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  1. My dd got her score just a little bit ago. She scored high enough to dual enroll at our local university. She has worked so hard this past year to increase her score and is over the moon happy.
  2. Cranberry sauce in a can canned soups Cheese Whiz Total Cereal
  3. My dh and I are in the beginning stages of looking for a new home. I have always heard that older homes are made better than newer ones. My dh says this is a myth and it depends on the builder. He wants to get new construction. To me, so many of the new construction homes are so bland. It seems like everything is done in gray and white and the kitchens are so small. I think our money would stretch further with an older home. I would love to hear what the hive has to say. And also, how do you know if the home is built well?
  4. My state has a great dual enrollment program. My dd transitioned easily from TPS 3 into college English this past year. It made a lot of sense for us, since the college English could be taken online and was free. My oldest son years ago only completed TPS English 4 before he graduated from high school. He said that he was more prepared for college English than his other college classmates. Is dual enrollment an option for you?
  5. I’m looking for recommendations to teach my youngest to type. I used Typing Instructor Platium years ago for my older two but am wondering if there isn’t something better now. Thanks 😀
  6. Driving in Atlanta is a nightmare. Giving that you are only used to country roads, I would avoid Atlanta at all costs. I live in Georgia and have many friends who do not drive in Atlanta. I grew up in California and have driven in LA and other big cities. For those who are not native to Atlanta, driving in Atlanta is it’s own special type of crazy. Traffic is always a problem and there is always a lot of it. It’s either at a stand still or going very fast.
  7. I did talk with the vet yesterday about my concerns. The vet believes she has a back injury and started her on the muscle relaxant robaxin. Hopefully between the metacam and the robaxin she will improve. If not the vet says we will need to take her to the neurologist about an hour away. She has her first dose of robaxin last night and this morning she woke up perky and more herself instead of being in pain. She still has the back leg weakness though. If that doesn’t improve, we’ll take her to the neurologist but i’m happy her pain is being controlled better.
  8. I didn’t know what a chi pin was and had to look it up. That’s my dog! Her father was a full min pin but her mother was a chihuahua/corgi mix. The only thing my dog got from her father was her black and tan coloring. She looks like a chihuahua with really, really big corgi ears. She is genetically more min pin but sure doesn’t look like it. I’ll try to attach a photo. The picture is of her when she was really fat. She’s not that heavy now.
  9. Thanks for your reply. The vet did palpate along her back at each one of our visits the way you describe. As for her food, goodness, that could be a whole other post. I don’t know why dog nutrition is so difficult and complex. I’ve done my best to be informed but I have found a whole bunch of conflicting information and boy, can people be passionate and argumentive over it. I do use crushed/powdered egg shells for calcium. I also use differing meats (including organ meats), veggies and grains each time I make a batch of dog food. I hope that by rotating the ingredients that overall her nutrition is complete. I have not been supplementing her food with vitamins and perhaps I should look into that again. To be honest, I wish I could control my kids’ diet the way I control my dog’s. The dog eats way healthier. What is it with teens and junk food?
  10. Thank you for responding. The link you have was very informative and it makes me wonder if she is somewhere between a grade 1 and 2. Before the metacam, she did have intense shaking and restlessness. She also walks with her back feet too close together making her back end wobbly.
  11. Thank you for responding. Would she have this if she doesn’t have any other symptoms of urinary problems? She has had no difficulty urinating, no frequency, urgency or incontinence and no fever. I do make her dog food and recently increased the amount of protein that I use. I wonder if that has something to do with it. I’m waiting for the vet to call me back and will ask her about it.
  12. I agree that 6 would be young for arthritis. We dealt with arthritis in an elderly dog before and it’s not presenting like this. In fact, the night before this started she walked 3 miles with us and chased squirrels with no problems. Before all this she was an active, healthy dog. She did have 2 xrays on the first day we took her to the vet. At the time, the vet thought she had eaten something she shouldn’t have and was ruling out a bowel obstruction. After several days and other things had been ruled out, the vet mentioned the possibility of a back injury but did say the xrays were normal but there were things that wouldn’t show on X-ray. She is not running or jumping at all now, even when she is perky and the pain meds are working. Her back legs seem weak and wobbly. The vet was not looking for urinary crystals or stones. It was actually surprising when her urine was cloudy and the U/A came back positive for UTI. Except for the symptoms I’ve already mentioned, she has shown no signs of urinary problems. I would have thought that after a week of treatment she should be getting better but she’s not. Maybe she’s on the wrong antibiotic for the organism that’s causing the UTI or there is something else wrong? If this is a back injury, what would our next step be?
  13. There’s something wrong with our little dog and we haven’t figured it out yet. Please help We have a 13 lb min pin mix. Two weeks ago we noticed some lethargy, periodic shaking, and decreased appetite. We figured she had eaten something she shouldn’t have, put her on a bland diet and pushed fluids. After a few days and she got worse, we took her to the vet. After several trips to the vet over a few days, x rays, labs and IV fluids we were able to rule out bowel obstruction and pancreatitis. The vet felt like she had injured her back but then her urinalysis came back positive for a UTI. She was put on the antibiotic simplicef and on metacam once a day for pain. We were also given tramadol but it wasn’t as good as the metacam for her pain and we just use it for breakthrough pain. She’s been on the antibiotic now for over a week and though her pain is better controlled with the metacam, she’s not getting better. In the mornings when it’s time for her to get her metacam, she’s shaking with her hackles up, head and tail down and she’s not interested in food. After she gets her pain med, she’s perky with her ears and tail up and she’ll eat her breakfast. But even on the meds, her back legs seem wobbly and she won’t jump on the furniture. She even has difficulty going up one step. She’ll let me palpate all over her back and legs with no sign of pain. But her activity is greatly decreased and she won’t run and do the things she normally does. She is not herself. Any ideas?
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