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  1. Not to hijack but..... Where would I start if I know nothing about either but want to learn? I'd love to take a class or have someone IRL show me because that's how I learn best but those aren't really options right now. I am left-handed but do a lot with my right so I don't know how to even start to learn what would work for me.
  2. Did you get the TM? If so, maybe do some orally from that LU? I am only in Reading 300 so that may not apply to 500 but we had to do that as the set we bought was missing 301. Worked out fine in our case.
  3. Thanks all. There are some good ideas here. I will list everything out for dh and he can narrow it down for me. I appreciate the help!
  4. DH no longer has access to a fridge or a microwave at work for his lunch. I need ideas on things he can take that don't need to be kept very cold (he takes a mesh backpack with an ice pack but it doesn't keep things cold for long) and don't need heated. He can't take things in a thermos either. He works in security so it all has to be "seen". Any ideas?
  5. Pay off bills/house to free up money each month for classes, field trips, etc.
  6. I asked this a long time ago but never really got an answer. If you use a timeline notebook/binder (self-printed or otherwise), how do you add more pages in if you need more space in a time period? Do you print front and back or front only? Just trying to understand the logistics of adding pages. I am planning on printing my own pages but not sure how to date them and what to do if I need more. The program we are using is doing ancient history by geographical region instead of chronological so we will be going back and adding to the timeline as we go through the lessons.
  7. I am looking for a resource/reference book for me to have on hand to help explain spelling rules and such when my boys ask me why a word is spelled the way it is, why you change letters when adding suffixes, etc. I can spell fairly well myself but can't explain the "why" or the rule.
  8. Berta, do you have a link for the Student Log Book? mommyfaithe, is there a specific planner you use with the days down the side?
  9. I'm looking for a planner with the days numbered (Day 1, Day 2, etc) instead of Mon, Tues, Wed for the week. Doesn't matter if it's something I print myself or even just pictures of some but just needing inspiration for planning this way for a change. Doing the days of the week and then missing a day throws me off so much. So wanting to try something different.
  10. I am combining my older two for history and science. We are using textbooks with the plan to flesh out topics of interest. I am trying to figure out the pros/cons or if it makes any difference to how I schedule these 2 subjects. The typical schedules of both subjects every day or alternating days (MWF/TR) don't seem to work for us. So I am thinking of these two options - 1. Doing one semester of each, daily lessons. Or 2. Alternating units with daily lessons. So I would do a unit of science and then do a couple chapters of history. I have figured out how many pages would need to be done each day to get it done in a year and we will have some cushion. I just don't know if one option is better than the other for any reason. Any advice?
  11. I've seen some people recommend some good math videos on Netflix but can't find the name or what to look for. Can anyone help? :-) Thanks.
  12. What topic do you want to study? I was looking for ancient/world/geography. I decided to use BJU 6th for my 10 and 7 years olds together. I plan on using it as a read-aloud, asking some questions, doing some of the fun things, and adding in books on topics of interest. History is one area we haven't done well at all. I want to keep my kids together on the content subjects. I debated all the same publishers that you are and am so thankful I got to look at them at convention. Out of those 4 choices, BJU was tops with Abeka second. BJU (at least this grade) seemed so much more interesting and engaging. But..... we haven't used it yet. :-)
  13. Yes. They just added it yesterday. This is what I had requested. I didn't ask this specifically but I think this sample for 3rd will be similar for the other grades. They are wonderful at answering questions if you want to confirm that.
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