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  1. Hah! I saw this today and seriously do not remember this at all. I actually can't even remember which kid it was! So...I guess it resolved??? :) Tomorrow morning I'm making each kid show me the bottom of their feet so I can see what happened to it. I feel this may be a low point of parenting. Very, very far in the recesses of my memory I feel like I remember a child with a blood blister. Which child? No idea. But that's my best guess for what it was.
  2. Awesome...thanks! Sheets needed washing anyway so not a loss either way. I have a full container of cetaphil so I'll so that tomorrow. Off to google it. Thanks!
  3. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. We were at a friend's house yesterday. They just found one louse on one of their kids...that was playing with my youngest two for a couple hours yesterday. How much should I panic? So far, I had all kids plus me wash and condition and added tea tree oil to the shampoo. Then we stripped the beds and put on new sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Everything is getting washed. (can I just dry blankets on high or do I have to wash those too?) Putting stuffed animals from bed in bags. Is that enough? Would you do other things? We've never had them. We may very well be fine so I don't want to totally freak out, but...I really really don't want lice. My kids have a little bit of dandruff and I'm just clueless for what I'm looking for if I started checking their hair. Help!! WWYD?
  4. I don't typically do meals, just snacks. I put a few things out on the counter and tell them they can get a mix of things, or just one thing, or nothing :) I don't ask for suggestions but usually I feel like there's a good mix. The other day when a bunch of kids were here I put out grapes, strawberries, pretzels, and yogurts. Cups for water. Bowls to put things in. If there's allergies I would accommodate those of course but otherwise that's my usual plan. Then kids can get what they like and leave the rest. If they complain, I tell them they're free to bring something along next time for themselves but this is what we have in our house. Take it or leave it. And sometimes I don't do that but just make a huge bowl of popcorn in the air popper and everyone gets their own bowl of it. That is always a hit and easy and cheap.
  5. Heat index was 116 this week. The other night the heat index was 95 at 11:00 at night. Seriously so miserable.
  6. I am going through these this summer (preparing to teach this fall). They have been so helpful...couldn't do it without them. No, he doesn't cover everything but enough to really help and then be able to dig in from there. He does talk fast for the recitation section but not the rest of the time. (And you could slow him down on computer). Very fun, entertaining, and helpful.
  7. I went to a vascular Doctor. At that point my insurance required a referral from primary but that would totally depend on your insurance. My procedures were both covered by insurance but I had really good insurance back then...don't know that it would be covered by my current. All things you would have to look into for your specific insurance. The treatment wasn't painful...they knocked me out for the removal and numbed the area when they collapsed them. Yes, It's a new vein (veins) that are vericose. It's frustrating they came back. Again, just kind of done at this point unless they get really painful. If they do I'll go back in.
  8. I had a bad section of vericose veins in my lower right leg. First I had shots in them to collapse them. That was probably about 1999. Worked for a while but came back. Then I had the main one removed. This was 2003. It stayed gone for awhile but then I had 3 pregnancies. Came back part way through the each pregnancy and then never left after the third: it's gotten really bad again. At this point, I've given up and just think it appears I'm meant to have varicose veins there :( So my experience hasn't been the best.
  9. Mine would like: Fun coloring book or journal with cool pens or pencils Gift card (like Starbucks or iTunes) plus something small like gum Fun nail polish/lotion/hair things
  10. We had this happen with emergency surgery on our middle son (when he was a year old). My husband just honestly would not back down, called and called, asked for superiors, wrote to them, and finally (after a lot of pushing back on his part) they gave us in network as it was an emergency and you know...his life was at risk. Silly us not to ask about the network as he's being held down for an IV. Seriously just the most ridiculous thing. For us the hospital was in network but the surgeon and anesthetiologist were not (which is a whole other level of crazy to be aware of).
  11. Here are some answers, not necessarily in order: -yes, we pick up after our dog in the backyard, maybe once or twice a week. It's truly no big deal. I use plastic grocery bags as "gloves". Quick and painless. -our dog does go out in the rain...just towel her off afterwards. --we have a poodle mix. Love the non-shedding but need to think through grooming. Either need to pay (not cheap and needed frequently) or learn how to yourself (what I did). --we started off crating but our dog truly hated it. We no longer crate but we didn't stop til we knew for certain (or as much as you can) that she would not have issues. She just sleeps when we are gone :) You just have to get to know your dog for how long they can go. Ours has never made a mess and we've left her 8-9 hours. --we do some walks (more when she was younger) but we run her around a lot in the house and in the yard to wear her out. --as far as expense, food can be so varied based on the quality. What you also need to think of is basic get exams/shots, heart worm/flea/tick mess (can get pricey), and grooming. Plus boarding if you're out of town. Good luck! We love our dog but there is a lot to think through.
  12. Kids Bowl Free Art projects from Michaels/Hobby Lobby Weekly cooking project My kids love Active Life Explorer for the Wii (if for some reason you had a Wii). Good, fun workout inside. Vacation Bible School Summer movies You tube art videos Some fun educational apps to do for a bit everyday?
  13. Could be make something cool and sell on etsy or the like? My daughter has thought of doing this for doll clothes.
  14. Could be like my family member. So in my case both father and son are "Michael" but son goes by middle name to distinguish. But all rosters have first name (which is also dads name).
  15. No. In Houston so dealing with lots of flooding. Absolutely not. During the last flooding last year we knew someone who got dysentary from getting stuff out of their flooded house (and lived very close to us). So definitely no. And yes my kids think I'm mean :)
  16. I love all the Kate Morton books. Her latest Lake House is really good. While it does involve a child disappearing, it really isn't sad (don't want to give anything away).
  17. I do this constantly. What I typically do is text the new mom a couple days ahead of time and give 3 choices and let her pick. That way we don't duplicate. My 3 favorites have usually been: Oven roasted chicken fajitas (from budget bytes). I also bring tortillas, chips, salsa, cheese, rice, refried beans (if there are tiny ones in the family is usually add a couple cheese quesdillas) Lasagna (I do an 8x8 pan unless it's a large family) with a salad and garlic bread Whole chicken roasted in the oven with sides, usually green beans and mashed potatoes or oven roasted potatoes, with rolls. Then I add a dessert and maybe a drink like lemonade or tea depending on the family. And always all disposable so nothing has to be returned.
  18. I desperately wish my parents had done them on me. My husband has them and I don't and we have had very different dental experiences. Obviously tons of other factors at work but we do them on our kids.
  19. I think it's totally fine with a colored sweater, matching tights, and bow or headband. She's seven. You have a nice dress. I would not buy something different.
  20. I would do a nice train set or set of blocks. Those were favorites around here.
  21. I have a good friend with a daughter with similar issues (minus the pickiness). She has been diagnosed with extreme sensory processing issues and is greatly helped with different therapies at OT. I would not rule out ASD testing either. Basically I would do a full work up to start figuring out what's going on and how to help him (and everyone else in the family). Also agree on The Explosive Child and I would also do The Out of Sync Child. And if I were desperate I would also remove ALL dairy and wheat and food dyes for quite a while and see what happens. So sorry! I know it's so hard.
  22. My 10 year old is currently doing the same thing. Somewhat recent move, anxiety at night (his bedroom is farther from ours that he is comfortable with). Here's what we are doing: He generally takes a little melatonin at night which really helps him get to sleep. We hang out in our den which is right by his room til he's asleep. It puts us close enough that he's comfortable (plus we go in and snuggle at bed time). We are keeping a camp mat with a sleeping bag on top in our room on the floor. If he awakes during the night and is nervous (basically every night) he just comes in with his blanket and pillow and falls right back asleep on the mat on the floor. It works well for all of us. We don't get woken up, he's not in our bed, he goes right to sleep and feels comfortable. We just have to make sure not to step on him in the morning :) We don't have plans to stop him.
  23. Here's what worked with my daughter at around age 5. We first made the rule that she once sucked her thumb at night. Note, that she was on board with working on stopping. If she wasn't, it would have been a totally different deal. So we nicely reminded her during the day if she was and after a couple week or so we got it contained to just night time. Night time was harder. We first worked on bed time, but she would still end up with her thumb in her mouth most of the night. What ended up working for her was to wear gloves while she slept. This totally stopped her. She wore them for a month or so at night? That was it for her.
  24. I would personally use earth balance...I think the flavor would work better and still be dairy free. Not saying you couldn't use the coconut oil...just that in substitutions like that I tend to go for earth balance.
  25. That stinks. I have never had trouble with them before. I actually ordered calendars Monday night and they have already shipped...so I think there is definitely an issue with your order. I have done cards before that I made on their site but picked up at Walmart shortly after. Is that an option?
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