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  1. Same here on clothes & supplies. I'm the past I have done it online and gotten it tax free.
  2. Very timely. I just went thru most of our clothes and got rid of a bunch (ok not gone yet but in a pile waiting to go). I am proud of dh and dss for getting rid of as much as they did! I wanted to get rid of more but I kept going back to "it does fit and I do wear it on occasion". They do NOT spark joy but I can't find clothes easily and we have NO money for clothes. So I kept some. I am ready to do the rest of our house. We have entirely to much carp and it makes me anxious and ashamed. We may not be able to afford new things but by George our house can quit looking s
  3. I think doing ok so far but I may have forgotten something. For the 4th I bought a box of hamburger patties & a box of ice cream treats. Don't normally buy either but it was a treat. Did go to the fireworks show but it was free. Mostly been staying staying home. That helps too. Frugal win -- couple friends gave us some garden surplus & dh got to bring home some leftover stuff from meals at work. All that has equaled to a few free meals for us.
  4. Even if you don't make the soaps or candles you could find them at flea markets or farmers markets
  5. Hi y'all. Laundry Decide if going to the grocery or can I wait til Monday. Hate going on weekend. Rest of day will be decided if I go to the grocery.s
  6. Laundry Straighten living room Vacuumed Make list of school stuff to get rid of (lots of MUS & some science stuff) Meal plan Work on 1 project off big list Oh and dh told me as we were going to bed last night. "I am off tomorrow". Now not only am I confused about the day but he usually throws a kink in my day when he is home. (don't mean that ugly)
  7. random picking up stack boxes for yard sale neatly in one place continue going through house finding stuff to sell laundry think about supper It is already hot and getting hotter.
  8. Samantha -- that isn't a fail on your part. That is a fail on the mean person that stole the bike. That makes me so mad ? . Ds bike got stole once. It was parked way up in carport between our car & the house. People stealing is why I have stuff in the house most would have in a garage. We only have open carport. Fail -- several trips to corner gas station for a coke this week while working on house project. Trying to quit drinking cokes as much so I quit buying them but this job called for a coke, several times ? Win -- came up with an extra meal from leftovers
  9. I love this thread. Ideas and encouragement!!! Win -- grocery this week had some really good looking clearance bagged salad & vegetable trays, take & bake pizza and bone in chicken. Planned weekend meals around those items (except chicken, it went in freezer). Win -"Dh worked an event where there was leftover food he could bring home. He and other workers split it. (food that was never put out). Not really a win but counting it. Ds needed new shoes. Wanted to wait a few more weeks !but looked anyway (to get idea of style & price). Pair he really liked and fit
  10. Jean - hope your day goes better & you get some rest Pink & Green -- ((hugs)) Selkie -- yes let's pretend! BTW I need more coffee. I read the 1st thing on your list as alcohol LOL! I was taking a drink of coffee while reading and eyes crossed. I thought ..man her day is off to bad start or her day will be much better. LOL Main goal: stay cool. It is gonna be hot today! Other stuff trash to road general straightening house cook food look for missing book
  11. Inside line drying - I put stuff in a hanging rack near a box fan. I figure the box fan uses less electricity than the dryer. And doesn't heat up the house. Also sit box fan in front of the ac vents at certain places in the house makes the room cooler without turning down ac.
  12. The house looks like a dumping ground. Been on the go so much we dump and run. Today is about finding the house and folding towels AND putting them away.
  13. I need more coffee! I ready Mystery Jan's ..must be a sex linked gene ...as...must be a sex linked game. LOL!!
  14. I have got to get back on here. To much money going out the last few months.
  15. Or do the filling in a casserole dish and biscuits on the side. I know some do biscuits on top but my family prefers them on the side
  16. I walked past a woman at the store I haven't seen it thought about in a long time. Didn't speak, just nodded hi. Later that day her profile showed up on my fb page as someone I might like to be friends with.
  17. Hey I have that power too. I wish I had the magical power to clean the house without having to move. That would be a totally awesome power.
  18. Potatoes & meat....brown ground beef, breakfast sausage or dice smoked/polish sausage. Pour meat in a bowl. Dice and fry potatoes in same skillet. Mix meat and potatoes together. Eat. Tator tot cheeseburger casserole....layer browned ground beef in casserole dish. Mix together can of cream of chicken soup & 8 oz sour cream. This goes on top of meat. Sprinkle later if shredded cheese and too with tator tots. Bake at 375* for 20-30 moms or until tots are done. BBQ -- pork bbq -- put a pork butt in crock pot. Add a can of soda. Cool 8-10 hours on low. Pull out & shre
  19. I read the title and thought...I need to do that! I want to do that! Then I start going through stuff and think "I better keep this, I might need it" I am not helping myself. At. All. When I mention cleaning out my friend says "if it can't be bought again and is sentimental, Keep it. If you can go to store or order it today, Donate it. My problem is dh lost his job (place closed) now he makes WAY less than before. I freak thinking about the money I have spent on stuff or would have to spend to replace it.
  20. Back when ds1 voice changed I remember I was in the kitchen and I heard this man talking in the living room. Kinda freaked me out because the boys hadn't yelled someone was here (like always did). Turns out it was just dss talking. Also one time dh cell rang. DH wasn't in the room and it was MIL so ds1 answered. Ds assumed she knew who she was talking to and was answering her questions (general everyday stuff) until she asked a question about work. Ds said "Granny you do know it's me _____ not dad right?" LOL. and no she didn't know .
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