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  1. My pumpkins have all been given to me. I roast them then freeze excess in bags in little over 2 cup portions. Once thawed I let drain for awhile before using the pumpkin.
  2. First time I made a pie from fresh pumpkin dh made faces because it wasn't as orange. Then he tried it. Since then he has only wanted pie from fresh pumpkin.
  3. My friend makes and drinks the tea. I tried it and don't like it. Friend keeps trying to get me to drink it anyway.
  4. Dss lamp looks like a Walmart mainstays 72" combo floor lamp. Tried to link but my tablet won't let me today
  5. Like someone else said make sure you get the "daylight" bulbs. Made a huge difference. Dss have a floor lamp that has the bulb at the top and a bendable lamp on the side. It can be bent up toward the ceiling or down where they are working. Got it at a yard sale but I think I saw some like it a Walmart.
  6. One I would like to get rid of :lol: I really would like a new table but it is at the bottom of a long list of things that need to be replaced.
  7. Cars Race O Rama Sports Deca Sports Wipe Out Big Game Hunting
  8. 2 boys are wrestling/rolling all over the living room floor, laughing the whole time.
  9. I do. I take the kiddos out to the tree in the front and take their picture. Neat to see how they have grown from year to year. Then there is usually a few silly shots on the porch. :lol: Come back inside and take a picture of them with their new books right before they open them and start.
  10. Thought of a few more Second Noah Touched by an Angel In the Heat of the Night Matlock
  11. Burn Notice Covert Affairs Criminal Minds CSI -- all of them NCIS -- both of them Cold Case Without a Trace Law and Order -- all of them Crossing Jordan ER NYPD Blue Reba Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Walker Texas Ranger
  12. I have vitiligo. I have used the cream but didn't have any luck with it. Not saying it won't help your dd. I had had the vitiligo for several years before I was given the cream. The dr. that gave me the cream told me that it he was almost 100% positive it wouldn't work on my old "spots" but might work on the new ones. It didn't work on them either but it might have if I could have kept up using the cream. I just couldn't afford it and since I saw no change I just quit using it. I had a horrible dr. when I was noticed my first couple "spots". I went to him kinda worried. In a
  13. Mine looks like this one (not color but style, mine is white with grape leaves on it) but it is a GE brand. I have had it several years. It has low, high, keep warm and off. Very simple but works good.
  14. Let my ds come over and he will eat them all :lol: Every year we plant them he stands in the garden eating them off the vine. It is funny, I send him out with a bucket and he comes back with maybe 5.:lol: We didn't get to have a garden this year and he has missed them. Sorry I wasn't any help. Feeling a little silly today.
  15. How long should you keep your personal bank statements? Cleaning out filing cabinet.
  16. Have you tried this site or this one? They are the same site but different parts. It has helped me find some relatives I couldn't find before.
  17. :thumbup1: aahhh very nice :) Wanna come do mine? :lol: They sure aren't nice.
  18. Another hot and humid day here. Heat index is suppose to be 116* :tongue_smilie: again. I hate leaving my blinds closed but anything to help keep out the heat. Even put my draft stoppers I use in the winter down to see if they will block out any heat seeping in. We are staying in as much as possible. Dh just asked me if I was going to the store today. I told him "not if I can help it" :) He wanted me to pick up something but it isn't urgent so it can wait. Lots more movies, allowing kiddos to do more indoors than normal (house gets kinda loud sometimes but got to get some
  19. Usually on the same isle as the water, flavored water, cold coffee drinks etc. Sold at most stores. Walmart and regular grocery is all I know since that is all we have here.
  20. I have baseball players and get their stuff at Dick's or Hibbetts. Both are priced about the same. Pay $25-$30 for sliders.
  21. Oh y'all are making me hungry....especially for some :lurk5:. Of course if I fix any my popcorn loving child will smell it and get out of bed. :glare: That child loves popcorn as much as mama. Depends on my mood but some of my favorite evening snacks are: popcorn ice cream peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk chips and salsa hand full of almonds bowl of cereal (cheerios is my fav)
  22. Yep I feel that way alot. Oh yeah I know alot of trashy people that are way better off financially than us. They may have big houses full of nice new furniture and wear designer clothes, drive nice new vehicles and take lots of vacations but their attitude is trashy. Our house is decorated like this. Nothing matches and some of it is really old. But hey we aren't sitting on the floor ;) Peach is good :tongue_smilie: I love tomato sandwiches :drool5:
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