F.
  3. I actually don't have a lot of knowledge but I can teach about the different colors of Siamese cats, (4, although some purists only state 2) and what is the difference between a Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair, and an Oriental. I can tell you the history of the breeds, and the different genetics needed to make the different coat colors. That's about it....a bit of useless knowledge.
  4. I'd do way more research. You can always vaccinate, or he can over 18. Can't take it back. I like www.insidevaccines.info because of it's use of stuff like PubMed. Stuff that is hard to argue with, but it does at least give you a lot to think about.
  5. http://www.vitacost.com/liquid-health-womens-multi I like this one personally
  6. You don't need to be connected to wi-fi to read books, if they are downloaded on your device. To download yes, but I read books anywhere and everywhere without a wi-fi connection since they are downloaded.
  7. I WISH BFSU was more like, say, NOEO or Science Odyssey, with files to go with it and/or kits with stuff. I gave up on BFSU because I was tired of having to look weeks ahead and getting supplies and then trying to find the harder stuff (I never did find magnetic shavings). If someone did those for BFSU I wouldn't mind going back to it. As it is we're going with NOEO because it has everything in a box. Not much hunting.
  8. LOLOL Sounds like me! I have overplanned in history and math this time....
  9. I would like for both to have some classes every season through the local parks and rec. We'll see. Summer swimming lessons are a must; if I can find them year round through parks and rec I'm happy. Music lessons will be a priority if ds is still interested in piano.
  10. I did, so I could send the plans to the kids' father. So he could see what they are doing in school basically....
  11. Yeah what Elinor said! I still enjoy it. I keep drama off my page and any who are dramatic I unfriend or don't allow on in the first place. I'm happy to see silly cutesy pictures or anything like that. I am just laid back....not much bothers me.
  12. I don't think all moms who have had a c-section would agree. The movie is awesome and amazing because it mimics EXACTLY what I saw when I worked at one of the local hospitals here. There are very very very few OB's in this city I would trust due to what I saw. No, it isn't always "well you and baby are ok so it should be ok." It isn't always like that. Not in the least. If you can't fathom what that feels like, then it's best to keep your opinions to yourself. If you can't imagine what that feels like, consider yourself lucky.
  13. Crayons are my big thing....I don't want Rose Art or anything other than Crayola or specialty brand. Everything else, for now, is kind of negotiable.
  14. I can understand. Sometimes it really is just better for kids to go to a brick and mortar school. It rankles me when people have the authoritarian outlook of "well you have to do what I say because you're <insert age> and we know what is best for you." No, like it or not, we don't always know what is best. That is why it takes a lot of thought, prayer (if you are religious), consulting, balancing pros and cons. Sometimes what is best is something we don't like personally but may not cause any harm in the long run. A friend of mine pulled her daughter out of brick and mortar school and enrolled her in K12 ("free" charter here) for 4th grade. Talk about misery for both. Daughter HATED not being with friends, HATED her mom as her teacher. My friend tried so hard to make it work but in the end, for 5th grade up to now, she was sent back to brick and mortar. Things are a lot more peaceful in the home now. It happens, and I'm sure you didn't come about this decision lightly. I don't know if homeschooling is best for my son, but I am doing it. I re-evaluated if I was going to do it again this year, and it looks like it is still a good fit for my son. Again though, I will do this every year. It isn't necessarily the end of the world if a child has to go to brick and mortar school.
  15. August 19th will be our first day, since the 17th is his last day of summer camp. We too school kind of year round...just the 3 R's and lots of reading aloud. On the 19th we will slowly start to incorporate the other things, like science, history, etc.
  16. Jump Start and Oregon Trail, if you can find a version that is compatible if you have newer versions of Windows...I have yet to find one that is.
  17. I have a need for approval as well. With some things I have no need for anyone's approval, and hs'ing is one of them. I will never get the approval I want from the one person I want it from the most....so I gave up.
  18. I've long stopped sorting....our actual whites are so small in number that they don't even make one load. I just wash them in regular temp, nothing special.
  19. Daily- Spiritual-It will vary somewhat but we will use our book of Bible stories and a daily thought of the day based on a scripture. LA-LLATL Blue, Language Lessons for Little Ones Vol 2, plus Reading Eggs for practice Math-Not sure anymore what I will be doing...continuing Math Lessons For a Living Education Vol 1 or switching to RS Level A. Dreambox for practice Science-NOEO Level 1 Chemistry, AO Year 1 Science History-History Odyssey Level 1 Ancients and AO Year 1 History Poetry and Literature-AO Year 1 Copywork-Printing With Pictures B & C Review of Spanish vocabulary Weekly- Geography-AO Year 1 Art/Music Study-Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1 Logic-Lollipop Logic Book 1 FL-looking at Salsa with Teach Them Spanish K and Brighter Child right now...or if I can scrape up enough money, the complete WhistleFritz
  20. Heeeeeeeeeck no. This city is very jacked up.....things are poorly laid out around here. The drivers are very disrespectful of bicyclists, too many bicyclists don't even know the traffic laws, and others disregard the traffic laws. Too dangerous. If I lived in a part of town where needed facilities are nearby, I would consider it. For commuting all over here though, no way.
  21. I think it could be a side effect for someone who could already pre-dispositioned to it. I have had it happen to me off and on.
  22. Nope, I would not. You are the parent and you can have whatever schedule or non-schedule you like. Your concerns are valid and well founded (www.vaccines.info has more info pulled from sources such as PubMed). If you have these concerns, listen to your gut.
  23. Even with bike lanes in this city people are nuts and are horrible to bicylists (although there are plenty of bad bicyclists just like bad drivers). I can't imagine grocery shopping and biking the kids to their daycares when I work....and then biking home. Not practical.
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