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  1. Thank you guys! I’ll look at all of these. I definitely think he’d like biographies of inventors and scientists, and I will try Freddy the Pig to test his “talking animals” rule. I really appreciate the suggestions and the support. XOXO
  2. Help! Currently reading aloud the 26 Fairmount Ave series to DS7, and he likes it very much but he is getting worried about what we read after this, and I’m hoping to bring him some options so he can “choose” and have a little buy-in. Here’s the Venn diagram I’m building: * he’s chronologically 7, intellectually 10 and social-emotionally 4 * he strongly prefers non-fiction, including memoirs; he’s good w SOTW * last I heard he cannot tolerate talking animals but that was a couple of years ago * he is quite sensitive and newly diagnosed as ASD. Today he sat for “T
  3. I joined this board when my oldest was a year and a half old. I now have four kids and the youngest is a year and a half old, and we are doing our first year of “official” homeschool thanks to the pandemic. I feel prepared-ish and like I’ll be able to muddle through with help. Thanks all!

  4. Remembering empathy for our kids is hard but so important!
  6. Hello! I am due with #4 in May. In our area and social milieu, having four or more kids is...not common. We know one Orthodox Jewish family with 10, a Catholic family with 5 kids, and I have a couple of LDS friends who are from large families. But four or more is generally NOT the done thing around here. Where I live, I find that one kid is common, two is the "norm," three is "oh how cute they like having kids and they can afford it" or "well you know those immigrants are so family-oriented," but four is "what is wrong with you are you insane?" Sidebar rant: My parents are somew
  7. DS5 has started reading the Horrible Science series. He's been a fluent reader since 3 but he doesn't love it (he seems to abhor fiction), but "human body books" fascinate him.
  8. I'm asking here because I remember this existing and I'm sure I learned about it here, but hell if I can find it again through much Googling. Does anyone have a link to a one-page reading vocabulary/reading level test that was like twelve rows of words (for the 12 grades) and there was a guideline that once the kid didn't recognize like three or five words on a line that was probably their reading level?
  9. Either put it all in aggressive-growth mutual funds or try to find a well-maintained three-bedroom, two-bath single-family home in a good school district around here to buy and use as a rental.
  10. We found this one at a thrift shop and my kid whipped through it. Seemed to leave a good impression: http://amzn.to/2vzAdnI If your kid is 12+ or an extremely advanced/voracious reader of any age, I recommend the Oxford Press version retold by Geraldine McCreaghan and illustrated by the great Victor Ambrus: http://amzn.to/2vzfa4I
  11. I have only the faintest recollection of radical being a math term! Maybe my kids will know it better. Thanks for all the ideas and tips. I am taking notes furiously. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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