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  1. Got 1 nephew a Christmas present for free ?
  2. Spray mattress & pillows with with white vinegar and allow to dry (do while washing sheets). Spray inside shoes & any other soft/fabric surface. Once vinegar dries you won't smell it but it helps pull odors out of fabrics.
  3. I use to give my grandmother snacks. Mostly store bought individually wrapped snacks.. snack cakes, cookies packs of various crackers (peanut butter, cheese, jalpeno cheese etc.) small bags of chips etc. She liked the variety and didn't have to worry about something going stale. She also got a tin of fresh baked cookies. Puzzle books, books, packs of cards & stamps, draft stoppers (long things to put along bottom of door), videos & pictures of my kids, fuzzy socks, packs of tissues, tic tacs (she always kept them in her purse), oil of Olay, favorite hand lotion, special lipstick she liked. For my parents -- fresh baked cookies, frozen cookie dough (in individual balls ready to bake), jarred peaches my stepdad likes, summer sausage sticks & crackers, gift cards to various restaurants they like, photo books of my kids, huge pack of toilet paper (it was a joke one year but my mom liked it ? ) a big bottle of dish detergent (again a joke but she liked). puzzle books, fuzzy socks
  4. Yesterday I went to a small grocery and noticed they had turkeys less than 50c a lb. Yeah I grabbed a couple. And some other random food stuff I needed. Also stopped by walmart picked up some smaller totes. I am doing some organizing and tired of the piles that need to be put in totes. I bought the cheapest I could. Spent a little money but man does that spot look better now. Totally worth it.
  5. With the poison, don't the die hidden somewhere and stink
  6. Fix everything wrong with our house Pay off my car Buy new furniture - ours is so ratty & falling apart Buy new mattress Christmas shopping All of this would be exciting for me.
  7. I have this coffee maker. It does not use the pods but you can make single cups using your own coffee. I use the single cup when its just me and the pot when more are drinking coffee
  8. Reading, not for learning but escape & pleasure. Sitting outside (and reading outside) Watching hallmark movies, especially the Christmas ones.
  9. Hope the negotiation goes well Pink and Green drink more coffee & hope to get energy or at least wake up living room tidy talk to friend declutter something, anything, as much as possible work on Christmas lists - who to buy for & ideas go thru box of pictures
  10. Thank you Barbeque Mom! I have a pork butt in the freezer. I think I will cook it this week. Make an easy meal and some for the freezer. I like to keep some cooked in the freezer for quick meals.
  11. Lingerie bags with names on them. Dirty socks in. Zip, wash and dry. No sorting. If your socks don't make it to your bag. You don't have socks. Unless you are little brother and steal socks from someone else bag.
  12. Haven't done anything crafty this week. Maybe this weekend. School is in session but I think it may be a short day. Maybe a little crafting or home ec (house cleaning) this afternoon.
  13. I needed to get out yesterday too. We went to the museum (season passes) and wandered around the outside part. It wasn't to cool and definitely wasn't crowded. We had a good time. Ds bought us a coke while there but no other money spent. (I love a coke so that made me happier). I don't know I would want to travel to much right now but the getting rid of most of our possessions is a nice thought. We don't use all this stuff.
  14. GOOD points!! Yes worry is a big trouble of mine. Quiet a few things are causing me worry today (& everyday). I just keep trying to remind myself God is watching over us and taking care of us. I am also feeling overwhelmed. The house is junky. We have way to much stuff and I am ready to get rid of it but worry holds me back. Some financial stuff is worrying me and Christmas is 2 months from today. But today I will focus on today. What can I do today to make things better. Pick a spot in the house and try to make it better.
  15. Dollar Tree gift bags greeting cards birthday party decorations balloons seasonal decorations toilet bowl scrub brush sponges - scrubbers dust pan on a stick foil pans storage containers bread pasta snacks - chips, candy, cookies bread finger nail files hair brushes hair clips & pony tail holders - some are not as long lasting as better brands but I loose these often so no big deal to me puzzle books - crossword, work search, sudoku etc. a box of 3 packs of Tylenol, Excedrin & Advil (2 in a pack) Sometimes you can find really nice adult coloring books but that is hit and miss.
  16. My problem is in the past we gave bigger gifts. Now things have changed and we can't do that anymore and I feel guilty. But I am making myself not feel guilty this year. I am going to do what I can and hopefully find gifts that makes others happy. And hope they know that it comes from the heart.
  17. My dh gets candy, earbuds, candy, notepad, candy, socks, candy, candy, candy. Dh has a sweet tooth and loves candy so that's what he gets
  18. WOW just WOW that is...uh ...wrong on so many levels.
  19. ? LOL FIL and stepMIL gave ds a GIRL outfit for his 1st Christmas. It looked like a little cheer outfit. I had opened the present at FIL. Looked in the box and shut the lid. StepMIL comes over and says "it is just the cutest outfit. He will look so cute." Dh saw it after we got home. He said "Hell no" I took the outfit back and got a BOY sweatsuit.
  20. I use snapfish. I try to make the book and then wait for a sale. The last sale I saw, this past week, was 75% off.
  21. You might have spent money but making things neater in your house will give you more sanity. That is worth money in my book. Love that you could get the meat so cheap and will probably be able to give ds even bigger portions of your "Dennys" meal. Bigger portions are always a plus for my guys. My biggest savings this week is I have stayed home ? There were a few things we needed but I just changed the meal plan or substituted things. Today I will be going to the store as much as I hate to.
  22. My goal is to organize, write names and hopefully dates on the back of my billions of physical photos then get them in photo albums. I have some albums I want..slide pictures in with lines on the side. Then finish printing and doing the same with what isn't printed yet.
  23. Pink & Green - good luck to your ds! I will try to play along today. Have already been up 2 hours and accomplished nothing. It is rainy, cool and dark, I want to go back to bed. Or at least stay curled under blanket and read all day. Need to do: wake ds and get him started on school work pick a kitchen cabinet and clean it out clear end of dining table take care of paper work
  24. We finally got to turn off the ac. Now I am trying to keep from turning on the heat LOL. The temps went from HOT to very chilly. I was hoping for several weeks between the 2 extremes of not having to use any ac or heat. Instead of turning on heat yet I have pulled out the sweat shirts and pajama pants. I did just turn on the infrared heater to knock the chill off. It is rainy today and a damp cool. Been doing pretty good using up leftovers and stretching meals. Stayed out of stores as much as possible. When I did go tot store, car got hit while I was in the store. Nope other driver didn't have insurance. Not bad damage but still need to get it fixed. Bought a new book for my kindle. It is the next one in the series I have been reading (and bought all the previous ones). Most all the time I borrow books or ebooks from my library but I had got the 1st book for free from Amazon. Then after loving the book found out the library didn't have this series. I found a deal for the next 2 books. Used birthday or Christmas money to get others. Then when I was caught I just bought as new ones came out. Started to not buy the book this time to save money but decided that $6 would make me happy was worth it.
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