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  1. My 11 year old ds woke up yesterday limping. He says his left leg mainly hurts up top near the hip area although he's had some pain in his knee as well. It hurts most when he is walking, particularly when he has just stood up. It's not terrible pain and doesn't bother him sitting down but he has a very noticeable limp. He said the pain is kind of "moving around". He felt fine when he went to bed Monday and we can't think of anything he did that day that could have caused it. I will say on Sunday he slipped and fell but jumped right up and said he was fine/didn't hurt. No swelling or bruising of any kind We are heading to the doctor tomorrow but curious if anyone else's dc had something similar happen.
  2. I had the same thing happen with a mouse in our closet. I finally told the kids I would pay them if they could trap it (husband out of town). I shut them in the closet and they checked each shoe (my big fear was putting my foot in and it being in there) and finally realized it was in a suitcase. We zipped it up, wheeled it down the road, and got rid of it. And actually never had any more. I know this doesn't really help...but that's what happened here.
  3. We definitely do both. Skip counting to understand the concept followed by memorization. I believe both are necessary or at least helpful.
  4. No. This is something you want on a big screen/larger TV. I have taught this before in that setting...laptop would have been a hindrance for sure. Otherwise...it is great to do in a group. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Really? Mine were in the stores in mid-June and are gone now.
  6. We wrote in the books and I think it was much easier. Not that it couldn't be done otherwise of course, we just preferred to write directly in the book. I would definitely buy 2.
  7. I've followed this and have thought in the past how much I would love to do this one day when the kids are older. However as someone with chronic lyme (under control now, just occasional flare ups), I don't know if I could get past worrying about the ticks. Seeing you mention you have had lyme makes me more curious, what are your plans for that? And it all sounds great BTW, enjoy!!!!
  8. So no rental company in your area has a van for rent? Most will quickly bring one in from another area. If they don't, can't you rent a smaller vehicle to just hold your family and let your sister follow you down in their own vehicle? Or another idea, rent a smaller vehicle one way just to get to your sisters and then rent a larger vehicle there to use the rest of the time. It's slightly more to rent one way but not terrible. We recently did it and the difference was not a lot.
  9. You can do it just using the website, but I would look over it carefully on the sections that spell it out (so not just the forums). I did buy the book (it was on sale on kindle awhile back) and did find it helpful for doing the Whole 30 the first time. I have seen people on various online forums who think they are doing one, but have definitely missed some of the rules (no smoothies, no snacks, meal template is just not correct). While I do not think there is a one size fits all approach to nutrition, this was one where if I was going to do it, I wanted to follow it correctly, at least the first time. I found the forums more helpful after I had read the book and had a good idea of what I was supposed to do.
  10. No. Just no. We rented a little bitty European car in London to tour the countryside on our own (didn't use it in London at all...rode the tube) and that was one of the crazier things we did. Navigating in and out of the city on the wrong side of the road was trickier than we anticipated (and we are used to major city driving).
  11. We recently moved to Houston. We are just outside 610 on southwest side. Would love to connect with some people in the area. Feel free to PM me!
  12. We did. It was fabulous. My boys were probably 2 and 4 at the time and my daughter was 1. She was constantly destroying the tracks (just trying to play, not purposely mean )and they were so frustrated. We made the best possible track possible and wood glued it down. The boys were beyond thrilled and played with it far more than before. Fast forward about 3 years after that...we did end up getting rid of the table, keeping the trains, and getting more tracks. After that they did use them in a free flowing way on the floor. But those few years they were glued were awesome for their ages.
  13. As someone with a dairy allergy, I'd love a non dairy option for creamer. They make almond/coconut milk creamers at the store. Of course you know your crowd so maybe that's not an issue. I'd love some "less processed sugar"... Like the sugar in the raw type stuff. Fun idea!
  14. Thanks so much! Okay slightly freaked out by gas leak posts but I know that's a slim chance. It looks like a nice newer stove. I'm sure I'll like it (seems like most people like cooking with gas stoves better than electric). I'm more concerned for my kids with the open flame thing...they're starting to cook more and we will all have to learn together I guess.
  15. We are moving in a couple weeks. The new house has a gas stove. I can't believe this but I have NEVER cooked on a gas stove. Neither has my husband. We have always had a ceramic electric cook top. It's a rental (also haven't done a rental before but we want to get to know the area before we buy) and I really don't want to do anything bad to their stove or burn down their house. So please talk to me like I know nothing. Because I don't. What should I know?
  16. In my family it's me, not DH. Not sure if that makes a difference but it's still just one member and not anyone else.
  17. I'm another Jenny not Jennifer. I've had to make it clear many a time. So many people assume it has to be a nickname. Generally once I say, "my legal name is..." they get it.
  18. As the child of a loveless (not abuse or infidelity) marriage ( who divorced), I'd ask you to try so hard to not divorce. Not because it's easy. But honestly? The consequences of my parents divorce have been SO hard and continue to be, for them and for me...and it was 25 years ago! Years of moving one one house to another week after week, years of seeing them so lonely, struggling financially, dealing with step-parents/dating relationships who had all sorts of issues of their own ( this has been the biggest,) figuring out holidays, etc... It's a new set of problems. But I don't know that it's a better one. So sorry you're going through this.
  19. No personal experience but a good friend had to do the sweat test with her baby boy about a year ago and all came back fine. They have had to deal with different health issues (nothing serious) but is was not CF. Praying the same for you.
  20. I've had the Dyson canister for five years and have had no issues...works great! I have carpet, wood, and a tiny bit of laminate.
  21. I only add a minimal amount of milk, like a tablespoon or so. I think that's your issue. Mine is nice and firm. I also sometimes do fruity ones with different frozen berries.
  22. What about those cardboard blocks you can build bigger things with? I believe Melissa and Doug has a set. My kids that age loved them. Or one of those build a fort kits? And what about mainly an experience present? Like tickets to a hands on children's museum or aquarium or zoo? And then maybe gift card to ice cream?
  23. I personally think it's a good skill to have. Mine read out loud to me every day til they were about 7 and very good readers. From there I try to have mine read aloud to me at least once a week after that. Nothing too structured...just reading out loud something we are already doing and working on making it clear and interesting.
  24. We actually drove in and didn't think it was a big deal, particularly on weekends. We parked in the reagan building...it was about $20 for the day. Actually on Sunday we found a spot right on the mall and didn't pay. My husband is used to driving in cities though. We just didn't drive in right at rush hour and tended to stay later too.
  25. We love them!!! Haven't found them this year though.
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