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  1. Dd will be starting 9th grade and I plan on her using Sharon Watson's Power in Your Hands. I have read online that the program can easily be spread over 2 years. We already have the material in hand, and it does appear that it can be used over a 2 year period, but I don't find any mention of that in the book. My question is specifically about scheduling . Do most people use it over 2 years versus 1 year? If so, how have you scheduled the material out? Do you go in order of the book? My concern was that there are several chapters on persuasion in the beginning.
  2. I was looking into DO math and while I was able to find samples of the online videos, I couldn't find any samples of the student workbook and the homework worksheets. Does anyone know if there are samples online somewhere and if so, where I could locate them at? I am specifically looking for Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra. I feel like I'm only getting a small snipet of the program by viewing the videos only and not be able to see the workbook and homework worksheets. Thanks!
  3. I'm needing some help deciding which level of Atelier Art to purchase:/ I have dd (11 yrs- 6th grade) and ds (will be 10 in Sept- 5th grade) that I will mainly be using it for. My almost 6 year old (1st grader) will tag along for fun. The kids have had some art exposure here and there, but nothing intense. My son (the almost 10 year old) has some fine motor delays, so art has not always been something he has loved (as he wants to create a piece that looks exactly like the model). So, which level would you recommend?
  4. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input. ..it helps tremendously! :)
  5. Which of the 3 art programs do you like best? My kiddos are 1st, 5th and 6th grade. I know Atelier is quite a bit costlier, but if price weren't a factor would you choose Atelier?
  6. Thanks. .a friend of mine said the same thing about it being too wordy. I was also concerned about us getting 'burn out' from studying one topic all year long.
  7. Apologia Young Explorer Series or Science in the Beginning series...which would you recommend using with a 1st, 5th and 6th grader?
  8. I'm looking for input from anyone who has used RS4 Kids Building Block series. I'd love to hear your feedback on it! I'm considering Book 1 for my 1st grader (also have R.E.A.L Science Odyssey level 1 Life here to maybe use), and Book 5 for my 5th and 6th grader (or was considering trying Apologia).
  9. I haven't been so good about doing read alouds with the older 2 kids this year due to a new baby. I'm thinking of looking for audio books instead to do for now (our library has a huge selection of books on cd). I'm looking for read aloud suggestions for upper elementary school age....dd is almost 11 and finishing up 5th grade and ds is 9 years and finishing up 4th grade (but I've always brought him up to dd's level for them to work together). ETA: I might as well ask for suggestions for my 5 year old (kinder) too:) She reads at about a 2nd-3rd grade level, but need to find some good
  10. Looking to supplement writing with our CLE LA. I was looking into EIW and WWW for both dd and ds. I would put both in Level/Grade 5 for both. It looks like the first half of EIW is grammar, so we'd just skip that part and start on the second section. Any input on the two programs?
  11. We've been using CLE LA (along with CLE Math and Reading) for a couple years now. I'm starting to think I may need to supplement and use a different spelling though. Both dd and ds just finished up the 400 level of LA. DS (15 mo younger) is a bit of a better speller than DD, so I am thinking mainly about her as I try to figure out if I should use a different spelling program. We've used AAS in the past, so I don't want to use that. I was thinking a rule-based spelling would be best. DD really does well on things she can do somewhat independently, so nothing too teacher intensive. So, give
  12. Thanks! My concern was also how I would take it so frequently without dairy lol. I was told or had read not to take the iron 2 hrs before or 2 hrs after consuming dairy as the calcium prohibits the absorption of the iron:( Cereal is my go to breakfast (I think eggs are in this category too).
  13. I ended up finding some locally! yay! One of our stores carried the Country Life brand of it (w/ the Ferrochel ferrous bisglyncibate chelate). It was 10.99, but I would have to pay $10 shipping on Vitacost (and even iherb).We're usually always exampt from free shipping here in Alaska :( I took my first dose this evening. Fingers crossed it works! I'll work up to twice a day if all goes well. It's 25 mg in each pill so that will give me 50 mg. It's not the 60-80 mg my doctor said, but not sure I want to take 3 pills a day:/ Perhaps if I tolerate it well I could try.
  14. Thanks! I just called my health food store, and they only had one brand of it.....and it has other things in it which I wasn't really wanting since I'll probably take more than pill :/ We're in Alaska, so our options are very limited here. Oh how I miss living in Southern CA lol. Anyways, I looked at Vitacost (never ordered from them before but a friend recommended them), and they have their brand of chelated ferrous bisglycinate iron (Albion Ferrochel) that is only $4.99 (with buy one get one half off!). Seems like a great price, so I may try just ordering that one :)
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