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  1. Don't think Vin Diesel started out in wrestling. But he and The Rock have been in the same movies.
  2. Kick me in my rear :scared: So far this month I have spent $137 some groceries sodas & gatorade & bag of candy - for 3 different events HDMI cable haircut for ds tacos - for dss valentines..a day early since local place does very full tacos for cheap $ on Tuesdays. Dss said wanted tacos instead of chocolate :thumbup1:
  3. Mine didn't want a class ring or a graduation party. He wanted a sleeping bag and tent. So that is what I got him
  4. Day 9 - $15 -- drinks & candy for 2 separate events Day 10 - $0
  5. Day 7 - $0 home all day Day 8 - $7 soda for get together - fun time
  6. Valentines gifts have done in last Fun tshirt Movie CD Video game Football
  7. Day 5 -- $0 home all day Day 6 -- $40 - new cable for tv, cheese (good grief it's high), dish soap & couple other grocery items
  8. Oh good I need another cup of coffee. Or maybe a kick in the rear to get me moving. Personal chef :thumbup: I don't mind cooking but get tired of coming up with WHAT to cook. And cleaning after. LOL on talking and yes! Today I need to work on piles around house and will watch wrestling from last night.
  9. Day 3 -- $0 Day 4 -- $0 Didn't go anywhere
  10. Yes yes yes!! We already love casseroles this just adds to it
  11. Definitely the NFL dirty dancing :lol: :rofl: :hurray:
  12. :lol: :rofl: yep loud and usually stinky but so much fun :thumbup1:
  13. Day 1 - $0 Day 2 - $0 Stayed home both days. Made a good meal combining a bunch of leftovers = WIN Two books that had on hold thru library ebooks came in. So borrowed those. Free books = WIN
  14. What does your Friday feel like today? I don't have a clue what the day is. I have been like that all week and I don't know why. :confused1: Plans for the weekend? I hope as little as possible. January weekends were full. Fun but full. Would like to stay home and scrapbook some. And dh will watch the superbowl Anyone working at a j-o-b this weekend? nope no job
  15. January recap: Spent more than I wanted :sad: BUT most was for food and needed items (shampoo, feminine products, toilet paper). Other stuff was birthday presents and special food items for get togethers. (food I was asked to bring) Other than special ingredients for the get togethers I bought only food that could go with what I had on hand to make meals. And some items I regularly use that were on sale. So I'm other words instead of tossing extra stuff & junk in the cart I thought about it before tossing in. I also followed my list much closer. :thumbup1: Also when meeting with friends for conversation and fast food meal, I tried to eat something before and only get a value coke or coffee. I still enjoyed time with friends and wallet didn't take a hit. Dc also caught on to this and started doing the same some of the time (they bought their own food when out) February goals: Continue to really think about purchases & try to spend less.
  16. Awesome title :laugh: For sure describes me this morning :blink: Waylayed....Either been eating wrong foods or worrying about to much stuff or combo of both. Either way tummy issues last few nights. Little sleep making for slow mornings. No pets. Ugh yes paperwork, bills and figure out some meals. I went to grocery yesterday but I am thinking I forgot things I should have bought. Scrap -- hope coffee helps you and you write alot
  17. YAY Pink &Green :party: Enjoy your new pans Alessandra :thumbup1: Scout - fajita sound so good :drool5: Rough night sleep then slept in some. More coffee is needed :sleep: coffee paperwork phone calls laundry work on pile in bedroom (outgrown clothes & random stuff)
  18. I too need to do another no spend month. I didn't do so great in January.
  19. I have seen 1950's candy at Big Lots. Several kinds of candy from the 50s in one box $3 They had several different decades.
  20. Check dollar tree again. Recently I got some children coloring books (with more detail) and some adult coloring books. I also lucked out once and found some hardback adult coloring books (very nice).
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