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  1. Believe me I am no pro! I have been looking at something like this
  2. 1/6 - $0 1/7 - $0 Family went riding around yesterday. Just getting out of house for a little bit. We fixed our travel mugs before we left. We did use gas but dh truck had full tank so didn't have get gas yet.
  3. Day 4 --$0 Day 5 --$0 Stayed home again both days and I am fine with that. Suppers were yummy soup & casserole from pantry & freezer stuff. Other meals were leftovers.
  4. You have and are doing AWESOME with the weight loss and keeping it off. Do what the others say..keep 2 outfits at the most and get rid of that "extra weight" too!! WAY TO GO!!!
  5. Took ds to dmv. Gave them my paper work and had my signature. The DMV lady told me I needed to SIGN the form. I said I did. She told me that wasn't a signature. I told her that was the signature on my bank stuff and my drivers license. She huffed and processed papers. BTW it is my full name, all letters legible. Just not correct cursive..
  6. Day 3 - $100 :blink: Store for meds, storage box (needed to keep from tearing up some expensive items) & some food items. I do get points for quickly walking by Christmas clearance (we didn't need anything but if I had looked would probably found something I LIKED) & remembering I had an extra sheet at home instead of buying one (ours ripped)
  7. Day 1 - $0 & food was some leftovers from a friends party. Food was prepped but never put out (made to much) & lunch was at stepmoms Day 2 - $0 - home all day - meals were made using stuff that needed to be used & stuff given to us. Tomorrow won't be 0. I need to go pay a bill and stop by the store.
  8. My 19yr old big guy..6'5" broad, solid hips & thighs likes Wrangler 4 way flex relaxed fit. They just have more room without being baggy. Shirts I just have to look for 2XLT.
  9. I am in :seeya: Plans are ...inventory freezer & pantry, eat out of those as much as possible ...meal plan ...stay out of store unless NEED something I was going to say turn heat down a few degrees but temps have been in the negatives. Scared to turn it down to much. I will happily stay home, stay in out of cold and save money :thumbup1:
  10. Don't think cost! Only think of your great gift giving to you by your loving dh
  11. Texasmom I am sorry but I was laughing reading your post. Only because I know exactly what you mean. I think I may as well stick my finger in a light socket! Ds was stumbling thru house right after waking and touched something. It wasn't funny but it was. His whole body jumped, he nearly said a cuss word and was still trying to make it toward bathroom. Oh and yelling "stop laugh mom".
  12. All other decorations were taken down Friday. Tree yesterday.
  13. Man I forgot a lot of stuff at the store. If it wasn't so freaking cold I would travel and eat with a bunch of yall :laugh: We are having wings, pizza bites, bbq smokies & fries. I really wanted something else but I didn't pick anything for me.
  14. I started posting here in Feb 2008. Think I lurked for a few months 1st. I have learned so much here
  15. Chicken pot pie & biscuits Chili Vegetable beef soup Beans & cornbread (pinto beans or white beans) Loaded potato soup Spaghetti
  16. Lose weight, every year I say this but doesn't happen I NEED to do it this year and I WANT to. Maybe this will be the year. Do better with finances. Better meal planning Declutter the house, top to bottom. I want to be able to enjoy what I have, not spend time searching for it. Be thankful for something everyday
  17. :seeya: :seeya: :seeya: Me I will join Any money I can not spend will go toward an upcoming bill.
  18. Jean -- why night you lose power? Weather? Hope you are ok. Liz - relax and recover Scout -- temps are dropping here the next few days too. Way to cold for my liking. Selkie -- ok I am officially a whimp. Our temps are going to the teens & single digits and I think that is to cold. Lynn -- good you were able to sleep in some Jen -- I might get dh to grocery shop but never do bathrooms. Way to go I didn't sleep good last night and it is gray & cold today. What I want to do is lay around (under a blanket) and read. What I need to do is: fold laundry put away Christmas decor vacuum clean kitchen, lots of random stuff on counters start going thru closets
  19. Other than 1 friend stopping by for coffee and maybe lunch and my dc friends hanging out, uh never. My parents come over for dc birthday (just cake & ice cream) and Christmas morning for an hour. There are several things in my house that NEED to be repaired. Between that, crappy furniture and honestly we are not the neatest people (is clean just scattered) I stress like major bad when people talk about me hosting something. Maybe if we could get the repairs made I would try at least with family.
  20. I am late to the party but will join in. Laundry Freezer prep (meat prep for easier meals later) Find homes for some Christmas presents Vacuum Christmas decoration take down (some not all)
  21. And whoever mentioned liking Jergens original scent. That is my favorite lotion. In laws use to ask what I wanted. I would say a big bottle or 2 of that. Never fails they would buy me some small bottle of more expensive smelly lotion. Some smell that always set my allergies off. They couldn't understand how I wanted some plain old lotion.
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