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  1. I will say (also in Texas) that if I went today and tried to enroll my kids at our neighborhood zoned school I would be denied for this fall. Open enrollment for zoned families is super early (December or January), then it opens to a lottery system for people not zoned in early February. THen it's full and you simply cannot get in. So families that move to the neighborhood in July are denied until the following year if there is room then. We can still enroll in this school district but at an overflow school.
  2. Mine was found at the very bottom of a garbage bag, mixed in with a bunch of coffee grounds. That was my wedding ring and we found it about an hour before the trash came. It was such a terrible feeling until I found it. Hope it turn up today!!
  3. My husband has major sleep issues. His best routine is: -exercise -no caffeine after mid morning -down time in bed with no screens right before sleep --and most of all, Zquill. It's not habit forming and it has worked better for him than anything else. If it hadn't he would have done prescription meds. Sleep is just too important.
  4. momto3innc


    If she wants to get her something like Barbies, what about the Barbie little sisters? (not sure that's the actual name but the smaller ones). My daughter really liked those at that age. And they're fairly inexpensive so she could probably get 3 or so for close to $20. I know I got a few at Christmas for about $6 each. Or my daughter got the Barbie gymnastics set this christmas...it's pretty fun. It has a magnet so she can flip off the balance beam and land on the mat. Really, it's a toy that to me doesn't have good lasting power, but sounds like it would fit what your mom is going for...kind of a wow factor as you open.
  5. I just looked at this the other day. I think I would really like to be able to pick something different each day and not stick with just one track (I have P90X and Insanity both of which would absolutely kill me right now). I'll have to look at it again...could be a good option for days at home.
  6. Wow! Those are great stories...thanks for sharing! I have chronic Lyme and honestly do feel wildly better when I'm eating right and exercising. But since I'm not, I'm in the sooooo tired point which leads to not doing anything which leads to being more tired cycle. Thanks, both of these were really helpful.
  7. This is great advice. I am way too much of an all or nothing person when it comes to exercise. Currently choosing nothing :)
  8. We moved and went through some super stressful life circumstances two years ago that really haven't gotten much better at all. So I definitely know why...I'm in a totally different place and never set up good healthy patterns here. However, since it's been over two years, I need to realize this is probably my new normal and I need to be healthy in it.
  9. I prefer group exercise. Well, at least that has by far been the most effective in the past. What's really dumb is we have a gym membership, paid for by my husband's work, that has fantastic classes and loads of group things, and I literally have gone twice in two years. I always think that by the time I drive there, do it, and drive back, I could have already done a workout at home. I have DVDs and workout bands and weights here. But...if I never do it at home either, it probably would be better just to go and then since I'm there, I kind of have to do it.
  10. So, 40 is looming very close on the horizon and due to a number of issues (stress, too busy, health) my diet and exercise has slipped. I've gained about 15 pounds (have never weighed this other than being pregnant) and am radically out of shape. As is...when I got up two flights of stairs once a week, my legs get sore. So...kind of pathetic. I got a Fitbit but currently its sole purpose is to tell me that I never move. Really until about two years ago, I was generally always about the same weight and exercised a ton. Since I always did it, it was just ingrained in me and I just kept doing it. But now that I've stopped, I just cannot seem to get going again. Some is an utter lack of motivation (but I am very close to needing all new clothes and that is motivating to me...except when I'm actually supposed to you know...move). I've just never really had to START if that makes sense. Before this, I just was maintaining what I already did. Due to my past I am familiar with lots of different exercise types (have done long distance running, Beachbody, boot camp classes, etc...) and I know how to eat very clean (doing so is currently a very different matter...). However, none of this is being put into action and I feel a lot of it is mental and making it a priority. So, I am wondering if some of you out there who HAVE gotten in great shape (this is a bigger deal to me than the weight although the weight is a definite factor too) would inspire me. What you've done, how you got started, what motivated you, or anything that would make me so inspired I stop sitting on my couch in my pj's eating dark chocolate and get up and run and drink water :) Thank you!!
  11. I totally utterly agree. And yes maybe petty but I really hate vomit.
  12. We have a golden doodle and all that is true for her. No shedding, good guard dog bark (although she's the friendliest thing ever), and weighs 42 pounds (tall and thin with lots of hair so she looks larger). We think she's pretty perfect :)
  13. We've had three moves. One (which was a super short term one) I felt settled super quickly, like within a couple weeks. However it was an area where I had vacationed quite a bit so it was already familiar. For my two "real" moves, they were totally different. One I felt settled after about a year (had friends, had traditions, felt like home when we can back from vacation). The last move? Well it's been two years and still hasn't really happened. I mean I obviously know my way around by now and have some friends. But no true community and still feel like we are just settling in. So it really really varies.
  14. I take the pit out, add a little coconut oil and an almond (or other nut) to the middle and eat. Although I like them just as well plain.
  15. Order him a new ornament tonight and return or re-gift all else. Maybe hide the personalized gift away for a bit if you want but I'd make your home a place where he doesn't have to have visible reminders if he doesn't want them.
  16. A photo album of their pictures from this year (they had to download for me so lost the element of surprise but they are thrilled). They travel a lot so they love getting this and don't want to do it themselves. Penzeys spices Fun treats from Trader Joe's
  17. I'd add rolls and something with the pie...either whipped cream or ice cream. Assuming you'll have cold drinks too? As far as getting rid of them, just keep a good flow. Eat fairly soon after arrival, after some clean up and digesting, have coffee and pie. Shoot for those two to be done in 2 hours or so and that's leaves some to hang out but no activity to go with it. Also have something you need to leave for if you need an excuse.
  18. Definitely #3. Or even better, let him carpool with a friends family.
  19. So very sorry. I hope it can be a wonderful time for you and your kids. Sounds like a great idea that will give wonderful memories to your two kids going.
  20. Have you heard of stick-let's? Let's you easily turn sticks into a teepee or fort. Plastic connector things https://stick-lets.com/ You could get these, fill a box with sticks, material to go over the top and have a fun fort kit.
  21. I'll type more later if I can but quick note if you're starting now on doxy. The sun sensitivity is no joke. Like for me beyond what I could even imagine (fully covered with clothes with a hat and spf 70) and the knuckles of fingers (guess I didn't sunscreen there) blistered in about 20 minutes. And I got sun poisoning. So please be careful!! Plus I had to eat with food.
  22. So sorry that was so exhausting. You certainly worked hard!!! To give a different perspective. My kids have been/are in all sorts of activities. I hate fundraising with a deep, dark passion. Hate it. When possible, I do whatever the buy out is to not participate. When I can't, I do participate and do my part, but I want it as simple as possible. Life is busy. I just don't have it in me to give huge amounts of time to one activity. We have 3 kids, each in a couple things. No way I can do anything like you've described for one of those activities. So when I can't buy out the fund raiser, I am looking simple. If I heard what you were planning, I would, honestly, be frustrated to have to join in to something I would never ever choose. Not because it's not great. It's just totally too much for me. I appreciate the people like you that want to do these large, amazing things. I just simply want utterly nothing to do with them. I want to pack a bunch of food, bring it, and enjoy the day with my family at the event after having paid what I needed to. And all the friends I have in all the different activities are all the same. Now, I wouldn't sign up and then not show up but I would do all in my power to never sign up for something like that. So you may want to just consider that others in these events could feel the same as me and be desperately wishing for a simple basic low key thing to do. Like....lots of bottled waters and gatorade in coolers. Pizza sold by the slice. Just buying from Subway and adding chips and drinks. Again, you've done great. Just a different perspective.
  23. I had that happen about 6 months ago during a blood draw in my arm. The initial pain when she pricked it was awful (besides the fact she kept reassuming me it was normal...ah...no...take the needle out of my arm now). It was pretty bad for about 2-3 weeks then gradually better. Totally healed by about 5-6 weeks out from hitting the nerve.
  24. I will be honest and say I don't see the issue. They realized they owed you a refund you didn't even know about. Then they paid you. I'd just use it for groceries this week and call it done. I'd prefer that to a check I needed to deposit. Well, not that I would care if it was a check either but can't really see the issue with the card. Just use it to buy something you would buy anyway and call it good. Really "found" money is always a win in my opinion :)
  25. I love Julia. Then you'd have two J names and two M names. Maybe Julia Rose?
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