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  1. Grammie MeMe Nannie MawMaw Granny Mama (insert nickname) Gran
  2. Whatever works for you is how most are doing it. I don't include bills but have included grocery just to help me see where I am spending more.
  3. My screen is super white and no emoticons. Maybe some links are still being worked out. Going to take some getting used to the new boards. I am old school lol. But I am very happy to have the boards back.
  4. It took me to late 2 and I was only down to your post on page 1
  5. Hey we are back! To bad I didn't do much while boards were down. Today is mostly just school and general house cleaning.
  6. I was thinking most of my splurges have gone away (things super tight) but then I got to thinking. The one thing I haven't stopped is going out with friends at least a couple times a month. We meet at a fast food place and the kids goof off while we talk. Now I may not always get food (just a drink) but I we still go. Sometimes we will eat. I was feeling guilty about spending even that small amount of money but I started thinking. That small splurge brings me a lot of joy. A time to talk and hang out with friends. No more feeling guilty.
  7. Dollar tree had tiny Jenga type game. I got one to add to our travel games pouch
  8. Happy Anniversary Mama25angels This week 12th -- $30 lunch - was out of town for an event (already paid for several months ago) lunch was a treat. Rest of week - $0
  9. Jean, hopefully you can get a nap or at least rest today
  10. I don't know if any rules. I am not or miss getting on here but I love this thread. Love to see what others are doing (also gives me ideas and reminds me of things I need to do. Also love we can not only post a to do list but a done list. No one may actually care but it feels like they do. Sometimes you just need that "hey someone cares I scrubbed a toilet or cleaned up the dump and go pile" Today: open windows and let house air file stack of papers laundry school planning meal planning clean bathrooms out away dump & go pile
  11. Continue cleaning out kitchen cabinets Decide on supper Pay a bill Laundry
  12. Jana DeLeon Miss Fortune series. (must read in order) Super funny murder mystery. Murder is NOT graphic. But the funny adventures of the 2 old ladies and 1 young one is hilarious!
  13. After reading this today I decided to clean my cabinets. I used Murphy's and a little bit of baking soda on stubborn spots. My cabinets look much better. Thanks for the push.
  14. Lost track but I am back. 26th - $55 - my food contribution for get together, bday present for friend and mothers day or bday present for my mom 27th - $0 28th - $0 1st - $0 2nd -- $35 - cleaning supplies & mailing package
  15. Glad he noticed all your hard work :hurray: :lol: :lol: language, You have inspired me to do some major cleaning :w00t:
  16. Taxes?? Dh mentioned them last night but ?? Kitchen - deep clean and rearranging cabinets. Need better organization. Make list of food in pantry Meal plan using food list
  17. :hurray: :party: :hurray: :party: WAY TO GO! :party: :hurray: :party:
  18. Rest of week, oh man I forgot about that
  19. Invited to get together with some friends tonight. I was told bring plates & cups. I don't care what we have. I don't have to think or cook! :hurray: :hurray:
  20. Pyrex and especially the one with the lid. All of mine are older, got for gift long time ago or bought at yard sales or good will Or were my grandma's. Apparently I take after her and like Pyrex casserole dishes, all shapes and sizes. She had an amazing big oblong one that I inherited and loved. Then dropoed. I was so sad
  21. Pyrex and especially the one with the lid. All of mine are older, got for gift long time ago or bought at yard sales or good will
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