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  1. Day 23 -- $8 I had a bring your own food meeting. I cooked for family but it wasn't done when I left. I started to skip supper but I was really hungry so I picked up food I like but rarely get.
  2. Sometimes I do crosswords but I am not very good at them. I do like word search though. The best place to buy crossword & word search books is the Dollar Tree. They always have a wide variety and only $1. Cheap fun.
  3. Day 22 -- $2 Needed cream cheese to finish a recipe. I had already mixed stuff together when realized didn't have any. Quick trip to store where ds ran in to get the 1 item. If I went in I would have bought other stuff
  4. Day 20 - $0 Went to friends house for the party. Everyone brought food (brought food I had on hand). We had good time and no money spent.
  5. Been home all week and spending was good $0. :thumbup: Left house today. Spending not so good :thumbdown: Day 19 - $77 Grocery - $62 Store - $15 -- cough drops, item ds needed, shampoo (thought bought shampoo last trip but it was conditioner) Store would have been higher but.... For Christmas I received something very pretty I would never use. I took it back today with the intention of buying something I want & need. While at the store looking I remembered I needed a gift for a family friend (birthday party). I didn't have any extra money so I used the money from t
  6. :hurray: :party: :hurray: :party: ENJOY!!!
  7. Love Jergens original scent! I tried walmart version of it. Nope has to be jergens
  8. This Thanks to stupidity on dh & my part when dh had a good job. And thanks to closures which caused tons of people to lose jobs we are way worse off than when I was growing up.I I am thankful we have a home and food and vehicle. I still feel like I am walking a tight rope over the grand canyon when things go wrong.
  9. hjffkj -- hope you can be creative and find new fun meals Day 16 - $0 Day 17 - $0 Lots of snow and crazy cold. I have been staying home. Totally enjoying the home time and keeping me from spending. Win Win Of course our heat bill will be higher next month but I am trying to not think of that right now.
  10. Hjffkj -- Happy Anniversary Scrap -- :grouphug: Barbeque Mom -- sorry about spilling coffee BeckyJo -- hope you feel better Day 14 -$0 Day 15 - $0 Staying home out of the cold.
  11. Our whole house is a junk drawer. Sorry grumpy about the messy house right now. And we do have WAY to much junk but not a drawer for it.
  12. Garga - not a fail. Ds deserved a treat. Day 13 -- $0 Went to a party. We ate good there and then were sent home with a big veggie tray and a little bit of sliced cheese, sliced meat & some rolls. Supper if anyone gets hungry!
  13. Day 11 -- $0 Day 12 - $0 hjffkj - :grouphug: :grouphug: myblessings4 -- groceries are just high. I didn't buy anything frivolous or any meat and my bill was high Hilltopmom - not your fault you are stuck and spending more
  14. Did y'all get heavy rain too. We got heavy rain for a long time then temperature started dropping and we now have a sheet of ice and sleet falling.
  15. mom31257 - don't know what part of TN you are heading to but my part is slick with ice and still sleeting. Be safe traveling. My goal today is stay inside :thumbup: Everything is covered in ice and sleet still coming down. School will probably not happen. All schools are closed which means the neighborhood kids coming over. Will either start a cleaning project or snuggle under a blanket and read all day. Guess what I WANT to do :w00t:
  16. Dh has a friend that will buy several kinds of snacks (for home). Eat a little bit out of each, wants something different so gives the snacks to dh to bring home to us. Bags etc are always closed up and clipped or taped closed so all is fresh. Dc are always happy to receive snacks!
  17. My dad would have said...how about beans and rice then ..lol. I sure miss him.
  18. Day 10 - $230 Good grief I have been doing fairly well then BAM! gas for car -my car was on empty - can't remember when I last filled up - filled it up and of course prices have jumped 10c a gal in last few days walmart for birthday present, shampoo, female stuff, gloves for ds. grocery - we were out of everything
  19. Day 8 - $8 - Breakfast for 3 of us. I had to run an early morning errand. Went through drive thru for breakfast. Surprised dc. Day 9 - $0 - started to go to grocery but came up with creative supper
  20. Garga -- we do leftover buffet often. I sit it all out and everyone fixes and nukes their plates. Sometimes meals are strange but that's ok too
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