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  1. Movie night: redbox or amazon gift card for movie, movie candy, popcorn. Maybe a fuzzy blanket or gift card for bringing dinner in. Or: a “make any night a date night†and include wine glasses, bottle of wine, and candles. In the past I would have added a CD of romantic music. Maybe now it would be an iTunes card? Game night date night: board game (or games depending on budget) for two plus some fun snacks
  2. We skipped last week and this week for that reason and youth group both weeks too. Going to stuff we need to buy avoiding anything we don’t. One immune compromised and one prone to terrible asthma when sick means we’re being extra careful.
  3. I’ve never once seen that at any gym I’ve been a part of. All of them have also had signs up though with various etiquette rules: —no saving machines —30 minute limit on cardio machines if others are waiting (otherwise no limit) —wipe machines after use (wipes, sprays, and towels are available) —restock weights That’s super rude and not normal in my experience.
  4. Happened to me at children’s place. 60% off online, full price in store. Store clerk told me to order on my phone and come back the next day and she’d keep it behind the counter and hand it to me. So so dumb.
  5. I use it anywhere I want a PB taste without the calories. The vast majority of the time in smoothies. I’ve also used it in oatmeal and in frozen banana “ice creamâ€. I like a strong PB flavor that would just require way more PB than my pants will allow.
  6. So I got: A would equal 10, B would equal 5, C would equal 2 so the final answer would be 25 (making sure to do the multiplication first in the last equation).
  7. It's sold at Whole Foods in the freezer area.
  8. Really at the moment I'm thinking I'm going to get the first appointment I can into a lower cost clinic and then make a valiant effort to have it adopted. But really, the reality of that is super small right now in Houston. Sigh. Thanks for processing and confirming my fears.
  9. I think it would actually love to be an indoor cat. If it's on our front porch and we open the door, it marches right in. We are just not ready for that (my son's allergy, not sure about it with our dog, not sure how it would do as far as scratching furniture/litter box, and we are in a rental and would need to clear it with the landlord). So...outdoor cat it is :) Hotly contested. Boys want to name it "that cat". Daughter wants Oreo. I have been strenuously trying to avoid naming it due to my fear of this becoming our cat. Good to know. Just trying to fathom moving however many hours in a van with three kids, a large dog, and a stray cat in a carrier. Feels like like crossing into the land of crazy. If only it hadn't looked so radically sad that first time we saw it and fed it tuna...
  10. I definitely want to do this/am planning on it. Just trying to hunt down a low cost clinic. Main one I've found does not have availability til December--think due to all the Harvey related chaos. Also considered that. But all the local FB/pet pages are overrun with offers of cats, particularly since the storm. And it's just worse since Harvey. And since I don't actually know how it would do inside (or really anything else about it), I also am a little hesitate in case someone gets it and it goes poorly. But yes, also considered doing the vet thing first and then advertising it.
  11. So...my daughter has always wanted a cat. I really like them myself, but my oldest son is allergic (but not wildly so), we have a dog who is not crazy about cats, and we have a bunch of stress right now and don't need another pet. We live in a metro area and the lady next door ("Crazy Cat Lady") leaves out cat food 24/7 in front of both of her houses. Super annoying as we have masses of feral cats in the area who all flock next door. Generally we just try to ignore the cat fights, random cats on our roof, etc... About 6 weeks ago we saw this really sad, super skinny cat by our van. My daughter begged to feed it and we happened to have tuna in our pantry that my mom left here last time she visited (we hate tuna). So the cat ran right up and ate when she brought it out. This happened again, about 1-2 times a week, for a few weeks. Then...we crossed a line I think :huh: . For the last few weeks, we have been feeding it every day. It sits on our doorstep waiting for us in the morning. It's plumped right up and is SO friendly. Purrs constantly, super cuddly. If we let it, it would march right into our house. It is definitely a cat someone dumped and not a feral cat like all the other cats in the neighborhood. Somewhere in there, I grabbed cat flea and tick treatment at Petsmart and used that on it so that it wouldn't end up spreading fleas to our dog. Now, I am trying to figure out what to do. This cat loves us. It still roams the neighborhood, but spends maybe an hour or two a day on our front porch. I'm considering if I should find a low cost spay/neuter (another thing...totally don't know the gender of this cat...think female but not certain) and take it in (our city does the TNR thing and I know there are vets that participate...my vet is WAY too expensive). But what would I do while it recovered from surgery? I'm sure it would need to rest. And then I'm thinking if it was there, I would probably have them do a rabies shot. What else? Where do I then cross the line that this cat is our cat? I really wouldn't mind it being our outdoor cat, but all this is complicated by the fact that we are moving at some point in the next three-six months. Still don't know where--job hunt underway (hence lots of stress and not great timing for a new pet). My kids think the cat should come with us. My husband will fall over in shock if I tell him this. And really...that would be weird right? To take an outdoor stray cat and move it to another outdoor area? Like stick it in a carrier and drive it to some other random state and leave it outside our house and keep feeding it? That just sounds nuts. If we just left it here, it would constantly have food supplied by my next door neighbor like all the other cats. I've mainly been thinking about it not having kittens on our front porch or passing diseases around so helping it be healthy while not actually adopting it. Is this wistful thinking? When I started buying cat food did I obligate myself for life? :lol: Sorry this ended up rambling. Basically, what would you have done at a vet if you were me and managed to find a carrier, get it in, and take it to a vet? And can it still not actually be "my" cat? Can I just be a good samaritan? Thanks for any help! Oh, and this is the only cat in the neighborhood our dog doesn't bark at. Which is totally not helping my desire to not adopt a new cat when we are getting ready to move. One more tidbit. So we are in Houston. When we evacuated for Harvey, my son made it a shelter on our porch. Yeah, when we got home 6 days later (after 4 feet of water on our street), the cat was waiting for us on the welcome mat. This was when I began to realize we might have a problem.
  12. I would take pictures and call. My boys have had those tests several times and never had that happen (and their allergies are horrible). I'd let them know and give you a dosing plan for meds.
  13. Dallas is totally fine. Overcast and a little drizzly but nothing major. Our hotel is totally filled with Houston folk, as I imagine are all the rest of the hotels. Trying to enjoy the city as best we can while waiting to see when we can go back.
  14. We live in Houston proper but currently in Dallas. House still dry and with power according to the neighbors but about 3 feet of water in the road, water up to the sidewalks. Praying it somehow manages to absorb more tonight without going in the house. Roof/helicopter/coast guard rescues within minutes of our house. People still trapped in attics waiting to be rescued. We've gotten about 21 inches in the last 2.5 days with more to come. I'm thankful we're safe but hate not being there to try and rescue our things (but really what would we do with them? Can't get out of the neighborhood.) So we wait and watch and pray for the rain to pass. And such concern for these reservoirs and what will happen when they're released.
  15. We prepped to stay (my preference)--we are right in Houston proper. Our neighborhood will 100% flood as it always does but our house never does (hoping this isn't the first time!). My dh felt super strongly about leaving so ended up heading to Dallas early this morning and going to do some touristy stuff for the weekend. I'm conflicted as I'd rather be there hunkered down but I think everyone else in my family disagrees :) So mini vacation to avoid the storm. Wondering when we'll be able to drive back...
  16. Elderberry Nasal rinse Cold Calm Zicam nasal swabs (Generally I just two the middle two with extra vitamin C and D)
  17. $6000 per person, $13,000 family, $20,000 out of network. So yeah...a lot. But my husbands employer does some of the out of pocket expense in an account for us so we don't pay all of that. Sadly we met our deductible last year and are likely to this year too. Although after that it is 100% covered.
  18. Just be sure to take the sun sensitivity seriously. Like really, really seriously. Even with spf 70 plus lots of clothes, I got sun poisoning from a burn on my KNUCKLES while on doxy (apparently the only area I didn't cover). Lots of indoor time coming up! I also could not take it on an empty stomach. Glad you were able to get it!
  19. Okay, maybe I shouldn't have started this thread. I want everything. Currently have items on my eBay watch list, items in my amazon carts, and then a bunch of other random windows open on my computer. The last few flip flop links have been amazing...exactly what I'm looking for. And how have I never heard of soft surroundings? Way more than I want to spend but I really like them and they're only 15 minutes from my house (and right near a Walking Company store). Really think I may go look later this week...
  20. So many great ideas!!!! Thank you--checking out all the different websites. Really like the abeos...hadn't heard of them before.
  21. I'm certain this has been talked about, but I have searched and searched and just can't seem to find it. I'm hoping to buy a couple casual summer dresses and skirts this week before we head out on vacation. We live where it is HOT and I'm also carrying a little more weight than I'd like so hoping for not skin tight (as is the rest of society who will see me :001_smile: ). Also looking for a new pair of flip flops, but with more support as we will be walking quite a bit. I'm really looking for everyday run around wear. Would you pretty pretty please share your favorites (maybe with links?). I'm searching all around online but struggling to know if they really work on real people or not. Thank you!!!
  22. I didn't choose. I just read them all :) Then I read all the Miss Marple ones. Then all the Tommy and Tuppence. Plus all the short stories and misc. other detectives. Then...I read them all again. And again. Now I wait til I'm pretty sure I've forgotten who did it and read it again. So I may be no hope :)
  23. If you want to start super cheap and easy, you could get an aero press to make a good, strong coffee (but it's not espresso). Make sure you start with a good coffee. Then get a basic milk frother to get some good frothy milk. Use a good cream or half and half to make it really rich. Or if you want it sweet you can even froth flavored creamers. IKEA sells a frother for under $3 if you want super simple :) There are way better things to do with espresso makers and high end machines but this would be a no frill way to start to experiment. I started out this way with way more milk and sugar than coffee but now really appreciate a good coffee with a little splash of creamer and no sugar.
  24. We always have. I just think it's kind and a helpful thing for the new owners. Generally we take quite a bit off the walls before listing so those are definitely patched/painted. Then the few things we leave up we patch/paint when we take them down. I think it's because I'm still scarred by a house we bought years ago that had a ridiculous number of nail holes and was super dirty when we moved it. It just made me think about how I'd like to move in and have tried to do that for others.
  25. Sorry open enrollment is not the word. Just your chance to sign up for your zoned school. You are not allowed to pick. If your zoned school is full they will assign you to an overflow. There is a lottery system but it's a pretty small chance of getting in since the schools are already pretty full.
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