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  1. Yeah thats pretty but meh...I don't get the sporty aspect of it. Trampolining is fun and you can definitely injure yourself if you land wrong...I like pretty much watching anything-track and field, swimming, diving, gymnastics....
  2. I'm just watching the games and ceremonies...nothing quite as involved as you all lol
  3. I will go along with the neuropsych as being very vital and allergy testing, especially foods. For a child that might have these issues, reactions to certain foods or additives can make what is already there even worse. Some naturopaths will do allergy testing, since a lot of allopaths won't do testing (or refer out for testing) if you don't have any obvious phsyical symptoms :glare: OT can be very very helpful is there is a sensory issue, which you would find out from a neurospych eval. Those are the places I would start. I am not a doctor or anything close so please don't take any of this as a diagnosis-just food for thought. I will say that it very much sounds like there are underlying chemistry issues that need to be worked out....once you get a diagnosis then you can learn techniques as a family on how to deal with it and also get him some therapy to help him teach himself how to deal with it. You are not alone. I work in a crisis center...all over the place but mainly in the kids area and many children come in showing many of the same symptoms. Food allergies are hardly brought up but I've seen, just in personal experience, many behaviors reduce just from something like the Feingold diet or eliminating certain things. And food may not be a part of it, but the picky part combined with all these other behaviors make me wonder (like others have already mentioned) if this may be a part of it. I so hope you get some answers and peace soon.
  4. This. It can be very cheap this time of year because no one wants those days generally. Not everyone celebrates Christmas either. One friend of mine got married on Christmas Eve and stuff was super cheap. We don't do Christmas so it wasn't a big deal.
  5. I don't think any of them are lies necessarily. The myth is that those days look like that ALL THE TIME. It's not a myth that people can have more time for field trips, short days, etc.
  6. I had been living on my own when I met and married my ex. I was happy to hand over the bill paying stuff to him because of my burnout with my first and while living single.
  7. Here for sure....2nd child was a homebirth. Even though I loved it and my midwives if I have a third child I will go back to the freestanding birth center where my son was born. I liked being pampered and taken care after ds's birth.....I got none of that at home after my midwives left. Then again I would be remarried to a decent man if that happened so maybe I could stay home again.... I had a tank top on both times. I loved my son's waterbirth....love love loved it. Oddly it didn't feel right with my daughter but it could be that so much time was wasted CLEANING the tub while I was in labor and then trying to get the tub the right temp. Oy vey. By the time it was ready I was ready to push and literally couldn't get back in.
  8. Not necessarily. If you are members of a religion outside the norm many so-called Christian denominations aren't necessarily welcoming.
  9. We have local groups here but they are far, and I don't have the money to travel to the other side of town weekly. A couple also didn't have any kids near my kids' ages, they were all much older. Then there is the religious ones with their statements of faith, and I don't believe the same so I can't sign. I pretty much feel alone too. I don't enjoy that aspect, I want my kids to have more friends but....
  10. Yeah....this was me....and I am tired and exhausted all the time and I don't have the energy to do all that stuff.
  11. Sounds like my kids....especially my son. It all gets pictured but the reality is often quite different.
  12. I'm sorry but this has me :lol:. And I know my son does very similar stuff...maybe it is an age thing LOL.
  13. :iagree: I know fear makes us do horrible things sometimes. But....no. just no.
  14. My problem is I work 12 hour shifts and desparately want to sleep until 9 or even 10 on days I don't work. On days I do work I need to be to work at 7 am so I have to wake them always on those days....my son appears to need a lot of sleep and he easily could sleep 12 hours. On the days I don't work I try to have everyone up by 8 or 9 depending on the day.
  15. I enjoyed using it but really hard to find activities to do every day. Some stories just didn't have interesting activities. I wouldn't mind moving on to Vol 2 but since we do AO we already have plenty of read alouds but some might work as bedtime stories.
  16. I am definitely excited to see what is new in it. I have the older one on my Kindle.
  17. This is the NEW updated edition. 101. 100 is the one in the library. Not sure what may have changed, if any, though.
  18. SO stupid. Baby Einstein of course didn't make kids smarter....I knew that but still bought a lot of their stuff and loved it. Unfortunately lawyers will do anything to make money and there are gullible people who don't use their heads and research things before they buy. I know one family who loved the Your Baby Can Read series....but they also knew that it didn't really promise anything. Very stupid.
  19. No I prefer used as much as possible, but it depends on pricing and condition.
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