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  1. I love this. Our library system works the same way. And we can return books to ANY library branch which helps a lot too....people shouldn't be penalized for returning them to the wrong library if there are multiple branches in the town.
  2. Sorry, I think it is stupid to take a baby to any movie unless it's a kids only showing-especially a movie like the Batman series which is LOUD and can damage baby hearing and it very well could scare the child....disturbing others and having parents not being able to get their money's worth. No one can predict what a baby would do at a theater, so it is best to avoid them alltogether. I stupidly tried it once and never again until my son was 6. You can wait to see a movie if you can't get a sitter. BUT, that does not mean anyone should have been harmed because of this decision. The baby, nor the parents, deserved any of this. NO ONE did. I don't agree with the decision but I do agree they should have the right to view a movie without fear of their lives. It is not their fault it happened. It was time and unforseen occurance and I am sure they would have stayed home if they knew what would happen. A 6 year old is a bigger and older child-I can easily see an older child on summer vacation being excited to see the new Batman movie and what a treat it would be to see it at the first midnight showing. I wouldn't do it...my 6 year old can't handle this intense of a series yet. I think it depends on the child, and if the parents feel comfortable with that child viewing Batman. If it wasn't a work night I would gladly take my son to a midnight viewing of a Pixar movie maybe. Again though, I don't get the victim blaming either. People have the right to go to movies in peace without fear of violence and the only person at fault is the gunman.
  3. All I can do is water kefir and kombucha....I sure miss it. Both are easy but a bit time consuming.
  4. Technically we never stopped but we slowed down quite a bit and stopped doing a few subjects. We'll pick up everything Aug 19th
  5. I probably would actually answer it, though I get the mistrust. I could even be wrong for answering it but personally don't see any harm in responding. Of course he has a vested interest in his own district---which is fine, since all kids deserve a great education regardless of the method used. I don't see anything wrong with them trying to advertise themselves better or anything else... I am suspicious by nature with some things, but this wouldn't bother me. Of course my area is very "meh" about education period and I am in an easy state for homeschooling. They can market and advertise all the want, and I won't change my mind. LIke it or not the public school system is here to stay and is very much needed by many families, and not all public or private schools are horrible evil messes. If they want to improve themselves or improve their advertising, so be it. If it is a real concern, call him up and chat him up. Ask him why he wants to know. I'd be very curious but not hostile.
  6. Yes. I want at least one more. One more may be all I could handle. Sadly I don't know if that will happen....
  7. In my house I rarely buy soda....even if I do it's Hansen's or Blue Sky but even real sugar is sugar so it's a rare event. Outside the home....well....hard to control. If they were out with friends or something I wouldn't fuss unless it was an allergen issue.
  8. I am back to school for myself....although it's only one or two classes at a time per semester. It's a pain in the butt but it has to be done.
  9. Not having someone to watch your kids IS a pretty darn good excuse in my book if I can't find someone and can't afford someone to watch them. I would definitely work my hardest to find someone or try and save money so someone could watch them, but if neither of that happened THEN I would try and postpone it until I couldn't postpone anymore. IF, and only if, at that point I had the same circumstances I'd take them with me and oh well to them.
  10. Timberdoodle hands down. Love love love the look of it....in general they are one of the two packaged curriculums I like. I like the fact it comes with books AND extras.
  11. Unfortunately this isn't possible for everyone. Not all can afford private insurance and while many hospitals do take payments, it can still be a big hardship on a family. I have seen the families of some of my friends go through this and at least one has filed bankruptcy due to the bills. You are fortunate, not everyone is.
  12. Yes it can be very hard work. However with the right person the load is shared and is lighter.
  13. My metabolism changed after both kids were born. I could eat anything and stay thin before....not now. I can only do about 30 mins of exercise a day....I don't have time for more. I do Jillian Michaels DVDs...I watch what I eat. Still does not come off.
  14. Ehh Walmart isn't that great in customer service either. I live here, enjoy some great things, but I see other things that are more important to me that happen in other countries. Sweden, Finland, parts of Canada...those are places where I wouldn't mind living.
  15. Sole provider and sole parent here. Not by choice but necessity on both ends....someone else made that decision for me. I work three 12 hr shifts and one 6 hr shift....so I can homeschool the other 3.5 days.
  16. :iagree: I have to agree. I would try to get to know the girl first before assuming anything. Talk with the daughter and remind of house rules and remind her why they need to be followed. Ask her about the girl and her home life. When it comes to teens don't assume anything. There is no use in sitting and speculating when it is more productive to try to get to the bottom of things. It may explain her behavior and persona. Try to even get to know her, although kids are pretty sensitive and can pick up when someone does not like them or if they feel like someone does not like them.
  17. If someone inside or outside homeschooling asks what grade they are in, I mention a number (or letter in my case still) and leave it at that. I don't care what level your homeschooler is and I know many people don't care that your kid can do work above grade level. I don't advertise anything about mine unless it does come up ("how is his reading going?" "Oh he is doing well, he reads at x level and seems to be doing well."). Really...I think it is neat you have above averge or gifted kids but I don't care about levels-especially when I first meet you-I just want to know about you and your family as people and hopefully form some great friendships.
  18. nope. I have to worry about trying to keep the rest of my house clean....bed is the least of my worries.
  19. for my preschooler, who will be 4 in October, we will be continuing ABCMouse.com, and starting Building Thinking Skills, Beginning and Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1, plus lots of read alouds and playtime.
  20. This isn't what the OP is referring to, she was already working to take care of the issue.
  21. Very cool!!!!!!! So far I'm at work so no happy moments yet....there aren't many here lol.
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