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  1. I am currently doing R&S Grade 2 English with ds loosely for afterschooling for remedial (he is in 4th grade) and I was wondering if there was a reading comprehension program that would work with it that isn't R&S? I don't know if pathways would be overkill or not. He is a slow reader but decodes fairly well, yet his comprehension and understanding isn't very strong.
  2. he knows what a noun is and that's it. Handwriting is atrocious, hates to write, does not know parts of speech. Reading is ok, maybe late 2nd early third level
  3. I think I'd have to start at level one with him....have to get placement tests
  4. I esp like this. Im surprised that basic grammar, parts of speech, and writing dont start until 4 though....you would think R&S would have it starting earlier Sent from my VS810PP using Tapatalk
  5. I love it...helps alot Sent from my VS810PP using Tapatalk
  6. It lists 131 dollars on the website and an online class i need to try and implement it? Sent from my VS810PP using Tapatalk
  7. Due to many things happening in previous years, my son has a lot of gaps in his learning. I'm hoping to remedy this after school and try to her him close to a 4th grade level (his current grade). Should I look at WTM suggestions for earlier grades as practice? Looking at spelling and grammar and writing....we already practice phonics and he is doing fairly well with that. I'd love a complete curricula that encompasses all of this but if there isn't one I don't mind piecing one together.
  8. So many issues have happened in the past 5 years....the results are that my son is stuck in public school at the moment for this school year, but I'd like to afterschool him with language arts. He has a relatively light homework load and I would like to do some remedial LA with him. He gets spelling every week at school, and is decent in reading, so I'd like to teach grammar, writing, parts of speech. Next year my plan is to HS again and I'd like to not stick him and his sister (who will be in second) in the same LA program if I can avoid it.
  9. Christopherus has it on their website....might be in their 5th grade year area Sent from my VS810PP using Tapatalk
  10. I really liked their language lessons because it was enough for my son who hates writing. I enjoyed the tone and everything else. They are somewhat highly priced I like their living science books as well but I made copies for my own kids anyway. Also loved Angela O'Dell's history and math books (already linked above) Sent from my VS810PP using Tapatalk
  11. We will be returning to homeschool next year and already I'm planning ahead. My 9/10 year old boy wants more history and science, as his 2 years in brick and mortar school has him grumbling about how little they do science and history. Is there a way to structure a HS program around those two without of course leaving out other important subjects? I've already reminded him he will need math, reading, spelling, and I like how the WTM has things laid out, I'd just like some ideas on how maybe I could do this from someone more experienced.
  12. unable to continue homeschooling for 2 years now...however I graduate next spring and fiance is on board with homeschooling after I move up to where he is!!!!

  13. I agree, most math curricula will have placement tests you can use to see where you child is. There are many great ones out there, just depends on what you think your older kids can work with. What you are doing with the 3 year old is very on par...that is what a 3yo should be doing :) I would say for your oldest child, see what kind of learner she is and see what it is about brick and mortar school she likes. An online school can be a good choice for some...many of the public online charters have clubs and field trips for instance. If she is used to a B&M school it could work out. If the whole structure of public school has her messed up then an online school may not be the best solution for her. Online schools are good if you have a child who can manage their time well or does not need a lot of pushing to keep up with schoolwork. It is easy for many to slack off when doing online courses (I know I do). If you had issues with her getting things completed in a B&M school then its quite possible you will have the same challenges in an online school as well.
  14. I have done both. DS now does CLE Math 2, but we use Fred as a read-aloud and then he solves the problems. I don't think Fred would be good as a stand alone but some parents could probably make it work. Singapore math was nice.....but ultimately I found that CLE is the best fit for ds. I would say you could easily use both...it fits in really well with most math programs (LOF that is)
  15. Darn it why didn't I find these earlier LOL??? Well maybe with DD if I am still hs'ing then. Question..at what grade or age would you start the Georgraphy course?
  16. We just switched....AGAIN. I think finally finally I have found what works for ds. We just started CLE Math 2 and CLE Reading and Language Arts 2 this month and love love love love it! I don't know why I didn't go with this earlier...got too scared it would be over ds's head but it isn't! Also going back to Ambleside Online, starting with Year 2 in January, but doing some read alouds from the list now.
  17. No...does not bother me. But I am pretty direct and work in a field where directness and bluntness are the norm and must be used because that is what is needed.
  18. I think 1A should be ok....it is very similar to Earlybird IMO, at least the early topics are.
  19. Love me some NOEO.......I miss it a lot. science twice a week...a lot of fun.
  20. Anything with "watch" in the title I am going to be leery of. The guy who founded that website is not exactly what I would call unbiased and didn't do his research before he sent his child to a Waldorf school. OM is not true Waldorf, and anyone can take what they like and leave the rest.
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