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  1. I am helping to start a local homeschool book club for middle school aged kids. The kids would like to do the Hobbit and LOTR series this year. Do you have any suggestions on discussion questions or where to find good ones online? Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much ladies! You are so right. I know my child and am very familiar with the curriculum I that I think would be a much better fit for her. In fact, I already own all of it so I can just pull it off the shelf and go. I am always so thankful to this community during these moments.
  3. I decided to try using only Memoria Press this year for my 2nd grader. This is a first for me and I am wondering if I made a mistake. I went to their conference the last two years and felt confident in my decision that this would help make my life be a little easier. However, we are just finishing week 2 and I am panicking. I am thinking about stopping their Latin and switching to English from the Roots Up which I used with my older kids and really liked. I am also considering dropping their English Grammar Practice book and going back to FLL 2 and WWE 1. So I would basically be taking the La
  4. Thanks everyone! This has been really helpful. I think that I will drop WWE for now. I'm not sure yet if I want to use their grammar/latin program and I really liked using FLL with my older kids. So I am thinking that I will leave it in the line up. I already have it too! I am thinking that just by dropping WWE it will lighten the load enough to make it a good balance. :)
  5. I am working on plans for my DD who will be starting 1st grade soon. I am planning on using Memoria Press for a lot of it. However, I am questioning if I should add WWE 1 and FLL1. I really liked using those with my older kids and am questioning if there is enough of that covered in MP curriculum. I am also wondering if the overall load is to much. Take a look and at what I am planning and give me your honest opinions. Thanks! WW1 FLL1 Memoria Press Phonics and new Traditional spelling MP Lit (1st grade level) MP copybook MP recitations MP enrichment/ crafts Rod and Staff math 1 SO
  6. That is good to know that Mango is passive. My girls already use Duolingo and enjoy it.
  7. Has anyone ever used Mango languages? I am trying to decide if I should use Mango Languages or Rosetta Stone for my DD going into 4th grade who wants to learn Italian. I also have a daughter going to be a 9th grader and would like to try and use the same for both (if possible) to save money. Help!!!!
  8. I am looking into hiring a tutor for high school Italian for my DD. The first person I found charges $30 per hour. Is that the normal rate? Thanks!
  9. I have a DD who will be starting her freshman year this fall and would like to learn Italian. I don't think that I can swing the cost of a tutor this year and am looking at options for doing a home study that would count for high school credit. I am thinking about having her use the Italian Espresso (textbook + DVD) along with the Italian Grammar In Practice book this coming year. Has anyone else used it without a tutor? Is this going to work? I would love feedback from anyone who has went down the path already. Thanks!
  10. I am looking at RS 1 to finish out the end of K and going into first grade.
  11. I have been trying to use Saxon Math K for my 3rd daughter. I am just not thrilled with it and not motivated to actually use it most days. I use a lot of MP materials with my older girls and saw that they use Rod and Staff for math. I really don't know much about RS math but am wondering if I should try it. I would love to hear your thoughts if you have used RS, especially if you switched from Saxon or vs. Thanks!

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    I am selling the following items. They are all in like new condition. *IEW SWICC Level B both DVDs and student binder SOLD *I have a new copy of the IEW Character Based Writing Lessons. I am asking $20. It is a discontinued item but one of my favorites. Prices include shipping.


  13. Thanks Kat w! When using WWE I would pick out the books of interest to my daughter and we would check them out from the library and read the whole thing as well. I appreciate your insight since you have used both.
  14. This might sound like a dumb question, but I am going to ask anyways. I have used WWE for my daughter going into third grade for the last two years. I am thinking about not using WWE 3 but instead using Memoria Press's literature guides for grade 3 level. It looks like there is over lap and I don't want to do double the work and both of us get bored (plus I have 3 other kids and don't have time). Would that cover what WWE covers plus add a layer of of lit to it as well? Thanks in advance for the advise!
  15. So I started EFRU vol. 1 with my girls. I am just getting to card 21 which is jacio jactum. In the teacher notes it said that the j was pronounced as a 'y' sound. At the beginning of the book it didn't say to pronounce the j sound in any special way. I'm not familiar with Latin so I am really confused. How do I and my girls, pronounce the 'j' sound? I want them to continue learning latin after this and don't want to confuse them. Thanks!
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