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  1. Thank you so much ladies! You are so right. I know my child and am very familiar with the curriculum I that I think would be a much better fit for her. In fact, I already own all of it so I can just pull it off the shelf and go. I am always so thankful to this community during these moments.
  2. I decided to try using only Memoria Press this year for my 2nd grader. This is a first for me and I am wondering if I made a mistake. I went to their conference the last two years and felt confident in my decision that this would help make my life be a little easier. However, we are just finishing week 2 and I am panicking. I am thinking about stopping their Latin and switching to English from the Roots Up which I used with my older kids and really liked. I am also considering dropping their English Grammar Practice book and going back to FLL 2 and WWE 1. So I would basically be taking the Latin & Grammar row out of the curriculum manual and replacing it with those three items. I feel like the Latin is way to hard for my DD and the grammar is not strong enough. I am thinking that she would get a lot more out of the EFRU, FLL2, and WWE1. Thoughts? I hate switching but I feel like I would regret not switching. Help!!!!
  3. Thanks everyone! This has been really helpful. I think that I will drop WWE for now. I'm not sure yet if I want to use their grammar/latin program and I really liked using FLL with my older kids. So I am thinking that I will leave it in the line up. I already have it too! I am thinking that just by dropping WWE it will lighten the load enough to make it a good balance. :)
  4. I am working on plans for my DD who will be starting 1st grade soon. I am planning on using Memoria Press for a lot of it. However, I am questioning if I should add WWE 1 and FLL1. I really liked using those with my older kids and am questioning if there is enough of that covered in MP curriculum. I am also wondering if the overall load is to much. Take a look and at what I am planning and give me your honest opinions. Thanks! WW1 FLL1 Memoria Press Phonics and new Traditional spelling MP Lit (1st grade level) MP copybook MP recitations MP enrichment/ crafts Rod and Staff math 1 SOTW 1 Behold and See 1 (science)
  5. That is good to know that Mango is passive. My girls already use Duolingo and enjoy it.
  6. Has anyone ever used Mango languages? I am trying to decide if I should use Mango Languages or Rosetta Stone for my DD going into 4th grade who wants to learn Italian. I also have a daughter going to be a 9th grader and would like to try and use the same for both (if possible) to save money. Help!!!!
  7. I am looking into hiring a tutor for high school Italian for my DD. The first person I found charges $30 per hour. Is that the normal rate? Thanks!
  8. I have a DD who will be starting her freshman year this fall and would like to learn Italian. I don't think that I can swing the cost of a tutor this year and am looking at options for doing a home study that would count for high school credit. I am thinking about having her use the Italian Espresso (textbook + DVD) along with the Italian Grammar In Practice book this coming year. Has anyone else used it without a tutor? Is this going to work? I would love feedback from anyone who has went down the path already. Thanks!
  9. I am looking at RS 1 to finish out the end of K and going into first grade.
  10. I have been trying to use Saxon Math K for my 3rd daughter. I am just not thrilled with it and not motivated to actually use it most days. I use a lot of MP materials with my older girls and saw that they use Rod and Staff for math. I really don't know much about RS math but am wondering if I should try it. I would love to hear your thoughts if you have used RS, especially if you switched from Saxon or vs. Thanks!

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  12. Thanks Kat w! When using WWE I would pick out the books of interest to my daughter and we would check them out from the library and read the whole thing as well. I appreciate your insight since you have used both.
  13. This might sound like a dumb question, but I am going to ask anyways. I have used WWE for my daughter going into third grade for the last two years. I am thinking about not using WWE 3 but instead using Memoria Press's literature guides for grade 3 level. It looks like there is over lap and I don't want to do double the work and both of us get bored (plus I have 3 other kids and don't have time). Would that cover what WWE covers plus add a layer of of lit to it as well? Thanks in advance for the advise!
  14. Anyone? I'm interested to find out more too. :)
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