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  1. Working on photo albums. These are for Christmas presents. I haven't even started them :blink: :banghead:
  2. Christmas day we don't eat so good. Lots of candy, cheese in can & crackers, beef jerky & leftovers.
  3. Do you have a VF outlet near? They usually have some
  4. I am trying. Alot of catch up on house, been on go this week. House suffered. Fall decorations down Christmas decorations up.
  5. We eat cornbread dressing. And my way is the easiest. Call MIL AND say "we want dressing. What do you need to fix it?" lol Yeah I don't fix it but she makes good dressing.
  6. We always use disposable for big family meals. There is still plenty of pots & utensils to wash.
  7. A clean house. Seriously I want them to help declutter & organize the house. Other wants that cost to much certain things fixed around house laptop
  8. For sure: Pecan pie Pumpkin pie Sweet potato pie
  9. This ....well I don't know about the keurig or French press. I am a simple drip coffee girl.
  10. Take the stuff out off the cavity, set in roasting pan, poked a beer in cavity, cover with foil and bake at temp & time on package. Comes out moist & good.
  11. Sprinkle with little lawry's seasoned salt then Cajun seasoning and fry.
  12. You can dump all the little trinkets in a box and put 25c per item. You would be surprised what people will buy. Or just put it in a box labeled FREE. I do this often when I have a yard sale. Anything I am planning on trashing anyway gets stuck out there for 25c or free. When sale is over it is either trashed or sent to goodwill. Lately I have been taking stuff to any homeschool group event and giving it away. I keep a laundry basket in the house and add stuff as I am cleaning. Right before event I grab basket and go. Anything left after event can be taken to goodwill
  13. Miss Fortune series by Jana DeLeon , Must read in order but will be laughing out loud. Book 1 https://www.amazon.com/Louisiana-Longshot-Miss-Fortune-Mystery-ebook/dp/B008E9VENQ/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1510925591&sr=8-9&keywords=miss+fortune+series
  14. Tape - all kinds Earbuds Extra phone chargers Knife Boot cleaning kit Flashlights/headlamps Chapstick Beef jerky Toothbrush Batteries Deck of cards, card games Hot hands (or whatever those things out in pockets to keep hands warm), And of course favorite candy, gum & snacks
  15. Heartlikealion - ds wears a 15 shoe. Socks are a pain to find for him.
  16. If I have extra money I try to buy a few extra turkeys for the freezer. Then when I cook one I define and put in freezer bags. Makes for quick meals later. Casseroles, quesadillas, chicken pot pie, chicken and dimplingd. Plus I make broth with the bones in my crockpot. Either freeze or can it.
  17. Mine is like the halo but a different brand. It has saved me PLENTY of times. Thankful for it.
  18. I have always given lots of presents. This year things are super tight and I am scared people are going to be disappointed.
  19. I love that show and that scene. I told ds to go get my bundt pan. He started laughing and saying butt pan
  20. Cut in 1/2 & scoop out seeds and strings. Roast it. When cool scoop out into portions in freezer bags and freeze for later.I Or let your kids use them as target practice or pumpkin chunking
  21. Comfort :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: they are crazy. That is torture. I wear the walmart version of slip on sketchers. $13 & comfortable. Fits the bill for me.
  22. I use to buy my gifts, hand it to him and say, this is from you to me but you need to wrap it. Now I "mention/point out" things in front of ds2 and say "oooh I like that!". Then he tells dh. Or I just tell dh, "hey I like that and it would be good Christmas present" Dh is not good with gifting. Point blank telling him makes him happy.
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